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Susan asks…

English Media : “Understanding Media” – quick help please!?

1) Select the purpose, or message, that would most likely be presented by the following media source. Consider the potential bias of the media source.

A magazine article on the proposed construction of a coal-fired power plant on an Indian reservation in Arizona, written by a New York-based investor in energy production.
A. Residents of Arizona and the reservation will reap the benefits of the power plant, as will investors; however, it may cause pollution.
B. The power plant is a threat to the reservation, its inhabitants, and the environment.
C. The plant will supply more power to residents of Arizona and the reservation, and will put money in the pockets of investors.
D. Environmentalists should be concerned about the effects of coal emissions.

2) What should be done to correct this sentence?
The producers of the nightly news program are biased in favor of the mayoral candidate because they give him more coverage than his opponent.
A. a comma should be added after the word biased
B. the sentence should end after the word coverage
C. the word because should be replaced with a comma
D. nothing, the sentence is correct.

3) The New York Times New York Times would probably provide more objective coverage of endangered polar bears in the Arctic than Sierra Club Magazine

4) What should be done to correct this sentence?
The magazine used an unflattering photo of the politician portraying her in a negative way.
A. the word magazine should be capitalized
B. a colon should be added between the words politician and portraying.
C. a comma should be added between the words politician and portraying.
D. nothing, the sentence is correct.

5) Select the purpose, or message, that would most likely be presented by the following media source. Consider the potential bias of the media source.

A magazine article on red meat, written by a representative of the National Cattlemen’s Association.
A. Meat eaters should switch to a vegetarian diet.
B. Eating red meat has been proven to cause cardiovascular problems.
C. Eating red meat has health benefits and is good for you.
D. Red meat has a similar protein content to chicken.

6) Fitness magazine Fitness Magazine/ would probably provide more objective coverage of a new dietary supplement than the New England Journal of Medicine

7) A women’s health magazine would likely provide more objective coverage of a newly discovered anti-aging vitamin than a major national newspaper.

8) When conducting research for an academic paper, which electronic media source could you rely on to present the most accurate information?
A. online version of print newspaper
B. Wikipedia
C. blog
D. online forum

9) The following is a complete sentence.
Because the newscast was biased.

10) Investor Daily Investor Weekly/ would probably provide more objective coverage of an economic crisis than the Wall Street Journal


dknol answers:

1. C
2. D
6. False
7. A
10. False

I am pretty sure they are right ::) good luck

Carol asks…

WTF people??

Hello all,
I'm a vet – recently back to the US from the last of 3 grueling tours in the war zone. I've been in Europe for the past 13 years and was very much looking forward to finding a nice, normal desk job, settling in a nice house in a good ol' American neighborhood and maybe meeting a nice American woman to complete the picture…HOWEVER, when I arrived I had only to open my eyes to experience first hand what I'd only read about in the papers and heard about on the news. That's right, you know what I'm talking about…The FAT epidemic here in the U.S. – Jeeezus H., what the hell happened? There was maybe one out of every 5 women I passed on the street whose ass wouldn't fill a 33 gallon hefty bag…Even the crack addicts are fat…Is the food that good? Do we not care about our health? Our international image?? Whatever happened to the fitness craze? What about the fat kids? Are the moms not even bothering to cook good meals anymore? I'm going back to Europe…

dknol answers:

Yes all the women in America are fat. You must get used to it. I saw this chick that was like 5'10 and 123 lbs and I just wanted to throw up. My god how can they just let themselves go. I am afraid if I sleep with them that they might crush me during sexual intercourse.

Daniel asks…

Proofreading and Punctuation Help?

This is for a good news message for my Business Communication class. Can you proofread through it and see any changes you would make at all? Thanks! And also, can you give me ideas of how to express goodwill at the closing? I don't want to say “We” but would like to make it either neutral or stating “you” if that makes sense. Thanks!

You can now take advantage of our new employee fitness center for exercise. For your convenience, the center will feature on-site aerobics classes, weight machines, and a swimming pool.

The center will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, with a qualified instructor on duty at all times. Employees get first preference to the facilities. However, if extra room is available, spouses and children may use them as well. Locker rooms and showers will also be available for everyone’s use.

You are a valued employee and our company appreciates your hard work. Therefore, your health is a top priority. With the new fitness center, you can stay fit and be more productive in the workplace. Studies show employees who exercise have fewer absences and lower medical bills.

dknol answers:

First of all, this is very well written.

One problem occurs with “spouses and children may use THEM as well.” “Them” does not refer back to anything specific. You might want to say “the center” or “the equipment.”

Now, for a closing. The last thing you said (fewer absences and lower medical bills) sound a bit like the company is doing this for its own bottom line (it is, of course, but you don't want to sound that way). So I would counteract that with something like this: So be healthy, avoid having to stay home sick, and save on medical expenses — come to the fitness center regularly! (Just a suggestion, but I bet you get the drift.)

John asks…

The Sun Newspaper, Please Answer?

How often do you purchase and read The Sun newspaper?

– Everyday
– 2 to 3 times a week
– Once a week
– Occasionally
– Never

When would you usually read The Sun newspaper?

– During a lunch break at work
– When you get home after a days work
– Whenever you have the time
– Weekends
– Whilst traveling (e.g commuting on train)

What interests you most when reading The Sun newspaper?

– The general news
– Political, Environmental and Economic news
– Celebrity gossip
– Entertainment news, t.v reviews and the latest movies
– Fashion updates, celebrity interviews and the latest high street shop deals
– Relationship advice,Health concerns, Agony aunt columns and the latest Horoscopes
– The newest Diet and Fitness findings
– The sport coverage
– Page 3

Do you have a more laid back approach to news?
– Yes
– No

Please state your:

dknol answers:

Nowt (nothing)
No. I prefer in-depth, honest & news stories with a basis in fact.

Age 20 – 35
Gender F
Social Class? No comment, sorry.
Like I've already said I prefer news stories with a basis in fact.
The Sun newspaper does not fit that purpose for me.
I much prefer the BBC & they don't have a newspaper.

Mandy asks…

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dknol answers:


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