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William asks…

Research Project Survey?

Please answer this survey without looking up any answers, if you do so, please put your original answer first and the researched answer in brackets, all questions optional, please answer in this format:
1. answer
2. answer
3. –
4. answer

or to do on facebook view this link:…

1.Do you watch TV?
2.Do you believe that the media lies?
3.Do you read fashion/health/fitness magazines?
4.Do you believe the media affects the way you act?
5.Do you believe the media affects your mood?
6.Do you feel happy or sad after watching or reading the news?
7.Do you think there is a cure(s) for cancer, malaria and/or AIDS?
8.Do you believe in man made global warming or climate change?
9.If yes, do you believe it is due to carbon?
10.Do you believe that 9/11 was an inside job?
11.Do you believe that 7/7(London train and bus bombings) was an inside job?
12.Have you seen anything on public TV that questions the official stories?
13.If you were in a room with friends and the TV was on, just a general show or the news, would you have a conversation, watch the TV, or have a conversation about what is on TV?
14.Are you unhappy with your body image?
15.How do you feel about models?
16.How do recent music videos make you feel about yourself?
17.What do you think of President Obama?
18.What do you think of Gordon Brown?
19.Where do you get your information on politics, for example, parties before voting?
20.Do you think that US and European (including UK) troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are helping?
21.Do you think we would be bombed or blown up if we did not go to war?
22.Do you think the troops are fighting for our freedom and rights?
23.Have you heard more good or bad about wars that we are not involved in from the media?
24.Have you heard more good or bad about wars once we are involved in from the media?
25.Do you believe swine flu (H1N1) was overrated, fear mongering or true as they explained it?
26.Do you think that many people are dying from h1n1?
27.Do you believe the H1N1 vaccine is safe for children and pregnant women?
28.Do you think H1N1 is worse than regular seasonal flu?
29.Do you think H1N1 came from Pigs, is man made, or something else?
30.Do you believe that the recent underwear bomber was a terrorist, FBI or something else?
31.Why do you think smoking and drinking is legal?
32.Are you a smoker or drinker against drugs?
33.Why do you think Marijuana is illegal?
34.Does the media say anything good about Marijuana?
35.Do you think people die from Marijuana?
36.Why do you think MDMA is illegal?
37.Does the media say anything good about MDMA?
38.Do you think people die from MDMA?
39.Do you think fluoride is good for your teeth?
40.Do you think there is anything bad or wrong about fluoride?
41.Does the media say anything bad about fluoride?
42.Are you somewhat scared to speak publicly because your views may be different?
43.Do you know your human rights?
44.How do you think you would feel if you didn't watch TV, listen to the radio, read magazines, etc.?
45.What things in life would make you happy?

dknol answers:

1. Yes
2. I believe they are biased, so they spin things a certain way, but lying would cause law suits
3. No
4. Sadly, yes
5. Yes
6. Annoyed (I guess that leans more toward sad than happy)
7. I believe malaria has a cure, I'm not sure about aids, and cancer can be treated more efficiently, but cured is unlikely
8. YES
9. Partly
10. No, I'm not an idiot
11. No
12. I'm not sure what you mean by “public”, but I've seen some stuff to that effect on tv
13. Depends, but most likely have conversation about tv
14. Happy
15. Pointless
16. I feel fine about myself, but sorry for the women in them
17. I don't trust him (and no, it's not because he is African American)
18. Idk how that is
19. Newspaper, tv, online, peers
20. To some extent
21. That is extremely over simplified
22. Not directly
23. Bad
24. Bad
25. Overrated
26. “many” is a horrible term to use. I know that people are dying. But that it isn't an epidemic
27. I'm not a doctor, but I would assume so
28. Yes
29. Natural selection is in the works
30. Idk
31. It puts others in danger
32. I don't smoke or drink
33. It became popular during the prohibition and had similar effects to alcohol, so it was banned. It remains illegal because it is a gateway drug.
34. Yes
35. No, not directly, but they make bad decisions when high that could lead to death
36. Idk what MDMA is so…
39. Yes
40. No…
41. Not that I've heard
42. Sometimes
43. Yes
44. I love music so I would be depressed without it, but can and have lived without tv, mag., etc. And was fine
45. Loving community
46. R. B.
47. Student
48. 17
49. F
50. USA

James asks…

Have you ever heard of the Animal Diet?

Every time I go into Yahoo and see the Yahoo News in the home page, I usually see some stupid way to burn fat. I am actually a bit fed up with it because they are stupid personally to me.

So for some reason today, I realized that the habits I do every day are very similar to an animal like the dog or a cheetah or any carnivorous mammal. I am actually in really good shape as a high school senior. I a

I only want opinions of what you think about this diet I quickly thought of.

So I will talk to you about what I do everyday.

11:00 PM – 6:00 AM Sleep
6:00 AM – Noon Go to School
1PM – 2 PM Nap
2PM – 4 PM Run for Track(Long Distance)
5PM Eat

The rest of the time I stay up and do whatever I do, HW, TV, ETC.

I usually only eat once a day, even on the weekends, but the one time that I do eat, I stuff my self until I can't eat anymore or the food runs out, usually the food runs out.

Some may say theirs no point to it, but now it is the time for me to relate this to animals.

If you have a dog, this may be easier to follow.
So I will use a dog as an example.

Dogs and, in general, all animals point in life is to survive.
So they basically eat, sleep, and walk around for their entire lives.

When you are at home with your dog, it is either doing walking around the house, following you, sniffing its butt, or just sleeping.

Then comes those times you feed your dog and they just scarf down the food. Also, you walk them as well at certain times.

Never mind, there are so many arguments for using a dog.
So I will use a cheetah as the example.

Cheetahs are pretty fit animals. They are generally not obese as they have to hunt for their food.
Usually when they get their food, they eat as much of it as they can and then move on to the next day. They run and eat as much as they want/can at one time.

My daily habits are very similar to that of a cheetah.

So my suggestion to anyone that wants to lose weight is, don't eat throughout the day.
Just eat one really big meal, but before you do that, run or exercise or just run for like an hour before you eat. It simulates like your chasing down your own food.

I am not sure if this will make sense to anyone who reads this, but it makes sense to me.

So plain and simple, eat as much as you want in one sitting, but before that run like an animal chasing for food. Also, sleep a lot i guess. Or take naps.

Because if you think about it, animals don't have the leisure to choose when they want to eat. They eat when they have a chance to find their food. Our human race obesity began when we decided to eat whenever we were hungry.

So hopefully someone understands this.

I don't care if you criticize this, I am just really bored right now at 2 in the morning. I should be doing homework, but then I saw some health fitness stuff.

So give me your opinions I guess.

dknol answers:

It sounds like a gimmick diet, the sort of things used to sell books to people who don't understand dieting is pretty straight forward when you don't rely on gimmicks. Just eat a balanced diet, exercise regulary, and count your calories.

Sandy asks…

Man Utd gets £30,000 lotto cash! What is your opinion on this?

Manchester United, the richest football club in the world who can pay outrageous salaries to its players have accepted £30,000 in lottery money to increase the health and fitness of its staff. Do you think the money could have gone to a much more deserving cause like a Children’s hospice.

dknol answers:

Give it to rangers they are a bit skint !!! Only joking .give money to local groups for community to use

Lisa asks…

Need help finding software?

Okay I try to make this simple.

I am building a website right now that will have allot of information an things like Health and fitness, nightclubs, dinning, music, movies and so on. What I need is software that can grab this information daily from a bunch of other websites and put it on my website. Their is no way I will be able to staff someone to do this daily for me so that’s not an option I need it to be automatic daily or weekly.

I am also looking for something that can grab online news articles with keyword searches and put it on my site automatically.

Thanks allot.
Just another note this is a site that gives free information to teens about STD's HIV safe sex and so on but for the site to really work we also need to give them information on whats going on in their life and yes we will contact and get permission an credit back all info to these site we take the info from.

dknol answers:

There are news sites and such that have links to there sites for references, you may need to research for information you need and then insert required links, then users can link from there, so you wouldn't need updating too much, the links would open new windows to sites, if for a certain group, possibly contact them for assistance as well,

Newsreaders/Usenet ….and other stuff

Carol asks…

Please take the time to read and rate my brand new poem?

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dknol answers:

I have cut and pasted it to my heart. Forever. Thanks for sharing!

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