Your Questions About Mp3 Players

Maria asks…

Why do they even sell mp3 players in the first place?

Why are they selling mp3 players with built in rechargable batteries (USB port) IF the battery will worn out in the end (meaning you no longer can recharge it and will have to buy another mp3 player)? The only ones that have triple A batteries are the ones that only have 1 GB or less. Usually, if it's 2 gbs or more, you are stuck with the stupid built in rechargable battery. WDF? What are these clowns thinking?

dknol answers:

Man, I wish my iPod ran on disposable batteries. :D

But seriously, think about it – do you think the average person is going to go through all the hassle of sending their old, out-of-date (thus out-of-style) iPod to Apple and paying for a new battery, or will they simply just buy a new iPod?


I'm not saying it's great, but that's how people think. *shrug*

Or, think of it this way – would the oil companies invent a pill to get 500 miles to the gallon? Would the lightbulb-makers (heh) invent a lightbulb that never burned out? So then, would Apple invent an mp3 player that was several GB and ran on double/triple A batteries?

Definitely not. These people want to make $.

Carol asks…

Why do mp3 players only last a few months?

I've had my mp3 players for several months. I downloaded songs on it and it said download done(on computer). But on the mp3, it said no files. So I deleted the files off the computer in the mp3 files and redownloaded the music. Still no success.

What gives?

dknol answers:


You have to hit that reset button. There is place in your manuel or on the net that tells you how to do it….
What brand is it? Look it up and it should give you detail by detail instructions how to do it.

Susan asks…

What makes an iPod better than mp3 players made by other companies?

Do iPods have features that other mp3 players don't have? Are they more reliable? Or are they just more of a fashion statement?

dknol answers:

It's more the brand name (and a fashion statement). Other MP3 players have features that the iPod SHOULD come with. For example, NO iPods come with a built in FM/AM tuner while some creative players do. There's nothing better per-se. Some people argue that iPods have superior sound to other MP3 players, but in my opinion that is a false statement because the sound you hear ultimately depends on the headphones you are listening from. Plug in two different headphones by two different brands and you WILL hear a difference in sound quality.

Daniel asks…

Do they make any mp3 players or headphones for which parents can limit the volume?

I want to get our son an mp3 player for his 9th birthday, but I'm worried he will turn it up way too loud and damage his hearing. Is there anything out there for a paranoid parent like me? Do some players have firmware modifications available to set volume limits? I know I can't control this forever, but at least at this young age, I want to do what I can to protect his hearing.

dknol answers:

I know there's a volume limit for the Ipod Touch, but I'm going to assume you don't want to buy a 9 yr old a touch. There may be one on the nanos but I'm not entirely sure.

Sandra asks…

What are some of the better mp3 players on the market today?

I am looking to get a mp3 player that is of good quality and versatility. I am not looking to go online. I am not looking to stream movies.
I heard the Zune was good but am up for grabs on that one.

I heard the SanDisks are good because they have a slot for upgradable memory which I really do like. Any other mp3 players out there that have upgradable memories?

dknol answers:

A great deal would be a Sony PSP, which has a great music player with a memory card slot for upgradable memory up to 64gb. Along with music, it has a web browser, pictures, video streaming, and of course Video Games. I actually only used mine at a point for music and it is great! Not all of the advanced features, but it features the basics like shuffle, repeat, party, visual music, and album art. Sandisk is also a very nice brand. What You should also consider, if you happen to be looking for a new cell phone as well, is to get a cell phone with music capability, that way you do not need to carry two device. Many companies are taking a not out of Apple's book and including advanced music functionality in their phones.

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