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Sandra asks…

What is the best mp3 player i can buy/use for travel (car) and workout?

hi! thanks for the replies but don't forget that i need it too for use in the car when traveling. what gadget do i need to use an mp3 player in the car? thanx!
does it have to be ipod? Is there any other mp3 players other than ipod but w/ video, camera music? again it has to be for travel & workout. thanks!

dknol answers:

This one is very nice for music only:
It will easily hold 30 CD's of music or more, depending on how you rip the CD. To get the musicoff the CD and into the player, you can use MediaMonkey:

To play it in your car, you can hook it to the car's cassette tape with one of these:
If your car doesn't have a cassette player, then your next option would be an FM transmitter, but those things are usually garbage…

I would recommend these phones for workouts:
(I can't stand those little ear buds,no matter who makes them)

Of course, if it's not an iPod,you can't use iTunes to download from the iStore. Try going to the new Napster, Rhapsody, or the Walmart Online store. For podcasts, there's Nimiq:

Chris asks…

Returning Mp3 player to best buy?

I am returning an mp3 player to best buy that isnt working, and I am going to get it replaced. yes I have a warranty. I have had the mp3 player since July. I want to replace it with a mp3 player the same price, but a different brand. will they let me do that or do I have to get the same thing again?

dknol answers:

If best buy is not working as you say, how can you take anything back to them?

Betty asks…

Best Mp3 Player To Buy From Bestbuy or Futureshop?

Yes I Already Have An Ipod Nano,Ipod Classic and Ipod Touch I Would Like To Buy A Good MP3 Player Beside Ipod.

dknol answers:

Sansa fuze 8gb

Thomas asks…

iPod? is this really the best MP3 player to buy? I need a new one but Im wondering if there are better ones?

I use it mostly for biking and I may drop it once in a while.

dknol answers:

I agree with aurum5785. I use a 2nd generation shuffle when I work out. It is affordable, small, lightweight, holds plenty of music, and doesn't get in the way when I am exercising, I love it. I also agree with him as far as the Apple headphones, the quality is good but they were uncomfortable on my ears so I use different headphones but I can still change my music because I have an older shuffle. I purchased the 3rd generation shuffle for my kids at Christmas and hate the fact that they attached the volume and being able to skip songs on the headphone wire. They seem to love them though. Clint C is probably correct too, I have heard a lot of good things about the Zune but I have never owned one.

Nancy asks…

Does Best Buy let you try out mp3 players (display models)?

I'm interested in the 80gb Zune, but just to be sure I'd like to try it out first. Would Best Buy let me? Do they have displays where mp3 players are “chained” to a table like they do at some other stores?

dknol answers:

Yup they “chain mp3s to a display and u can try them

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