Your Questions About Health And Fitness Magazine

Ruth asks…

Guys! Do you feel insecure when you see pictures of buff, shirtless guys on magazine covers?

I constantly hear women comparing themselves to women on the covers of magazines…and the women feel insecure and jealous about not looking like them…


Do guys feel the same?

When you see the cover of “Men's Health Magazine” or other fitness types and you see a buff, muscled, shirtless, tanned do you feel? Do you feel insecure about your own body not looking like that? Or jealous?

dknol answers:

Oh my goodness yes. I wish I could have bods like those…and faces…and hair…and…well I won't go there…

Lizzie asks…

Not good, but great fitness magazine??!?

Shape, Fitness, Men's Fitness, Health and Fitness. All these magazines seem to be full of ads, and the exercises and tips are nothing I don't already know or could make up myself. In a nutshell, they ‘suck'.

Are there any Great fitness/muscle magazines out there that are $20.00 or less? :) Thanks

dknol answers:

I like Fitness RX, its usually a combination of the lastest studies and has actually workouts, that are really interesting. There is also not as many ads in them.

Mark asks…

If I drink 10 to 15 alcoholic beverages a day am I healthy? Will I live longer than most people?

I was reading a health magazine and it says one to two drinks a day is good for you? I thought that I must be the healthiest person alive becouse I drink 10 to 15 a day. Does this mean I will neve get sick and live a very long time. I don't know alot about health and fitness. Should I start drinking more than I am now?

dknol answers:

No,you wont live longer than most people instead you will die earlier than others.The recommended alcohol intake for men is 3-4 units a day.And for women its 2-3.units/day.

You're already an alcoholic coz u drink more than what is recommended.The liver is a lot like the air and oil filter systems of an engine which needs normal cleaning and maintenance. If these engine filters end up dirty, obstructed, and over worked, they malfunction and eventually the engine breaks down. This is what occurs in the body and at some point an overloaded or dirty liver filter may cause far reaching signs of poor health in the body.Livers can repair themselves to a certain point. If its too damaged, it can't come back, or may only be able to recover partially, or be easily damaged.for more information about the side effects of alcohol,you check the site

Sandy asks…

Why are “Muscle Fitness” magazines so stupid?

Why are “Muscle Fitness” magazines so stupid?
i'm 18. i've ordered a few muscle fitness and men's health magazines. i'm already in shape, but i'm looking for ways to build and maintain muscle. so i buy these magazines, and all they talk about is sex. how to have better sex. how to please your partner. wtf???? where does it talk about building muscle??? i don't care about sex. they have a bunch of sluts on the magazine too. i don't care about looking at whores. so basically muscle fitness is just another sex selling magazine. it doesn't tell u how to workout and build muscle?? so why do they call it “MUSCLE FITNESS“???? why not just call it a Cosmopolitan or some b.s.??? why did i waste my money on that crap???? i was looking on how to workout right and build muscle. help me out please?? get yourself 12 points! 2 points for answering. 10 for best answer. thank u & God Bless

dknol answers:

Hey kiddo, it's the same on TV! We were watching how it's made, and the commercial was for Viagra! My 13 year old was like man mom…this commercial is on every channel…my 11 year old said: yeah, it was on the sponge bob commercials too!
It's everywhere..stick to the old routine of staying fit!
Good luck 2 U!

Susan asks…

which health and exercise magazine is worth subscribing to?

im looking into these magazines, muscle and fitness. mens fitness, or maximum fitnesss. i need something that is straight forward, good content consisting of nutrition and exercise, and value.

dknol answers:

I think the best is Men's Health Magazine. You can download workouts on your iphone from the website and it gives free newsletters as well as information on sex, your metabolism and nutrition.

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