Your Questions About Mp3 Players

Laura asks…

How are MP3 players different from music players in mobile phones?

I am thinking of buying a portable music device ,but don't understand how is mp3 player different from mobile phones?Money is not an issue i want an excellent sound quality for audio and videos…
But why companies keep on releasing Media players like Ipod,Sony walkman, If mobile phones/smartphones can play anything?
And please Recommend which one's better Apple ipod or Sony walkman?

dknol answers:

Today's advanced media players are basically Smartphones with no 3G connectivity. Examples: iPod Touch, Galaxy Player.

There isn't any reason to go with a music player rather than price.

Sandra asks…

Are all Mp3 players able to be used when jogging?

I'm looking at buying an Mp3 player. My CD player that I used when jogging is kaput. I know that to jog with a cd player, you had to get one that is like anti skip.

So my question, are all MP3 players anti-skip or only certain ones?

dknol answers:

Here's a link to them on ebay.

Betty asks…

Why is the iPod the most preferred product over other MP3 players?

If this is “America” isn't it supposed to be equal marketing than a monopoly. There seems to be more accommodating products for the ipod than other mp3 players, this isn't fair! They should make docks for other mp3 players.

dknol answers:

They do you just have to look around i don't own an ipod i own an insignia i love it i think its better than an ipod mainly people pay for a name my insignia comes with a list of things for it like wireless headphones and an expandablee memory slot

Thomas asks…

How does sound differ between mp3 players?

As mp3 files are digital and are the same no matter what device they are store on, how does sound quality differ between different mp3 players? Wouldn't the quality be totally determined by the quality of the headphones instead?
At the moment I want an mp3 player, but don't really want to fork out lots of money on one at the moment. I wouldn't mind spending more on decent headphones though, as they will last.

Please any advice.

Thank you

dknol answers:

While i agree with the two previous answers, i would like to add that MP3 files can have varying degrees of compression, which means that they are NOT all the same.
The highest compression ratio is achieved with a bit-rate of 32 kb/sec, which doesn't really sound very good, while the lowest compression ratio has a bit-rate of 320 kb/sec, and this can actually be very hard to distinguish from the original sound source.
If you are interested in more technical details, there is an excellent article by a man named Nigel Coldwelll, here:

I hope this clarifies things further.

Nancy asks…

What MP3 players will work on my computer?

my computer is a HP, its like windows and stuff. but like my ipod wont even work on my computer. and i used to have this old crappy mp3 player. but i dont use it no more. but it actually worked on my computer. so what mp3 players will work. im not ganna waste my perents money on something that wont work on my computer…

dknol answers:

Most mp3 players should work on your computer since it is windows because windows is a more popular operating platform unlike a mac. Your ipod should work as well since I have one and it works on both my windows pc and my macbook pro. You have to use the itunes program for your ipod. You can download it from the apple website for free.

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