Your Questions About Mp3 Players

Susan asks…

What are the best sites for loading mp3 players?

Also, how do you load mp3 players? What is the best mp3 player to buy?

dknol answers:


Steven asks…

What Mp3 Players Are The Worst A Person Could Ever Have?

Example.I'd say Zune b/c i heard you cant put any songs you like into it but you only have to buy the songs it gives you from the website or wherever you have to get the songs from.
What mp3 players u think are bad.

Bonus Q:
What would you recommend as a really good mp3 player?
Yea about that.
I had an ipod 8gb touch and i didnt feel satisfied at all.
It really sux.

dknol answers:

“Zune b/c i heard you cant put any songs you like into it but you only have to buy the songs it gives you from the website or wherever you have to get the songs from.”
sorry, but i'm calling BS on that…seeing as how i have a zune 80. I can rip cd's, and transfer them that way. You can pay if you want to, but the zune is just like the ipod in how you can put music on it. Also, the SmartDJ and subscription service lay waste to Apple's Genius and non-existent subscription service.

I would recommend a Zune HD for a really good mp3 player……but if you want an overpriced, out-dated in a year, over-hyped app and web browsing device (because that's all that people really use it for) then get an ipod touch.

Linda asks…

What are some touch screen mp3 players that can take notes?

Like the notepad app on the ipod touch, but other mp3 players other than the ipod are there any with that feature? I'm getting a new phone and I don't know if it has notetaking or not.
I forgot to mention, I'm not going to buy an expensive phone when one has already been bought for me, just to have note taking. I said mp3 player because my current one has broken.

dknol answers:

Get the droid/ evo htc 4 sprint. U cud download an app.most likley.

Ruth asks…

Is there a program that will work with all types of mp3 players?

I am looking for a program that will download music files to different types of mp3 players and media devices such as ipods, zunes, and creative, sandisk, centon mp3 players.
Ideally, it will recognize the player, and be able to upload mp3s straight to the player without any thinking.
Does a program like this exist? Does it require windows? If not what is the closest thing?

dknol answers:

I'd say MediaMonkey.


Doesn't work with Zunes with the current firmware, I can guarantee.

Betty asks…

What do you think separates the ipod from regular mp3 players?

I'm wondering what makes people love the ipod so much, and why it's their number one choice of all mp3 players.

dknol answers:

Because people are sheeps?

The iPod is an average player at best, but the hype, the commercials, advertisement did what it was meant to do, make people believe that the iPod was the one to get.

But quality, ease of use, features, etc. The iPod lacks all of these.

What they claimed to be their selling points, are now behind everyone else.

The only thing left is that they still get contracts for the high capacity hard drives, and all the sub-companies making accessories for it.

But after comparing them to every other brand that I could, I would never get one, and know people that used to love their iPods, but after 10 minutes of playing with something else (a Zen for example), they sold their iPods and bought Zens and never looked back.

Just look at Yahho answers… Do you not notice that about 95% of problems/questions are about iPods?

Not bad for a machine that's advertised as being so good and easy to use.

And then there's iTunes. EVERY machine that I've seen it on, it's caused problems. Every time I've tried using it I just got fed up with it.

Then there's the fact that almost all models will die fairly quickly, and the only thing that owners can do is get a new one, because they locked themselves in with Apple's format… Talk about a cashcow.

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