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Helen asks…


…st got back from the fitness center and saw the news. Repubs apparently will support Obama's health plan but only
if he agrees to send the additional troops to Afganistan.

That really bothers me. They want to trade health care for Americans for an agreement to escalate a war – the lives of American soldiers?

dknol answers:

Assuming that what you said is accurate, what I am hearing is that the repubs. Will agree for health care for the American people (a human and compassionate idea, to begin with) in exchanging for continuing the war, killing off our soldiers. We would not have this war to begin with, if bush and his cohorts didn't want it. They lied to the American people about why we needed to go to war with Iraq. Don't forget, bush and his cohorts was warned by some other nations about the possible attack on us, which he ignored. Bush and his cohorts should have gone to war on the terrorists, including ben ladin. Remember 9/11? Now, since we beat the weak Iraq, we are stuck in afganistan. If we leave, you can bet the taliban will be back and many, many people will be slaughtered by them, in revenge, which would be our fault. You can bet that the taliban and ben ladin will wreck havoc with us, especially since we were enept in stopping them, or so they think. We should have stopped the bush and his cohorts from going to war in the first place. Remember vietnam? I guess not. We could have stopped bush and rest of the repubs. Remember when bush and his cohorts wanted to put our docks under the control of an arab company? We sure stopped that nonsense. Reluctantly, I think we ought not to pull out of that war, until we finish the job and we should do it more aggressively, and follow our generals, as we should. Our soldiers should not have died in vain.
Another point is that Americans are now against the war. The reason is because we are losing the war. This has become a habit with us. We are okay with war when we are winning, but when we are losing, it is time to get out of it. Remember vietnam? It is too bad that we didn't want to get involved with the war in Iraq from the beginning.
Another point, if this info is true, don't you call it extortion? So, is the repubs. Lying again? They hated the health plan, now, they will approve of a plan they think is bad because they want the war?

Ruth asks…

POLL dont you just love copy and paste?

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dknol answers:

Oh dear….you're bored aren't you?

Lizzie asks…

What major do I choose for this career?

The college I want to transfer to doesn't offer Journalism as a degree. After much research however, I have had a lot of people say to me that you don't necessarilly need to major in Journalism to go into reporting. Looking at this list of degrees, can someone give me some insight into what I should choose?
And I'm not talking about News Reporting specifically. I was thinking about editing magazines and writing articles for the health/nutrition/fitness industry because I am a certified personal trainer already.

dknol answers:

How about majoring in English and minoring in communications. Communications is a better option than Journalism anyway since they teach print and visual media.

Mark asks…

Is this decree about hepatitis c still imposed until now in United Arab Emirates>?

Foreigners to undergo compulsory medical check-up
posted on 02/07/2008
Foreigners who came to the UAE to live, study or work, for a period not less than six months, will now have to undergo medical check-up for some contagious diseases like HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B and leprosy. Minister of Health, Humaid Mohammed Al Qattami, has issued a new ministerial decree making it compulsory for all expatriates coming to the UAE to live, study or work to undergo those medical tests.
In the case of Hepatitis B test, the decree states that a foreigner who enters the UAE to live, study or work shall undergo the test in two phases, the first test will be conducted during the first entry into the country, but during the renewal of residence permit only six categories of expatriates will undergo the test. They include babysitters, maidservants, private drivers, kindergarten and nursery supervisors, workers in barbering, beauty, health and fitness clubs and in all food outlets including cooks and butchers.
The procedure for the second phase will be determined based on the evaluation result of the first phase, the decree says.
In the case of Hepatitis C test, the decree calls for more technical studies on the disease before a final decision would be taken. But the decree calls for syphilis and pulmonary tuberculosis test on foreigners during their first entry to the UAE. Those who tested positive shall be qualified to stay in the country but must undergo the necessary medical treatment.
Leprosy test would be conducted on every expatriate who enters the country to live, study or work during the first entry and during renewal of residency. Those who tested positive would be deported in accordance with the laid down rules.
Only the Preventive Medicine Department of the Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi Health Authority and Dubai Health Authority will conduct the medical tests, the decree says without prejudice to procedures and measures stipulated by Federal Law no. 27 of 1981 and Cabinet Decree no. 7 of 2008. – Emirates News Agency, WAM

dknol answers:

Paper is patient. Example: diagnosed with TB, residents get treated, whereas in Sharjah they get deportet.

The “new” decrees are (as far as I am informed) still on trial and it seems like so often, that the left hand doesn't know what the right one is doing. For the mentioned group of workers/employees different medical rules applied also in the past anyway. I know two housewives who went in May this year for residence renewal. Both went to the same hospital and both were suppose to undergo the HIV test only. But one had to go through the whole program. Don't ask me why.
Fact is, that especially the lack of official information regarding Hepatitis C makes mostly the Indian community very nervous and many are worried that their visas will not be renewed.

It also could be possible that certain people (regardless their profession) will be tested different just because of where they are coming from. I assume that you won't read that anywhere because of “rasicm” and “discrimination” but it would make sense.

Another aspect is the difference between theory and practice. Let's say a person enters Dubai and is diagnosed with Hepatitis, TB, etc and receives treatment. First of all, when will this person start working? Salary will be received for full just the first 2 weeks and the costs for his/her provided healthcare will increase and costs the company more money. Do you think this person will make it through probation?

Mandy asks…

What are your fave type/particular mags?

When I say “type” I mean, of course, …..

gossip, teen, music, health, puzzles, business, travel, gen.entertainment, house/garden, celebs, tabloids, politics/govt., economics, nat./world affairs, etc.

By “particular” mags, I mean…..

People, Sun, Globe, Dell, Time, Wall St. Journal, House & Garden, Vanity Fair, Muscle and Fitness, GQ, US, US News and World Report, Tiger Beat, Bop, Rolling Stone, etc., etc.

So, what are your fave type/particular mags?


dknol answers:

Music magazines, art magazines, occasionally gossip magazines.

Spin, Rolling Stone, AP, Juxtapoz, Nylon, Bust, Teen Vogue

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