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John asks…

wats the best mp3 player to buy with 200 bucks thats not zune or ipod?

i had 2 zunes and like 5 ipods keep losin em i think its a curse so im tryyin a new one i just want one with 32gb or 16 gb im not that pressed for space maybe a touch screen but really just wats the best buy with 200 bucks thanks again

dknol answers:

Definitely a Samsung MP3. I had a P3 and it had awesome sound quality and for WAY less than an Ipod Touch. You should definitely try to check them out.

James asks…

Is the Apple IPOD the best MP3 player to buy?

Im a first-time buyer and the apple ipod seems to be the best one out there. Any opinions?
If not, why is it so popular? Why do ppl hate the ipod? How could a creative zen vision m possibly be better?

dknol answers:

How could the vision :m be better? Well yes it is better for allot of reasons.
1. Sound quality is better. The sound quality of a music player measured by the signal to noise ratio, the higher the value the better sound reproduction you will get. The video ipod is rated at 82 decibels while the vision is rated at 97 db.

2.the ipod video screen has a low defiinition 65,000 color screen while the vision has a high definition 265000 color screen
3. The vision comes with a built in fm reciever and voice recorder
,while in the ipod these are extra add ons you will have to pay for.

4. The vision is compatible with great music services such as Rhapsody,music match,napster,puretracks,yahoo..etc but ipods only work with itunes

5.itunes software for windows is not that great and many people have reported computer crashs and slow down after the program was installed.

6. Apple has not addressed the scratch prone screens on thier video ipods, and this is a common problem

7.the vision supports 7 types of video files , and you can convert your dvd's quite easily with free programs over the net, while apple only supports 2 types and to convert any video to these you need to buy the 50 dollar conversion program from apple

8 movies are available for download from Cinema now or amazon movie services, while itunes has only disney movies available.

9. Ipods have a battery failure rate from witihin the first 18 months
,there is a lawsuit currently on from upset ipods user of apple charging them 100 dollars to replace the battery

10. The vision has a 5 band equalizer with custom equalizer setting, while ipods don't have this feature

11. Ipods/itunes have drm locks which limit the number of players you can download your music to. You may have to buy the same song twice (does that seem fair?)

12. Creative was the first company to make mp3 players

13. Creatives background is in digital music and thier computer sound systems,professional recording systems and hi fi systems (cambridge soundworks)
are recognized and the best in the world.Apple's background is in computers

i could go on but i thinki have proved my point

Paul asks…

can i get an exchange mp3 player from best buy?

well my mp3 player hold button broke and there now way i can turn it on…i wanna give it in…i have the receipt and a warranty is that good enough to get a new mp3 or a least the same model

dknol answers:

Maybe, but only if it's within the time limit of the stores return policy and not caused by the customer.
Read their return policy on the receipt.

Donna asks…

What is the best store to buy an MP3 player, A store that i can go to?

what's the best store that i can go into(not buy online) for an Mp3 Player.
BQ What's the cheapest best MP3 that i can get that's like an ipod nano.
I was thinking about buying another sony walkman.

dknol answers:

I would say Best Buy if you have one where you live they have everything. I recommend getting a Sandisk Sansa Fuze+ mp3 player. But i do warn you that the touch pad is sometimes laggy but other than that it has really good sound.

Thomas asks…

Can anyone advise me on the best mp3 player to buy? Creative Zen Vision: M / ipod video / other?

I'm interested in the Creative Zen Vision: M and also in the video ipod, but I'm not sure which is the best, or if there are any better options.

Sound quality is of high importance, although extra features and video playback are of interest.

Any advise from current owners?????

dknol answers:

I was checking out the Creative Zen Vision: M Vs the iPod Video, and have come to this conclusion

Buy Apple ipod video if your gonna get content from or will be using a mac a lot.
Buy creative zen vision if u use a pc and will be converting music and video yourself.

1) if your an Mac user then choose the ipod video, as u would only be transferring your music and video from a Mac. The video is always in apple's proprietery format and is encoded using Quicktime (which you have to buy).

2) If your a PC user and have music in wma format or video in divx format or atleast plan to convert dvds / video and transfer it to the player then choose Creative.

Creative supports many more formats than Apple. Creative also has built in fm tuner and recorder.

But i urge you to hold both of them in your hands and then fork out the money. At the end of the day, you are gonna use it. Happy listening.

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