Your Questions About Mp3 Players

David asks…

When will iTunes start allowing people to use their non-iPod MP3 players with iTunes?

I keep hearing that Apple will start allowing non-iPod owners to sync their MP3 players with iTunes.

As an owner of a Creative Zen, this is great news because iTunes has a better selection of music than that of Yahoo! Music.

Do any of you have any idea when Apple will start doing this?

dknol answers:

The only thing you can do is purchase the DRM-Free music from iTunes. These will sync with any mp3 player. But you will NEVER be able to actually sync your Zen with iTunes.

George asks…

Any mp3 players that deliver the best sound quality?

Hi, I'm thinking of these brands: archos, sony, and cowon iaudio mp3 players. Not sure of their sound quality as I've never own one before but a crappy ipod. Not sure if I need the video feature but for sure, I want the FM radio and playlist. Any suggestions of the above choices I listed? Sound quality, ease of use, and FM radio are my primary concerns. Thanks.

dknol answers:

For top-end sound quality look at: Sansa Clip, anything from Cowon, Trekstor Vibez. IPod has horrible SQ, Zune is so-so. Also consider investing in some mid/high-end IEM(In-ear monitors) like the Denon C351 or MylarOne X3i's. Both are available for ~50-60$ online but WELL worth it.

Carol asks…

What are some good mp3 players with a SD card slot option?

So far I got a Creative Zen but, it's beginning to glitch up. What are some mp3 players with a SD card slot?

dknol answers:

Sansa Fuze or Clip+
Or for $160 there's the Nationite S:Flo2 —

Laura asks…

What's the difference between Ipod and other mp3 players?

There's all this hype over the Ipod but I have searched and found other mp3 players that hold more songs and are way cheaper……is their a real difference or is this just a case of ppl wanting to get the “real thing” and not the unknown version?

dknol answers:

IPOD is the original and they set the stage. The others are cheap originals.

There is a Rolls Royce and all other cars…both will get you to your destination.

William asks…

Is buying Mp3 players in Singapore better than in the UK?

My friend said that for Mp3 players and electronics in general, it's better to go and buy in Singapore than in the UK. At least there are two reason according to him: the price there is cheaper and the brands are more diversified. If you want something other than iPod, you can find a better brand in Singapore.

Do you agree?

dknol answers:

Yes it is true. Singapore was is a better place to buy electronic goods. Dubai will be cheaper especially when the dubai shopping festival starts this month. Try Dubai

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