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John asks…

Which portable mp3 player is the best to buy?

Never had an mp3 player, but im off backpacking to oz soon and need to take some tunes with me. So, has anyone got any tips on mp3 players, the best on the markett at the moment and there pros and cons.

dknol answers:

Start with this question for yourself–

What features do you want?

Do you plan to use the MP3 player to workout or jog?

If so, you probably want to look at a FLASH memory player (right now, anything under 20GB in storage size is pretty much a flash memory player). These ar eless fragile, and have fewer moving parts. Ipod Nano & Creative Zen V or V plus, or the Sandisk e200 series are some examples from this category.

Do you want an FM radio?

If so, then know that the ipod doesn't have that feature unless you buy another $50 add on. Most other players do have an FM tuner.

Do you have more than 10GB worth of music?

Then you want a HARD DRIVE based player, instead of a flash based player… The full sized ipods, the creative Zen Vision M, the Toshiba Gigabeat, etc.

Do you have a lot of music in WMA format? Do you plan to use subscription services like yahoo! Music, or rhapsody, or Napster to go?

If so, ipod is out. You need to look at other players that support that technology.

Do you want to have a LOT of accessories to choose from?

Then ipod is the choice for you. 100s of cases, speakers, add-ons, etc. More than any other brand of player.

Do you want to watch video on your mp3 player?

You can pick from the newest ipods, the zen vision M, the newest gigabeat, etc. Each different player supports different file types. Most will require you to convert the files. If you don't care about video, you can probably find an older or used player to satisfy you.

Here's a link to an article on choosing a player:

Here are a few links to the top reviewed players in each category:

Good luck!

Mark asks…

what is the best mp3 player to buy?

I am on a budget of around 100 to 150 dollars.I am going to buy one for my daughter for her birthday.

dknol answers:

Depends on her age…
11 and under:
-a iPod Shuffle will do. They are nice little gadgets made by Apple. No Screen but very user friendly. [around $80]
12 and up:
-an iPod Nano for sure! I have one and I am so happy with it! Its incredible, and can play videos too, and games, for those long car rides. [$150-$200, depending on GB. (4 or 8)]

Heads up: 4gb only comes in silver.

Happy Birthday to your daughter =]

Ken asks…

What is the best MP3 Player to buy?

Okay I'm looking for an mp3 player and I want to know which is the best, your opinion. It needs to have more than 240 songs, at least. And can you tell me the price and how many songs it holds?

dknol answers:

I have a zune and love it. It has more features than an ipod. But has a weaker battery, and less third party support.
If you were looking for something with a better battery life, and a smaller design, the sandisc Sansa is very affordable and a great buy.

Helen asks…

what is the best 128MB mp3 player to buy? and i need your personal review on the product, thanks!?

ok, i'm looking to buy a small mp3 player which will roughly hold 30-60 mp3 songs for going to the gym. basically a small amount of songs, and not too big a mp3 player. I need to know which is the best one to buy and where is the cheapest place to buy it, or where can you buy it online, and personal reviews on the product too please? thanks!
oh and it has to be able to transfer music that are in folders too!
actually there are some that dont do folders,otherwise i wouldn't have mentioned this, duhh!
stop duhhhing me! act your age!

dknol answers:

For arounf £60, you can get a Creative Zen Nano with 1 gigabyte of memory – just over 4 times what you want. Its got a radio, voice recorder, can play ‘any' music files (UNLIKE IPODS) and can conncet to any music sourse, so you can record of it (eg telly). Its a bargain and real good quality. Its also the size of a cigarette lighter – tiny. But if you want a smaller memory like you said, the ZEn Nano does come in 128mb size. Go and get it!

Sandy asks…

returning a best buy mp3 player

I bought a samsung p2 2 days ago at a Michigan(USA) store and I want to return it. I have all the items. The problem is that I paid with cash and I can't find the receipt. What can I do?
there is no damage to the mp3 payer. i just don't like it.

dknol answers:

Call best buy. They are great at taking returns. You might be able to exchange only though without a receipt.

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