Your Questions About Mp3 Players Cheap

Mark asks…

where can i find mp3 players cheap?

see im 13 my zen v plus broke and im going to make 50 dollars soon so if you can just suggest a type of mp3 player that's cheap but durable that would be great it doesn't have to be under 50 dollars just suggest a mp3 player that you think is good for its price and i will do the research also hopefully with a screen. and im not sure i want anything from creative i have two broken zens so yeah.
ok thanks for the ebay answer but i was talking about a type of mp3 player not where to buy it i know how to find great deals but i want a durable brand of mp3 player but at a cheap price
no im not going to steal one my cousin (which we don't really like) stole my sisters best friends ipod and we are all pissed at her but we don't have enough proof

dknol answers:

Nexar they are like 20bucks for a 1gb and they are pretty good

Joseph asks…

MP3/Media Players – cheap, good capacity?

I'm looking for a new mp3 player (NOT an iPod) having lost my Creative Zen M.

I want something as cheap as possible, with storage of 30 gigs +. Not too bothered about other features or looks, just need to be able to play music.

What would you recommend and why?

dknol answers:

Sansa is a good brand I owned one and it lasted for a long time I know you can add extra storage on it also a brand called cowon they have some good products as well.

Betty asks…

Looking for cheap mp3 players?, they're committed to giving their customers value! Everything from cheap MP3 players to massive savings and great quality bargains on some of the world's best high end MP3 player brands like Samsung, Creative and iAudio

dknol answers:

Want a cheap mp3 go for the samsung YPT7J i have it is small and very strong for less than $100!!

Charles asks…

What are some cheap mp3 players?

I dont care if its not too fancy. I dont care if its ugly. I dont care if it doesnt have much memory. I just want something that costs very little. I would prefer to buy at a store. What store would be best for me?

dknol answers:

You can get very cheap ones at Wal-Mart Target, and places like that. Most of them are like 20 or 30 dollars, and they can still store a lot of songs.

Chris asks…

Are there any cheap mp3 players that look like the apple ipod nano 3rd gen?

They look cool.

dknol answers:

Yes, a fake one.

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