Your Questions About Mp3 Players Cheap

Richard asks…

are there any cheap mp3 players that work on itunes but are not ipods?

please help

dknol answers:

Music files from itunes are under DRM protection. In order to play them on regular mp3 players other than ipod, you need a special program to help remove the protection mechanism and convert the itunes music to mp3. I always use tuneclone audio converter. My friend recommended it to me. It can convert itunes protected m4p music to mp3 with high quality at fast speed via virtual cd burning. Works like a charm!


Robert asks…

anyone know any cheap mp3 players or cheap video mp3 players that r very loud on sound?

i dont care if its only 1g i just want it very loud like how it use to be years when they started to come out good and even the high doller ones just dont do it for me

dknol answers:

Most mp3 players have a volume control, so you should start by trying to turn it up And if full volume is still not loud enough then you should try more efficient headphones. If it's still not loud enough, then the best thing to do is NOT replace the mp3 player but buy a cheap headphone amp such as the FiiO E5. And start learning sign language. Pretty soon you'll need it.

Mark asks…

Any Mp3 players for cheap?

is there a site with cheap mp3 players at least 1 GB

dknol answers:


Carol asks…

Where can I buy cheap MP3 Players?

I am looking for a place to buy an MP3 player, preferably a zen or a zune. Any information anyone has would be highly appreciated.



dknol answers:

Ebay ones go for cheap

Jenny asks…

mp3 players?

I want a cheap mp3 player with about 1-2 GB of memory. I don't have much cash to spend and was wondering if someone could help me figure out where to get one cheap or free.

dknol answers:

Ipod shuffle
Ipod nano

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