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Lizzie asks…

help me check spelling, grammar, and punctuation. help edit and revise?

Personal responsibilities have increasingly been considered matters of “public health.” According to Radley Balko’s article called, “What You Eat Is Your Business,” this will lead to people becoming increasingly unmotivated to workout, and less apt to practice healthy eating habits. Furthermore, he provides news on how the government is working to fight obesity. Balko believes this is a terrible way to thwart obesity. Hence, he brings up the case of self responsibility. However, America’s health care system has been moving towards socialism. In response to this, Balko claims that people will no longer have the incentive to put down unhealthy food. I certainly see the logic in Balko’s argument. When individuals get free health care and become unmotivated to exercise and cut down on unhealthy food, the cost of people’s premiums and office visits will increase. This will lead to a cycle of increasing cost on health insurance. On the other hand, if citizens spend their own money, they will be more careful when it comes to spending. As a result, they will look out for their fitness.
………system has been moving towards socialism. In response to this, Balko …………. is “towards” correct or is it “toward”????????

dknol answers:

Personal responsibilities have increasingly come to be considered matters of public health. According to Radley Balko’s article “What You Eat Is Your Business,” this attitude will lead to people becoming increasingly unmotivated to work out, and less apt to practice healthy eating habits. He also provides information on what the government is doing to fight obesity. Balko believes government involvement is a terrible way to thwart obesity. Hence, he brings up the case of personal responsibility. However, America’s health care system has been moving towards socialism. Balko claims that as a result, people will no longer have the incentive to refrain from unhealthy food.

Balko's position is logical. When people get free health care, they can lose motivation to actively manage their health through the use of exercise and proper eating habits. Ultimately, this will lead to increasing health insurance costs. On the other hand, if citizens to have spend their own money to guard their health, they will be more inclined to protect their health and fitness.

EDIT: Are you referring to the USA? To my knowledge, nobody is talking about granting FREE health care, but rather universal health care. Almost everybody will have to pay for their health care…almost no one (if any one at all) would get free health care. This is something you might want to look into further before you submit your paper.

Laura asks…

What is the probability of this occurring given this?

Please help and show work if possible! Thanks!

Find the conditional probability of the indicated event when two fair dice (one red and one green) are rolled. HINT [See Example 1.]
The sum is 3, given that the green one is either 2 or 1.

Use the counting techniques from the last chapter. A bag contains two red marbles, two green ones, one fluorescent pink one, four yellow ones, and four orange ones. Suzan grabs three at random. Find the probability of the indicated event.
She gets all the red ones, given that she gets the fluorescent pink one.

If a coin is tossed 11 times, find the probability of the sequence T, T, T, H, H, H, T, T, H, T, T. HINT

According to a certain news poll, 74% agreed that it should be the government's responsibility to provide a decent standard of living for the elderly, and 43% agreed that it would be a good idea to invest part of their Social Security taxes on their own. If agreement with one of these propositions is independent of agreement with the other, what is the probability that a person agreed with both propositions? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

According to a study of 200 samples of ground meats, the probability that one of the samples was contaminated by salmonella was .25. The probability that a salmonella-contaminated sample was contaminated by a strain resistant to at least one antibiotic was .83, and the probability that a salmonella-contaminated sample was contaminated by a strain resistant to at least three antibiotics was .52. Find the probability that a ground meat sample that was contaminated by an antibiotic-resistant strain was contaminated by a strain resistant to at least three antibiotics. (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

Use Bayes' theorem or a tree diagram to calculate the indicated probability. Round your answer to four decimal places. HINT [See Quick Examples on page 515.]
P(A | B) = .6, P(B) = .5, P(A | B') = .8. Find P(B | A).

Use Bayes' theorem or a tree diagram to calculate the indicated probability. Round your answer to four decimal places. HINT [See Quick Examples on page 515.]
Y1, Y2, Y3 form a partition of S. P(X | Y1) = .2, P(X | Y2) = .7, P(X | Y3) = .1, P(Y1) = .4, P(Y2) = .3.

Find P(Y1 | X).

ppose that it snows in Greenland an average of once every 22 days, and when it does, glaciers have a 26% chance of growing. When it does not snow in Greenland, glaciers have only a 5% chance of growing. What is the probability that it is snowing in Greenland when glaciers are growing? (Round your answer to four decimal places.)

Any athlete who fails the Enormous State University's women's soccer fitness test is automatically dropped from the team. Last year, Mona Header failed the test, but claimed that this was due to the early hour. (The fitness test is traditionally given at 5 AM on a Sunday morning.) In fact, a study by the ESU Physical Education Department suggested that 46% of athletes fit enough to play on the team would fail the soccer test, although no unfit athlete could possibly pass the test. It also estimated that 44% of the athletes who take the test are fit enough to play soccer. Assuming these estimates are correct, what is the probability that Mona was justifiably dropped? (Round your answer to four decimal places.)

According to a study in a medical journal, 202 of a sample of 5,990 middle-aged men had developed diabetes. It also found that men who were very active (burning about 3,500 calories daily) were half as likely to develop diabetes compared with men who were sedentary. Assume that one-third of all middle-aged men are very active, and the rest are classified as sedentary. What is the probability that a middle-aged man with diabetes is very active? (Round your answer to four decimal places.)

According to a study conducted by a public health school, a child seated in the front seat who was wearing a seatbelt was 33% more likely to be killed in an accident if the car had an air bag that deployed than if it did not. Airbags deployed in 29% of all accidents. For a child seated in the front seat wearing a seatbelt, what is the probability that the airbag deployed in an accident in which the child was killed? (Round your answer to two decimal places.) HINT [When we say “A is 33% more likely than B” we mean that the probability of A if 1.33 times the probability of B.]


Thanks! Please help with the rest when you can.

dknol answers:

You can post it in the Mathematics section for more answers

Sandy asks…

How true is this Article 9?( REASONS NOT TO JOIN THE NAVY) part 2 of 2?

The double standard is the only standard.
This is one of the most frustrating things you’ll ever encounter. For instance, leaders like to reference instructions or regulations for enforcing the crap they give you, but when you read the same instruction and find something that contradicts what they said, it all of a sudden becomes open to interpretation, and the higher rank is going to win. Chief Messes are notorious for this. If a Chief is an alcoholic and gets in trouble out in town, it’s usually swept under the rug. The same goes with Chiefs who are overweight. They might obviously be out of standards, but they somehow pass weigh-ins or are conveniently exempted from the physical fitness assessment (PFA) for whatever reason. Yet, their subordinates will usually bare the full consequences of being a drunken fool in town, or will be out-processed because they can’t meet weight or physical fitness requirements. This also applies to other areas, like personnel. Women have a lot more power than men. Women can be sick and call off work, while men are expected to tough it out, and may only sleep during working hours if they have direct orders from the medical department, which is impossible to get unless you’re close to death. Women also usually get special treatment, especially when we’ve been underway for a while. Guys will bend over backwards for women, even at the sake of screwing over another shipmate, just so they can be in the good graces of the female. Here’s an example from where I work. Someone will come to the door with a computer problem. If it’s a male, no one wants to help him, or they tell him to put in a trouble ticket, or just refer him to me. Yet, when it’s a female, everyone’s helpful all of a sudden, stopping what they’re doing, just to help this girl out. All because they’re men, and as men, we’re stupid and we do stupid things because we always want to be seen as helpful to the ladies. If a bunch of second and third classes can do it, so can a bunch of senior leaders, and they do. This doesn’t apply to all women, but there are many women who understand this and use it to their advantage.

The stress will probably kill you.
If you figure an 18 year old does 20 years in the Navy, he’ll retire at 38, which is still relatively young. Unfortunately, the stress of having to work 100+ work weeks underway, and deal with endless frustrating bullshit, will leave this normal 38 year old man looking nearly twice his age. His hair will be gray, and his skin will be wrinkled and leathery. He’ll most likely have health problems or be overweight, and because he’s a veteran, will get substandard care at a 2nd or 3rd rate facility. He’ll have at least one failed marriage under his belt, maybe some kids who he doesn’t have a great relationship with, and will most likely be a heavy drinker. There have been many Sailors who’ve retired from the Navy, only to die from a heart attack, or other illness, because they just couldn’t adjust to the normalcy that living a civilian life brings. You might not hear it on the news, or read it in papers, but there are at least three dozen suicide attempts or threats made by Sailors every year. Between 1999 and 2003, there were 216 completed suicides amongst US Navy personnel. If he doesn’t die by his own hand, it’ll probably be from something he worked on or around during his career. We are working and living in an industrial workplace everyday, and there are still hundreds of former Sailors dying from asbestos related illnesses and other diseases caused by the ship environment. To be fair, there are programs in place to address all of these issues, but they have a long way to go to be effective. A PowerPoint on why you shouldn’t drink or kill yourself isn’t always the most effective means of helping someone who might really need it.

You’re married to the Navy.
With the amount of time spent out to sea or forward deployed, it’s only a matter of time before relationships crumble. There’s nothing that shows commitment like meeting a woman, and then after a few dates, having to get underway. It’s no secret that married and involved couples cheat, on both sides. A common phrase is “what happens underway, stays underway” and it’s generally accepted by both parties. When you’re out to sea for a long time, both you and your significant other will yearn for the affection and love that comes with a relationship. Sailors might find it in the arms of a lady in port, and their wives might find it with shore-based Sailors or other men back home. When they’re finally united, things are back to normal, and the outside activities are usually never addressed. When you finally retire, and you’re still with your husband or wife, he or she might not be able to get used to the idea of having you around all the time, and it’s common for relationships that survived a Naval career to fall apart when the Sailor retires.

You become unmarketable.
A common recruiting bullet, is the offer of t

dknol answers:

Nice generalization but its waaaaay off key at least with the navy.

Stress-100 hour work weeks out to sea is like working for five days straight. Stupid remark!!!
I'm a Chief with almost 23 years in and have had no medical problems or stress. Stress comes in normal life.

Heathcare is the best in the world. Hands down!!! Doctors in the navy aren't into making money and alot of the doctors in the civillian world are former military doctors. In my 23 years its been far from substandard.

This is 2010. How many marriages crumble in the civillian world. You don't have the stress of knowing you might get layed off and have the guaranteed paycheck.

All of this is garbage as each person is different.

James asks…

Ok,want your opinions.I am thinking about beginning a couple of busineses and one of them is what I went to?

college for,for 6 years and is a professional occupation. The other one is in personal fitness so to speak.
One way,I would be advertising would be to by mail to individuals home in the neighborhood.If you received a profile,news letter and my buz card & it was obvious that I had creditials and provided valuable info in the news letter regarding regarding say depression or ADD or… would you be less likely to call me if you also seen my add or profile as a personal karate instructor.I love both and frankly and want to do both,but not at the expense of having both or one businesses not growing or no one calling me cuz they potentially may Think wait. Is this guy a professional counselor or a karate instructor.
What do you think?
Respectfully,speaking,I am not looking 4 nay sayers that neither business would work.I am only looking 4 a response to do you think that it would hurt my mental health practice if you received two profiles in the mail for both businesses.

dknol answers:

Both will work just fine as long as you make them interconnected emphasizing i.e. That karate is very beneficial to your mental health, coordination, self-esteem, confidence, etc. To be in good mental health requires good physical condition and proper nutrition.

Instruct your potential clients to look at their bodies and their mental and physical state as a whole, complimenting each other.

My passion is worldwide travel. In order to travel, one must be in good health and to travel in comfort and for any extended time like several months, wealth in the form of residual income must be available. Health and wealth allowed me to travel around the world many times and back again bringing happiness to my life.

Presently I market all three — health, wealth and happiness. Not one person yet has objected to this combination and I am “working” with joy from my home, hotel, beach, lodge, ship, train, ski slopes and jumbo jets for the last 8 years.

Should you be interested ask me for one of my marketing websites, I will forward it to you.

Paul asks…

What are your thoughts about this diet opinion?

I just read a yahoo news article it said 6 rules you can forget about and the first one was:

You Must Exercise To Lose Weight. Controlling calories and food intake is key to shedding unwanted pounds (much more so than exercise). If you’re not able to be active or just can’t commit to a regular workout schedule, you can still lose weight without exercising if you carefully monitor your food intake. Of course, being physically active provides a whole host of health benefits outside of weight management, and for this reason I highly encourage everyone to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. But if you absolutely can’t or won’t exercise, know that it’s still possible to achieve your weight loss goals.

so my question is will you lose more weight if you just eat like 1,000 calories a day and no exercise, or eat more calories but exercise and burn the extra that you ate? does it mater your “net” calories (like how many you ate minus how many you burned) OR is it just the total amount you ate for the day, regardless of exercise? thanks!

dknol answers:

Yes if you ate 1 thousand calories you would lose weight but you couldn't do it for long. Also very low calorie diets 30% of the weight will be muscle. I would bump it up a bit like maybe consume 1300 calories and get some exercise in even if its just walking. But that article is spot on that's how you lose weight. There is so many weight loss gimmicks out there its so dumb. Also once your at the weight you want to be at you can increase your calorie intake if your still exercising since you don't need to lose any weight and just have to maintain.

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