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Carol asks…

I own a sansa MP3 player, purchased from Best Buy. Whats the best way to transfer music to it?

I've been having trouble getting songs ripped from CD's on my mp3 player. Windows media player doesn't work, and the software that came with the player is a free version of Rhapsody that I've been having troublel with. Sometimes the tracks won't transfer, I've had to re-rip CD's for that player, and I've had to redownload the software from a different source to get it to work.

dknol answers:

The easiest way is to do drag and drop strait from your computer. To get the songs from the cd to the computer:
1. Pop your cd into the computers cd-rom drive
2. Go to ‘my computer'
3. Double click on the cd in your tray and it should show all the songs on that disc
4. Shrink that window and open up a new ‘my computer'
5. Go to ‘my music' or wherever you want to keep your music
6. Have both the cd window and the music folder window open side-by-side
7. Highlight all the songs on the cd, click and hold them and drag them over to the other folder

To get them from there to your player do this:
1. Keep open the window all your music is stored in
2. Plug in your mp3 player
3. Go to ‘my computer' and open up the mp3 player, then open its music folder
4. Highlight the music in your ‘my music' folder and drag it all over into the music folder of your mp3 player

It seems a little complicated in writing, but i assure you once you have done it once it becomes a snap and youll be transfering cds over in seconds.

Thomas asks…

Best Company to buy an MP3 player from?

I'm going to buy a new mp3 player and i've narrowed my choices down to 3 companies, Apple, Zune and Creative. I don't know which to choose. With Apple you have to use iTunes, the Zune is so bulky looking and Creative i've had problems with a previous mp3 player i bought from them. I want to buy an mp3 player with atleast 30 gbs. What do you guys think is best?

dknol answers:



Sandra asks…

What is the best Video MP3 Player to buy?

My son is going to be flying to Kentucky from California and I want to get him one to watch movies on. I'm looking for the best one for playing videos.

dknol answers:

Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was so surprised how hassle-free and easy to use the new software and UI are.


Maria asks…

what is the best video mp3 player to buy?

i have been looking at a few.
I want some of your opinions though.
I have the Insignia but it's the third one I've gotten.
It just keeps breaking.

I like big screens and easy controls.
I don't like to have to look at it everytime I need to change a song.

A few I have been looking at:
Creative Zen Portable Media Player
Pro Ebiz Video MP3/MP4 Player TFT Touchscreen
Walkman® Video MP3 Player

Any Ideas?
I do not want an Ipod AT ALL.
I honestly can't stand the controls of it..
so I want a regular ol' mp3 player.

dknol answers:

You should get an ipod. They are the bast value for money. I have the ipod classic, and it has tonnes of storage space for all you music and videos, and quite a big screen. However if you really want to watch your videos on a big screen get the ipod touch. It will also keep you entertained for hours, as you can get great apps for it from itunes, some free and some you have to buy. I wouldn't recommend you get the 8GB if you have a lot of music and videos. I would get the 16GB or 32GB.
Good luck, I hope this helps you to decide. X

William asks…

what happens if you get caught returning a broken mp3 player at best buy?

dknol answers:

If they can't see that you broke it, then you'll get your money back. But if you do get “caught” nothing will happen, they just wont refund your money.

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