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Lisa asks…

Does the scion tC have a input to hook up an mp3 player to the car stereos?

I was just wondering, the scion tC is a really nice car and I was wondering if it is compatible on being hooked up from mp3 players to the steroes. I already know about the FM Transmitter and the cassette tape thing, but I'm pretty sure the scion tC does not have a cassette player.
Anywho, thanks for answering in advance!

dknol answers:

Indeed it does, the car even comes with the wires to plug your MP3 player in. Although I have found that I have to raise the volume on my stereo to the maximum and raise the volume on my MP3 player a little over halfway to get decent sound, and my car is not one of those boom cars that makes sure everyone else ten cars away can hear what I'm listening to, so that puts some strain on the batteries of my MP3 player, but it is a nice feature.

David asks…

Can I use the program iTunes with another brand/type of mp3 player?

I have and frequently use the program iTunes, but I'm planning on buying another brand of mp3 player. It's cheaper and works just as well. The problem is I don't know if I can use iTunes with other mp3 players. I don't want to buy one, find out I can't, and have wasted the money. Also, if I can't use iTunes, is there any way for me to get the songs I currently have in iTunes and transfer them to whatever downloading service I use for an mp3 player?

dknol answers:

ITunes is for ipod only.

Your music isn't in iTunes but in a file on your computer, locate that folder and redirect it to the new mp3 player. New player should come with its own software of some sort.

George asks…

What are some quality mp3 players under 70 dollars?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me any brand of mp3 player that have a camera, speakers and are at least 1gb. No iPods please, because I only have 70 dollars to spend and do not care for the iPod shuffle. Mp3 player must be good quality, new, and worth its money. I don't want a tiny plastic-ey toy that plays one song.

dknol answers:

I have a Hipstreet with all those functions that I paid less then $70 for. It's available at Walmart, but I got mine at Canadian tire. 16 gb, camera, touch screen, and a built in camera. Http://

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Sandy asks…

Is iTunes only for apple products? Where can I find music for a different kind of mp3 player?

Is iTunes only for apple products? Where can you download music for other mp3 players such as the Polaroid PMP280? Any information on these mp3 players would be great as I don't know much about them, but received one for Christmas. Thanks!

dknol answers:

To play DRM protected iTunes music on a non-Apple MP3 player or phone, you need to convert the iTunes music to MP3 files first. The easiest way is to burn an audio CD in iTunes and rip it back as MP3. Or you can get DRM media converter to help you. It works great for removing DRM from iTunes music and converting iTunes music to mp3.


Sandra asks…

Do different mp3 players have different sound qualities?

Is it the headphones that controls the sound quality? The Wikipedia article on mp3 players didn't mention sound quality at all.

dknol answers:

Different MP3 players do have different sound qualities. Cowon and Sony are generally considered to be the kings of sound quality. IPods are considered average in terms of sound quality. The good thing is that most people can't notice the difference between players, and those that can have spent quite a bit of money on headphones to be able to hear the difference.

Notice how this guide has you ignore SQ when buying an MP3 player:

Unscientific breakdown of sound quality:
Headphones = 60%
File quality (bitrate/format) = 35%
MP3 player = 5%

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