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Robert asks…

Creative Names for a Magazine?

I have to create a name for a health and fitness magazine for school but
I can't come up with anything! Can someone help me out?

dknol answers:


Chris asks…

Why does Men's Health magazine put half naked hunks on their covers?

I mean it's ironic and stupid because it's not even healthy to put forth such a hegemonic look for men considering the existence body image disorders–which are decidely UNhealthy!

The magazine is called MEN'S HEALTH for crying out loud. Where does the notion of having shirtless, ripped, beefcake come into play there? As if to be considered healthy you have to be overtly muscular and look like a bodybuilder. I think that's getting a bit old and tired out. It's fine to do this for magazines that are more exercise or bodybuilding oriented, like Men's Fitness or Fitness Rx for men, for instance. But why do this for a magazine that should just be generally about men's health, and not just bodybuilding?

On a brighter note, they seem to be cutting back in recent years on the shirtless beefcake and thankfully are putting thinner guys and guys with their shirts on on the covers. But the current one on newsstands seems to regress from this and return to that ridiculous image of the shirtless hunk standing in for supposedly what is represented as men's health.

What are your thoughts on this and do you think this needs to change so that the covers better represent the actual world of men's health?

dknol answers:

I definitely think this needs to change as most people don't look like this.

William asks…

where do i sell or auction my magazines?

i have dozens and dozens of health & fitness magazines. after reading, i find it a huge waste to just throw it away. my friend suggested that i sell it off online. but how do i do so?

dknol answers:

Thomas asks…

How crazy is this idea? 10 points for best answer!?

OK, so I'm going into my senior year of highschool and am starting to think about college and careers. I love learning about nutrition, and also love to write. I've even self published a book! My dream is to move to Los Angelous (I love the warm weather there and the beaches—was there once on a short vacation). I want to go to college there and pursue a career working as a nutritionist or, if I can get my feet in the door, work in a health magazine company like Health or Fitness Magazine. Are there a lot of magazine companies in LA, because I have been researching and can't find any info. on it. Also, how crazy is this idea? I don't really have a social life where I live now, in PA. I don't have many friends, but am very close to my family. I would probably get very homesick in LA because I would rarely be able to see them (maybe once a year). That thought is scary, but the thought of moving to LA is exciting! What do you think?

dknol answers:

I'm not sure about the market in magazines, but with a degree as a dietitian and a portfolio you might be better off writing health segments to say, PBS, network news stations and cable networks. Create your niche and stand out. Maybe get a nutritional podcast going, and keep going. With more than half the country overweight, and people living longer, teaching people about nutrition is more important than ever.

You don't need to move to L.A. To get a good education/degree in nutrition, plus it might be cheaper to live with your parents while going to school, working part-time, save all your money and then when you graduate from college, find a job in L.A. And make your move. L.A. Housing isn't cheap, and the places with the lowest rents aren't places I'd recommend to my friends. Tuition is a lot more for non-residents, and you'll probably need a car to get around, including insurance.

Think things through carefully and then make a plan. Good luck!

Mary asks…

Is it normal for a teen to be curious?

Hi I am a teen boy and I have recently started to become very curious about sex and stuff ( is this normal?). I read Men's Health magazine (for the fitness advice) and I realize there are some articles with adult content. I find myself wanting to read those articles. Is this okay? Should I read them? I also find myself wanting to ‘explore' the concept of sex – is this normal and how do I do this? Am I at an appropriate age to learn about sex and positions and stuff?

dknol answers:

Your behavior defines your age. The ONLY thing people your age are curious about is sex. Read on, educate yourself dude. Knowledge is power, just be sure when you are ready to act on your feelings that you do it when you feel ready and that your partner is too.

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