Your Questions About Mp3 Players Compatible With Itunes

Jenny asks…

are itunes compatible with normal mp3 players?

dknol answers:

Itunes is just a program Apple makes you use for their Ipod.
If you have another MP3 player, then good job, the Apple Ipod is the worst one you could have. All other MP3 player, you just need to plug it in and put MP3's on it. For Ipod, you must use Itunes.
No, your Itunes program would not recognize another MP3 player.
You have Itunes mixed up with the program
Itunes = MP3 or M4A.
If you mean are your songs in the Itunes program compatible with other MP3 players, then yes, you can put your songs on other MP3 players. MP3 players can also play WMA and M4A type of songs.

James asks…

Is a SanDisk Sans mp3 player compatible with Itunes? If so , how?

dknol answers:

No,This is why Apple ipods can not play music from most online music services with the exception of Apple itunes. Apple uses their proprietary copy protection, so only Apple-compatible sound files can be used on iPod. Apple would have to change their policy and open up support for other formats to allow Windows Media files to play on iPods.
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Laura asks…

Are the MP3 players from bath and body works compatible with Itunes?

dknol answers:

Nooo, unfortunately they're not. I used to work there and that was one thing we'd always tell people. They're compatible with pretty much everything but (napster, etc.)…

Mark asks…

Is iTunes compatible with all MP3/MP4 players, or just iPods?

Anyone know?

dknol answers:

Just ipods. If you download from Itunes you can make a music CD. Then use that music CD in windows media player to rip to an wma file that you can play on your mp3 player. You end up with a back up on CD as well.

Linda asks…

Does anyone know of mp3 players besides the iPod that are compatible with iTunes?

dknol answers:

As the music in iTunes is encrypted with DRM, you cannot directly put it on any non-Apple MP3 player. The easiest way is to burn the music to an audio CD and then rip it back to Windows Media Player or a similar program as an MP3. Or you can get some software to help you. I use TuneClone to do this. Though not free, it is very well worth a try.

Below is its step by step tutorial about how to get iTunes 8 music converted to MP3:

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