Your Questions About Mp3 Players Best Buy

Thomas asks…

What is the BEST mp3 player of Ipod to buy?

I had recently bought a creative zen but I plan on returning it because it wont download songs into it, I have problems “connecting” it into the zen media player also the cd wont download either. So now I was wondering what is the BEST mp3 player of Ipod to buy that is high quality, under $100, easy to download songs into, and would last for a long time.

dknol answers:

Apple currently does not offer any iPod under $100 except for the Shuffle. It does not have a screen but comes in different colors. The 1GB is $49.99 while the 2gb is priced at $69.00. You can also check out the other iPods out but they're above your price range.

The Zune 4 is also a great mp3 player. It's perfect for you as it is priced at $99.
Holds up to 1,000 songs, 25,000 pictures and 12 hours of video.

Charles asks…

Which is the best buy mp3 player in range of 4000 Bucks?

Better Quality Music,
4GB memory,
Must be Portable,
There must be display screen big enough to view song list.

dknol answers:

Go gear's ..good

Mark asks…

What is The Best Mp3 player to buy other than iPod?

Im a musician and i love crystal clear audio quality that can listen to hidden frequencies…
i want an mp3 player that satisfies me in deep bass,, fine treble and amazing equalizer custom control

dknol answers:

Zune HD would be my second choice. Or you might want to check out other brands to meet your needs. Hope you have some good headphones too. Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Which is the best MP3 player to buy rite now?

i like the ipod touch but it is pretty exepensive..
i do want an apple product, don't know much about the Zune.
i like apple because they are slim.
i am 22 year in college. i will use it at the gym when working out and around college maybe.
I hate the shuffle, only i like ipod classic or nano or touch, but is the TOUCH worth the $$$?

dknol answers:

It maybe expensive but the ipod touch is the best one out there.
It even has apps that will help you record how much you spend working out and lets you plan a gym routine.
Also it has apps like iprocratinate that helps you organize all your homework and projects so that you will be able to finish them on time.

Maria asks…

I have an mp3 player from best buy rhapsody. Can I purchase songs from itunes and transfer them to my mp3?

dknol answers:

Not unless it is an iPod. Itunes only works with iPods (although you could burn a CD from iTunes, then rip the CD to mp3 and transfer the songs to your device that way, but you would lose a lot of souond quality in the process.

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