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George asks…

In light of the drowning tragedy in LA; should schools be required to teach swimming in PE?

This is a horrible tragedy! EVERYONE MUST learn to SWIM! I learned at nine (summer 1980); still have my certificate! ALL the kids in my predominately black neighborhood could swim. Health officials are always complaining about kids and obesity. They should require swimming, as part of the PE requirement. Schools without a pool could make arrangements with the YMCA. This would teach a life skill and encourage physical fitness. What do you think?

“La. man saved teen, couldn't stop 6 from drowning”…
Hoekom Jy My Haat, Maine Boy (formerly NYBoy), cbjack

You obviously DID NOT read my comments! Arrangements could be made to use the YMCA or other community facility for schools without a pool! PE is supposedly required. Small towns too far away from a pool could allow kids to fulfill the requirement over the summer. They could transport the kids by bus.

dknol answers:

Wow that's tragic.It's had to believe that in a country that one thinks of as a super power,as high tech and well off and excessive even, is so backward in ensuring every child can swim.Over forty years ago I learned at school as did most everyone else in Glasgow.My own kids could swim from 5 onwards and I still go swimming four evenings a week.America might have a lot but there's a lot it doesn't have too.Even if the schools couldn't teach it I still think it's a parents duty to teach their child enough to be able to get themselves out of danger and about the dangers of swimming anywhere other than a swimming pool.

Chris asks…

My dad's new girlfriend is pregnant!?

keep in mind my dad is 54 and his girlfriend, Lyndsay, is only 23!!! i'm not sure if shes a gold digger or what, i cant tell. she seems a lot like a party type of girl and is very hot!! i wish my dad would reconsider this. i got to meet her briefly once and i would like to have her!! I knew had a 4-year degree and had a decent job, but didnt know where she worked. When I was at an upscale, large fitness place like a lifetime, I noticed her from a distance on the eliptical in her tight shorts and showing off her great butt and beautiful tanned legs!! wooooooo!!! When she got done i went and approached and introduced myself again, said, “hi, i'm Jerry's son, you remember me?” she did, we talked briefly. towards the end she mentioned something about the “good news” i asked what it was? she said, “Oh, didnt your dad tell you that we're having a baby?” i acted like he did, but i didnt really know about it. im still trying to imagine what it would be like to just get into bed with her, let alone make a baby with her! i remember my dad referring to her as “Hairy Lyndsay!” then realized down where he was talking about and then knew why he liked her so much! LOL! Can't blame him I guess. I just wish he wasnt having the baby with her because its a mistake. my two sisters and my half siblings that are old enough to care, think its a mistake too. He's had a lot of health problems in the last 3 years; he's had a gallstone, has an enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, had a few kidney stones removed and passed several and just recently passed 2!

dknol answers:

This type of thing happens all the time. He probably feels like he needs a baby at this point. The baby will help him get healthier. Enjoy your new brother or sister.

Ruth asks…

Can you please read the beginning of my story?

“Come on it’s not much further,” My father shouted.
“But I’m thirsty!” I shouted back up towards him. My father was about 200 metres up the mountain from me. He had forced me to come bush walking with him, even though I hate it. He had said “Come on, you’re getting fatter by the day,” when I had tried to argue. And now he refused to give me a drink until I was at the top of the Mountain.
“Dad, why do you insist my health is so important?” I questioned.
“It’s so important because when you’re healthy, it’s easier to be happy. And happiness is the key to a long life.”
“But I’m already happy, I love the TV. It makes me happy. I don’t need mountain walks or sport,” I argued.
“Son, maybe one day you will enjoy a sport, and you will understand my point of view,” He said peacefully. I was picking up speed and had nearly caught up with him by now, or maybe he was just slowing because we were finally having a good conversation. This doesn’t happen very often. “I think you should give skiing a go one day Jeremy, it’s a great way to keep fit and I think you would enjoy it. I mean what’s the point in living in a snowy place if you don’t utilize that privilege-“

And then, just like that, something fell out of the sky. He was on the ground. Blood was pouring down his head and he was unconscious. I looked around; a rock about the size of a tissue box had hit him on the head. I felt tears gush down my face. All of a sudden my resuscitation skills came to mind. I couldn’t feel a heart beat. I blew into his mouth and pumped his chest, one, two, three times. Tears were running into his mouth as I tried to save him, he was a father of an only child, a child who didn’t deserve a man as faithful as him. I cried and cried as I realized it wasn’t doing anything, as I realised he wasn’t coming back to hear me whine one more time. I looked into my pocket as I grabbed fiercely for the phone I had forced my father to buy, one I didn’t need. I looked at the service and realised that there would not be any signal until I reached the top of the mountain. So I ran. I ran and I ran, I ran as fast as I could go reaching the top of the mountain. Why hadn’t I listened to my father when he had said fitness was important? Why hadn’t I invested in running training? Why couldn’t I run faster than a fit person could walk? Why did he have to be dieing? Why? My father had said “Not much further now,” But was there much further or was he saying that so maybe he could see me smile? Why didn’t I smile for him? Why?

When I finally reached the top of the mountain, I dialed the emergency number as fast as possible. I cried while I was talking, I cried once I had told my location, I cried while I told them the incident, and I cried when they told me they would be here as soon as possible. I cried as I realised we were 15 minutes from civilization and I cried as I realised they wouldn’t get here in time. I slowly made my way back to where dad was on the ground and sat next to him and cried and cried.

When the ambulance finally found where we were they took one look at him and said “I’m sorry Jeremy, you’re father has died due to loss of blood.”
I took one look at them and said, “I know. I already knew.” And continued to cry.

* * *

“At roughly 3pm yesterday, a man and his son were walking Mount Gulong when an individual threw a rock down the edge of the mountain and hit the son’s father on the head. The son called the ambulance and he performed CPR, but by the time the ambulance got there, the man had died due to loss of blood. May this be a warning to anybody throwing rocks off the edge of cliffs, do NOT do it, you may cause the death to somebody below,” The news lady babbled on.
It was hard to listen to what exactly she was saying. It had been hard to listen to what anybody had been saying since the incident.
My mum came in and asked, “Honey, is that making you feel any better? Maybe you should turn it off.” She hadn’t really accepted what had occurred yet, maybe it would catch up with her and she would feel the same way as I did. But for now, I felt all alone. I had cried all night and all day so far, and well to be realistic I had only just stopped crying then to hear if the media had got the story right. I established that they did, even if that wasn’t really what happened, it was easier to except that someone threw the rock than nature producing this result. Why would nature kill a man as good as nice as my father? Of course it was an accident. And then it came to me.
“Mum, I want to start skiing,” I announced.
“Darling, it might not be the best time right now,” She pleaded.
“I don’t care. Dad wanted me to, so that’s what I’m going to do.”
“But it hasn’t started snowing yet.”
“I don’t care, that means plenty of time to get my fitness up.” I said “But I want to register right now so it’s not one of those ‘coulda woulda’ situations!”
“Ok honey, we’ll register online in the morning,” Mum gave in.
“You promise?” I asked.
“Pinky promise.”

Mum didn’t wake up at her usual 6am this morning. I figured she was just tired because she couldn’t get me to go to sleep last night. But by 8am, I was beginning to get worried. It’s now 10am. I figure it’s none of my business but I just can’t sit still! I want to sign up for skiing. But I can’t do it without mum. I guess I’ll just sit down and wait for a while longer until she wakes up. I look around and see that all of the family pictures have been taken down, every single present that dad ever gave to mum, have been taken down and I also notice that our TV has a noticeably large crack in it. It looks as if someone has smashed it. I go into the kitchen and eat some cereal. The phone rings. I let it ring. Then I notice the carpet has a massive red stain underneath the dinning table, I figure she must have spilt some wine last night after I fell asleep. But then I see the bottle. It’s empty. She must have gotten drunk last night. And then I h

dknol answers:

Thats really good!

Maria asks…

uk – are we disgusted by the NMC striking the whistle-blowing nurse off for filming neglect in hospital?

I am incensed. at the hypocrisy of the NMC. I reported a nurse to the NMC who reported to the council that I damaged their house to a great degree when I did no such thing, and they said as he would not be struck off as he conduct did question his fitness to practise they would not investigate the matter. They they then wrote to him first to tell him that he nothing to answer to. The told me it was only fair on the nurse that wrote to him first!

That nurse had the balls to show up what the government wants to be kept quiet and those that neglected keep their jobs and get a pat on the back. I will be writing to the Health Minister and the NMC to express my disgust at how they consider covering up such abuse is correct and highlighting it warrants being sacked! Anyone else going to do the same?

This is the link to the story for those may not have seen it yet.

dknol answers:

Hi, I was going to post a question similar to this earlier then got distracted. Yes it's terrible. It sets a bad example and makes other Nurses very cautious about reporting bad practise.

I have to say, there have been at least two incident at work which I have reported to my manager only to be told, “well there is no evidence, it's your word against theirs” I actually thought about bringing in a video camera in to film it.

Basically this Nurse deserves a medal. I read she has been practising for 22 years. So yet another good Nurse the NHS has lost.

What annoys me about the NMC is that they tolerate Nurses who a) can't speak English b) can't read write or spell and, c) have such poor knowledge that one wonders how they ever passed their exams yet are willing to strike off good Nurses whose only crime is to expose the failings that were going on within the NHS. The NMC and GMC are a complete joke.

We should set up a petition for this women.

Charles asks…

Why do many Americans want to review John McCain's medical records?

Over the last few weeks, the issues of John McCain's age and health have been pushed, with much resistance, back into the heart of the political discussion. Prompted in part by the selection of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential candidate, the topic crested with the release of a political advertisement calling attention to McCain's history of skin cancer and the need for more information about his medical records.

Cable news stations were too skittish to run the spot, produced by Brave New PAC. CNN refused to air it, Fox's Bill O'Reilly called it shameful, and MSNBC, which initially aired the ad, reversed course and took it off the air.

All of which has come to the anger and befuddlement of Democrats as well as members of the medical community, both of whom ask a very basic question: what more important information is needed to elect a president other than his fitness for office?


And as Gupta argued, there is something sadly ironic with the fact that physicians and airline pilots are required to release medical records, but not the would-be president of the United States.

“[Former Senator] Paul Tsongas — when he ran for office in 1992, he was a cancer survivor at that point, but said he had been cured,” recalled Gupta. “We now know that had he been elected to a second term, he would have died in office. It was Tsongas who went to Clinton and said we should really have a requirement for the release of physical and mental medical records. Which, looking back now, is pretty remarkable.”


Read entire article:

dknol answers:

Just review them make sure he has no STD's

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