Your Questions About Mp3 Players Compatible With Itunes

David asks…

Is my MP3 compatible with ITunes?

Sorry maybe my question wasn't through enough before!

My MP3 player model is: Philips GoGear 4GB

Is it compatible?

If so how do I download the songs from ITunes to my MP3 player?

dknol answers:

Okay to start with, Apple sucks when it comes to compatibility. That means, only iPods can use iTunes. The reason for this is because when you download songs from iTunes, it comes in the music format of mp4. You own an mp3 player. Different format therefore you can't play mp4's on an mp3 player. You can, however, play mp3's on an iPod. Stupid isn't it? In short, the answer to your question is no.

If you want to take the music you've downloaded from iTunes and put it on your mp3 player. You'll have to convert your music from mp4 to mp3 (now if you already have them all in mp3, you're smarter than I thought and good for you! Everyone should always get mp3 when they can, it's universally compatible!) and then sync your mp3 player to another program (the best one would be Windows Media Player, which can sync any brand name mp3 player device) and put your music on that way.

You'd have to get an audio converter. They're a little hard to use for someone who isn't on computers very often, but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze. I've found a good free one here:

Switch is awesome and it always works for me. I believe this is a 30 day trial, but that should be more than enough time to do what you need to do. I own the full version and I use it all the time.

I promise I'm not a soliciter lol. Don't buy if you don't need it.

From there you just have to add the songs to your Windows Media Player library. If you don't have it, you can get it here:

You know you can trust it because it's coming straight from the Microsoft website. Free of charge too.

Once you add the songs to your Window Media Player library, plug in your mp3 player and it should automatically sync. Then go to the “sync” tab at the top and click and drag your music onto your device and hit the “sync” button at the bottom when you're done. Voila. It should take (minus conversion and sync time) under an hour to get everyone downloaded and installed.

Hope this helps, I've been doing this sort of thing for a long time. (I've owned 2 Sansa Views and an iPod Touch. Bouncing back and forth between iTunes and Windows Media Player is a pain the butt)

Sandy asks…

is an ipod the only type of mp3 player that is compatible with itunes?

any information or tips would be helpfull, bye the way i have an Sansa mp3 player thanks in advance for the help…

dknol answers:

I had a Rio that worked with Itunes, now I've got a Samsung and it works too.
Try opening Itunes and hooking up the MP3 player, see if it's listed on the left hand column.
If you're using a Mac, connect the MP3 player. It will likely appear on your desktop and you can drag music from Itunes onto your MP3 player.

Betty asks…

Is there an MP3 player that is compatible with WMA and Itunes?

Is seem that most MP3 players are either/or when it comes to WMA and Itunes.

dknol answers:

Yeah there are mp3 players compatible with wma,wav,aac such one is my sony E-507 mp3 player..itunes are for ipod normally..dont know if there are mp3 players compatible with it…hopefully no..coz its an apple software and ipod is also from apple..ipod is compatible only to mp3 and wav files..

Sharon asks…

Are files from itunes compatible with a Sony mp3 player?

My wonderful husband bought me a Sony MP3 player for Christmas. I have music on there; no problem. But I'm wondering if I could download an audio book from itunes. Will the file transfer, or are Sony and Apple incompatible with each other?

dknol answers:

Yes, it can play iTunes music. Just as long as your iTunes songs were bought sometime after Jan, 09. If you bought some before, there should be an upgrade my music section in the iTunes store. The reason for this is because songs before Jan, 09 were DRM protected. They were encrypted and would only play on a computer and/or an iPod that had been authorized with the iTunes account that purchased them. So after Jan, Apple took off the DRM protection so any MP3 player can play the songs. But if you don't know what is what and if they are DRMed or not, no worries. Just drag them onto your Sony MP3 player and see what is visible. If a song or songs don't show up on the player, it means they were DRM protected. Other wise your good to go. Good Luck!

John asks…

Is iTunes compatible with non-apple MP3 players??

dknol answers:

No. You might consider Yahoo Music, Napster, or Rhapsody if you have a non-apple mp3 player.

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