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Paul asks…

It's back in the news, Apple juice?

Seems Dr. Oz, was right! Consumer Report backs him up this time. However this time it's not only arsenic it's Lead too.

Funny how the Quack-watcher made Oz out to be a Quack 3 months ago.

Health experts say children under 6 shouldn't drink any more than 6 ounces of juice a day — about the size of a juice box. Infants under 6 months shouldn't drink any juice at all.

Consumer Reports also found that the majority of the arsenic in the tested juice was inorganic, the kind to cause cancer.

The FDA’s website also shows results of samples in its Total Diet Study program. This looked at 134 composite apple juice samples from 1991 to 2009, and a quarter of those samples tested at 10 ppb or higher, with five percent containing 23 ppb or more of total arsenic.

dknol answers:

The highest level of inorganic arsenic they found was 20.48ppb, with most well below that: One of your news reports says “According to the FDA, if a fruit juice sample has 23 ppb or more of arsenic (this is considered the agency's ‘level of concern’), the agency will retest the sample to find out exactly how much is inorganic. So am I missing something here?

Comparing apple juice with water is not comparing apples with apples:

However, I’ve never been a fan of imported apple juice anyway for such reasons.

Dr Oz has promoted homeopathy – that puts him in firmly in the quack camp:

You haven't asked a question btw.

Chris asks…

Mental fitness test for drivers?

I've heard of many reasons for car-crashes,but this one takes the biscuit.

Do you think it's about time that we had a mental health check for drivers,to see how they see others on the road,the misuse of drink/drugs whilst behind the wheel and other things to do with road use.
It seems as if every time I go out in the car,SOMETHING happens where I have to think for other drivers.I know I'm not the only one,because a lot of people I know,think the same.Its as if people get behind the wheel and think they are immune from harm and are the only ones on the road.Only last week,I had to swerve across the other side of the road with my 6 yr old daughter in the car,because some d dickhead decided to get out of his parked car without even looking behind him.His door swung fully out onto the road and if I had been a second slower reacting,I would have hit him.
Where is common sense on the roads now?Is it lost forever?

dknol answers:

Yep i think psychological testing is an excellent idea, i've been saying it for ages, too many friggin nutters on the road who dont give a crap about endangered someone else's life just because they canna wait 10 seconds.

Lisa asks…

Man Utd gets £30,000 lotto cash! What is your opinion on this?

Manchester United, the richest football club in the world who can pay outrageous salaries to its players have accepted £30,000 in lottery money to increase the health and fitness of its staff. Do you think the money could have gone to a much more deserving cause like a Children’s hospice.…

dknol answers:

Well, I guess when you get offered 30k no matter who you are you accept it. I probably would too.

Mark asks…

Would Germany be the Worlds Superpower if it were not for their treatment of the Jews?

Hitler had many laws that make a lot of sense (i.e. Profit-sharing in large industries, demand that there be a legal campaign against those who propagate deliberate political lies and disseminate them through the press-i.e. Fox News, The State has the duty to help raise the standard of national health by providing maternity welfare centers, by prohibiting juvenile labor, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the young).

dknol answers:

Fascism means that one group oppresses the next group. It is about status quot. Much like what the republicans are today. A fascist party.

If Germany would not had done what they did to Jews, and others I might add. It would had still been the same result. The only difference is that Israel would not exist today. The U.S. Didn't enter WW2 to safe the Jews or anyone. It went in because they used the attack of the Japanese on pearl harbor, as an excuse to ensure that Europe remained divided during those times. Germany was going for becoming a superpower which the U.S. Had no interest in letting happen if they could justify a way to stop them(pearl harbor). If Hitler had successfully conquered all of Europe and the Soviets. The U.S. Would have been limited to the mercy of a Global monopoly and super power. Especially since the Middle east, India and Africa were already being control by much of Europe. With the Japanese also controlling China it was to become a members only trade market. And the U.S. Would be at their mercy.

What would had probably happened is that the U.S. Would had found interest in partnering up with Latin America, in order to create a strong market at this front. The U.S. Would as is still true today, would had worked just as hard to make sure that Latin America depended on them, and remained partition as it is still true today (monroe doctrine)

The world is a game of risk, there are no good guys. Just allies and enemies.

Steven asks…

Your opinion on the word Curvy?

Well I used to always think curvy meant a skinny hourglass figure with a large butt skinny legs big breasts and skinny waist , but now it has become the meaning of overweight 200 pounds . I'm not trying to be rude to the overweight people but i honestly see nothing curvy on being overweight just mounds of flab all i see . I think the word instead of curvy should be fuller .

It just gets me angry and confused when someone asks “what do you think a curvy person looks like?” and I answer it saying a hourglass figure and show them a picture of a fit girl, and than some of these overweight people bash on my answer on how that's not curves and that's just skin and bones when it really isn't, So what's your opinions?

Not curvy (to me):

Curvy(to me):
Shakira is def no where near skin and bones to me she does a lot of dancing and gymnastic

dknol answers:

I agree. I'll be looking at a magazine that shows jeans for certain body types and one of them is “curvy all over” and it's always just a fat chick. Curvy isn't fat. Curvy is a girl with some curves. Idk when that got lost in translation.

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