Your Questions About Mp3 Players Compatible With Itunes

Steven asks…

How to legally and easily download music to an mp3 player?

i have an i pod shuffle, meaning i already have an i tunes account. my mom likes itunes because it dosent put any viruses on her computer. for my birthday i want this san disk sansa mp3 player, but it is not compatible with i tunes. are there any websites where you can legally and quickly download music. (thats easy to install on a computer)

dknol answers:


David asks…

What are other programs that are similar to itunes?

I have a sony mp3 player and it's not compatible with itunes. I love itunes and it is so easy. Is there a free program like it that works with things other than ipods?

dknol answers:

If you are wanting it for Windows try Winamp.

Mary asks…

How do I take Itunes songs to my MP3 player?

I got these ITunes songs from CDs, not from the Itunes store. I bought a Black Sony Walkman today, and my Macbook knows I have a device plugged in, but it doesn't know exactly what the device is. Itunes isn't detecting my MP3 player. Is my MP3 just not compatible with my MacBook? Or am I doing something wrong?

dknol answers:

According this this article (see below) you may need to individually drag music out to the desktop from iTunes, and then drag the music into your Sony Walkman music folder.

Hope this helps!

Sandy asks…

What is a compatible Mp3 player for Windows Media Player?

I've done research.. ipod will not work with my computer and I don't have a fast computer for itunes. I also looked at the Zune..its a product by MICROSOFT and they screwed up b/c the zune is NOT compatible with Windows Media Player. I pretty much download my cd's to my computer I just want an mp3 player to load it on. Any ideas?

dknol answers:

The Zune isnt compatable with MWP, in the sence that it wont sync through WMP. You have to have the Zune software. But all the CD's you have on your computer in MWP are either in MP3 or WMA format which the Zune CAN and WILL play. So dont count the ZUne out. You do however need to get the Zune software which is kinda like itunes so that may not be the best rout. You should check into other players. I know some of the cheaper MP3 players out there will sync through WMP. My LG Dares music player syncs through WMP.

Susan asks…

Where do I get my videos for my Sadisk Sansa e260 from?

Is it compatible with itunes videos? Is there another store that has video for mp3 players?

dknol answers:

Stay away from itunes. Go here –

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