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Sandra asks…

What is the best MP3 player to buy that is under $100?

Also it has to be Windows 98se compatible. Also I would like to donwload songs from Limewire. Thanks.
I don't care about a video just songs.

dknol answers:

Well, I bought my wife an RCA lyra sport for running. It's nice, but no frills, mediorce display, and the belt clip and battery door seem sort of cheap. The plus side is it plays nice and it is a sport model so it's sealed for moisture/sweat. Approx 80 bucks.

I own the Sandisc Sansa with 2GB of storage. It looks nice, plays great, and it's small and light (like the older Ipod shuffle, but with a color display). Paid 89 bucks on sale. Down side is it had no belt clip or pouch. Being that it isn't an IPOD, accessories from the aftermarket are hard to come by. I ended up getting a bodyglove sport band for it that cost a staggering $32. Quite a bit considering they are made with about $.01 worth of material in a sweatshop in Thailand where the workers probably get $30 a month.

All things considered, I would try to swing an Ipod shuffle or Nano. My Sansa has some features the Ipod doesn't like a voice recorder and FM tuner….but the new Mac commercials put it best. Apple products work effortlessly, integrate easily, and don't crash. Accessories now line the shelves of any big box department store.

My Sansa is on it's third firmware upgrade in 6 months. Seems buggy to me and I have occasional difficulty uploading media from realplayer or mediaplayer.

By brother has had his Ipod Nano for 4 years. It always works exactly like it's supposed to. Never locked up, never crashed, controls are so intuitive that you only need to think of doing something and it does it (well not really). It's only flaw is without protection the case is very easily scratched.

Donald asks…

What is the best mp3 / mp4 player to buy if my budget is around $100 to $150?

My parents suggested me to buy a mp3 / mp4 player for my birthday. The budget is around $100 to $150.

It is hopefully portable and small. On a sidenote, my computer's Operating System is Vista.

Thanks in advance!
Dollars are in SGD.

Budget can be raised a little – to around $200?

dknol answers:

The Creative Zen is quite good, about the size of a credit card, can play all different Audio and Video files, and you can add up to about 16gig storage with the microSD slot, about $105

Or the Sansa Video, a bit like an ipod nano but more open with the files and software you can use/play on it.also with an SD slot about $115

Sharon asks…

What is the best MP3 player to buy with an FM Transmiter so you can listen to it in your vehicle?

I want one that is at least 8 gb.. and i can tune my radio in my car to hear it also…

dknol answers:

The one i used to use in my car with my fm transmitter was a creative zen 8gb mp3 player.

Pretty decent sound. And cost effective.

You might want to look into that.

Sandy asks…

wheres the best please to buy mp3 players on the internet i'm looking for $60 or less?

dknol answers:


Daniel asks…

What is the best mp3 player i can buy?

I'm looking for a good mp3 player but at a low price. I don't know which mp3 player i should get or what to look for in one.

dknol answers:

I have an Ipod, but I think the Zune 80 GB is the best value since it is thin and it comes with Wi-Fi…to trade music with other zune carriers! If you're lookin for a sooper cheap one thats awesome, look for Insignia or Sansa Players

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