Your Questions About Mp3 Players Best Buy

Lisa asks…

What is the best mp3 player to buy for someone that never owned one before?

dknol answers:

Ipod.. You just plug into your computer and it basiclly does everything for you.

Steven asks…

Best MP3 player to buy right now?

i currently have a sandisk 1gb which is too small. i want to at least get a 2gb, 3 or 4. i dont necessarily want an ipod because they are pretty expensive and mp3 players seem to go for $100 or under. whats the best brand or kind to get? or would an ipod be better? all of my songs are in mp3, not itunes so how hard would it be to convert them? i also would prefer a touch screen…opinions?

dknol answers:

IPods play MP3's (hence the name ‘MP3 player') so there is no need to convert any of your tunes.

IPod Touch is great.

George asks…

What is the best mp3 player that you could buy? Any recommendations?

I want to buy a mp3 player that works well. There are some requirements for my bargain:
It must have Usb port
have over 2 gb of space
be not very expensive

So what mp3 player could you recommend for me?

dknol answers:

Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player is just plain awesome. I've had a 16gb g2 itouch for the last 6 months and while i loved the Touch itself, I was getting pretty frustrated with itunes. I wasn't really planning on changing players, but when i noticed the HD release was well received, i decided to give Zune a shot. I won't list the pros and cons of the Zune since there's a lot of that already, but hopefully i can help someone out who's on the fence between the Touch and HD.

Lizzie asks…

Where is the best (non-Apple) site to buy music for MP3 players?

I have a Sansa MP3 player, and I want to download some albums onto it. I figure it will be cheaper to buy a download than it would a used CD. What are the best sites with the most selection and lowest prices? The only one I know of is iTunes, which won't work since I don't have an iPod.


dknol answers:

You can still use itunes even if you don't have an ipod, although it takes a little more time because you can't click and drag. What you would have to do is sign up to itunes, and then buy whatever songs you want, (obviously!) and then convert them to windows quicktime media player. From there you can just plug in your mp3, and clig and drag. I know I'm not being very specific, so if you need further assitance you can message me on my name =D

I also know of, which is a free download, but you have to pay for the songs, and which is a free download, and all the songs are free. However limewire causes virus' on my computer so it would be better to buy limewire plus software at the store, and install it from the cd. The songs would still be free, but you would have to buy the actual software. =D

I hope I helped,
Good Luck,
Trisha =D

Chris asks…

Are car chargers for MP3 player avalible at Best Buy?

I am going to Flordia soon and I wanted to bring my MP3 player but I don't want it to run out of battery. I have a SanDisk Sansa MP3 player and I was wondering if there was a car chrger avalible for it at a Bolingbrook, Illinois Best Buy or if they are avalible at all. Thank You so much!

dknol answers:

Check out Radioshack and I seen a few on there and you won't pay more than 15 or 20 bucks for it

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