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Charles asks…

What is the best marketing product online that can be used for affiliate marketing?

I am currently doing some research at the moment on website design and have just learned about affiliate markeing and how to use these, basic level only. Any help would be good to carry on with my studies.

dknol answers:

What's the best product, you say? That's an extremely tough question to answer, Darren, because it just depends…

Here are some quick steps to help you get started…

Step 1:
Think about your own interests first. Do you like video games? Gadgets? Fitness? Marital Aids? Dating? Etc.

Step 2:
If you are just starting out, I would recommend that you begin this adventure with digital products. Easy to fulfill, and low production cost means the merchant can usually afford to give you (the affiliate) a nice big cut of the sale. E-books, E-courses, and software.

Once you kind of have an idea about your interests, you need to figure out if there are good products out there with affiliate programs, and if a market exists for the product. You don't want to waste time, energy, and money on something no one is going to buy, right.

Step 3:
Do some research. I like to check the magazine and the books section of Amazon. Navigate to the Magazine Subscriptions section and click on the category that most closely matches your interests. Notice that Amazon lets you know which subscriptions are the top sellers (Customer Favorites). This is great data. Also, if there is a magazine, then there are probably people who buy and read it. This is also great information.

Anyway, all we are trying to do here is determine if there is a viable market for our interest, and trying to identify a specific product to promote. So let's just say you are interested in fitness, so you go to Health, Mind, and Body category, and you see that Maximum Fitness is a top seller, and you are an exercise nut. Cool, looks like it's probably a seller, and the cover is a buff dude with a six pack stomach. Well who doesn't ant that?

Step 4:
Find a good product with an affiliate program. A good place to start is clickbank for digital product. Go to the marketplace, select the Health and Fitness category, and browse the list. This is sorted by popularity as well, so most popular products are listed first. In the list you see several products that seem good, but maybe Truth About Abs catches your eye, and you decide that you want to look deeper into the product.

Step 5:
Make sure you are a believer. Check out the product sales page, subscribe to the list, hell, if you want to really understand it, just buy it. Go through the entire process that your prospective referrals will go through. If there's an inconsistency, you might want to scrap it and look for something else. If they do what they say, and they over deliver the value, than it's probably a winner.

Step 6:
Sign up for the affiliate program and access the affiliate tools. Pick a recommended traffic strategy as suggested in the affiliate area, call or email the affiliate manager and speak to them about what methods are working, and just do it. Get out there and promote it. Write some articles, run a small PPC campaign, set up a blog, start some social media, and you are an affiliate marketer.

Good luck…

Oh yeah, and watch out for all the crap. There's a ton of bad info out there.

Steven asks…

How do I lose belly fat without losing fat everywhere else?

I am 19 year olds and already have a beer belly. I have been going to the gym, doing a lot of cardio 3 times a week, but to no effect on the belly. I do not want to lose weight anywhere else on my body, as I am too skinny everywhere else as it is (I look like a pregnant skinny man lol).

So what should I do to get rid of my beer belly, without losing weight everywhere else?

dknol answers:

If you need to eliminate tummy flab expediently then you'll notice a few things you must do. First of all, you need a calorie deficit. This is basic and imperative. Id wager that three fourths of the reason you gain or lose fat is due to food choices. An additional thing you must do is get a few kind of work-out. It doesnt have to be brutal, relentless cardiovascular work-out. The hassle-free action of walking can burn tummy flab. It has the added bonus of being easy on your joints. Its also a lot easier to keep in a program. Several folk try to run right from the start and seek out it to be too difficult. They then give up. Nothing was accomplished. This is where walking has a nice edge. Even though, you dont have to leave it at that. Truly, any actions you take outside of your normal program is going to result in additional fat reduction. It could be something as easy as taking the actions a few extra times or even waving your arms around for no reason. If youre moving then youre burning the fat.

One of the basic elements to this process is maintaining a calorie deficit. To make a caloric deficit more easy to manage, try to discover food types that you may still enjoy that additionally happen to be low in calories. I will definitely give you a very good example. I love sweets. So in my case I like having something to snack on that seriously hits that sweet tooth. I used to eat candy, chocolate bars, and all sorts of other junk dishes items. What Ive replaced a lot of that stuff with is fruit. I seriously love watermelon and nectarines. Not only are they sweet and delicious, then again they are much lower in calories than typical process sugar snacks. As a bonus, watermelon is additionally particularly filling. So if you snack on that not only is going to you take care of your sweet craving, though you?ll leave yourself feeling full enough that you won?t have a problem avoiding consuming a bit much.

Expert models in fitness commercials, magazines, and other places have marvellous looking abs. The truth is, these kinds of abs are the result of a low body flab percentage. In plenty cases, its just temporary for them. They follow a hardcore diet just before a photo shoot. Between jobs they put a few pounds back on simply because such a low amount is not good for long term health. What you see is generally a 7-12% body flab percentage, dependant on genetics and exercise routines. So, if you want ripped, sexy abs like models then you want low body flab. Nonetheless, I would advise you to not be obsessed with that type of abdomen. Even if your abdominal muscles are not popping out, you can still look very good and be beneficial. Dont fall for this trick.

Helen asks…

how long do female fitness models workout for?

im not talking about the ones that look like men on steroids…im talking about the ones you see in health magazines, where they have sleek muscles but not bulky.

dknol answers:

My wife is like that and she does similar exercises to the bulky men you see at the gym, only she uses lighter weights and more reps…

She does cardio in the gym 3 times a week for 30 minutes, she does her compound weights twice a week for about 40 minutes..non weight baring exercises about 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

She does things like squats (with weights), bench press, lat pulls etc but she adds much more non weight baring exercises like stretches, crunches, leg lifts for abs, planks for abs, she cycles, uses cross trainers and treadmills and also goes kayaking.

Daniel asks…

What is the fastest way to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

I think that I am a little overweight, so i want to lose a couple pounds (10 to be exact) before school starts, which is in 2 weeks. How can i do that besides just sit ups, crunchers, and dieting?
I am 5'1″ so im really short and i am starting school in 2 weeks and i want to lose 10 pounds before then, how do i do it???

dknol answers:

The 6 mini meals a day provides that and its a healthier way… Just delete the rest if you don't care to know about it.

Yes, it's possible to lose weight as a teenager, but you have to eat to lose weight or your body holds onto all its fat because it thinks you are starving it.

What Should I Start To Do First?

? Have you ever thought about getting a binder (notebook) you can decorate and fill it with page dividers? 1) Magazine Pages from Fitness Magazines 2) Good Recipes 3) Upper Body Exercises 4) Lower Body Exercises 5) Charts 6)News Clippings, Emails, Web Pages, Fitness Magazine Exercises, etc., and decorate it up.

How Much Water Do I Need To Drink Each Day?

? On a better note, here's something to follow that keeps you eating healthy while dropping unnecessary fat. There is a formula to follow for how much water to drink for your current weight:

? Your Weight Times (.5) Equals Divided By 8oz (or 1 Cup) Equals # Cups of Water/Day

• 100lbs x .5 = 50/8 =6 Cups of Water/day
• 120lbs x .5 = 60/8 = 7 Cups of Water/day
• 135lbs x .5 = 67.5/8 = 8 Cups of Water/day
• 150lbs x .5 = 75/8 = 9 Cups of Water/day
• 175lbs x .5 = /8 = 11 Cups of Water/day
• 200lbs x .5 = 100/8 = 12.5 Cups Water/day

Why Do I Need To Drink Water To Lose Weight?

? Water is essential for overall health, not to mention, its natural appetite suppressant.Water also plays an important role as in metabolizing food and helps you to burn more calories than if you didn't drink water.

? Http://…

? It's also is important to know that you can die from an overdose of water. Water is extremely dangerous when you are only drinking water instead of eating and drinking in moderation.

? Hyponatremia is the result of too much water in your system to cause an imbalance in your electrolytes which in turn would result in excessive swelling of the heart, lungs, and brain.


? The most dangerous consumption of water is done when the person tries to drink their daily limits of water all in one sitting. Water must be spread out throughout the day in order for it to circulate throughout your system.

What's the Easiest Substitution To Start?

? Let's start with the easiest of substitutions where people will probably not notice that you are making changes to your diet:

? Week 1. Stop all soda pop, juice, etc. No slurpees, milkshakes, floats. Drink only water or crystal lite as a substitute for pop, juice, slurpees, frappaccinos, frozen mocha drinks, etc.

? Do not use hot chocolate, tea or coffee as a substitute for water as the chemicals used to flavor these drinks take all the good qualities out of the water and leave empty calories and dehydration.

? The reason you are substituting the water in place of the other drinks, is to help you to regain your own self control. In approximately 3 months, you'll be able to reinstate some of them into your diet in moderation and as a treat for yourself in the future.
Do I Need To Go To The Gym?

? No, what you need to achieve right now is can be done away from a gym. In order to help get your metabolism up, it's imperative that you get your heart rate up in any way possible. If you are extremely overweight and suffer from sore knees, then you need to get yourself a bathing suit or layered workout wear to use in the swimming pool; if you do not have a public pool and you know someone who has one, then sit down and ask them if they would allow you to borrow time in their pool and schedule a time for 7 days in the week; a low depth river, lake or swimming pond will work in ideal temperatures. Another option would be to use a small indoor trampoline to do ‘rebounding'. This will also up your metabolism.

? Walk once around the block or swim one lap each day to raise metabolism (5 days unless you enjoy 7 days) If your block is more than a mile long then only walk half or substitute with another activity equivalent. If you have a hill or hiking trail, then try to motivate yourself to do it once a week the first month. *Do not exceed 2 hours in the beginning.

What's the Next Substitution In The Beginning?

? This is one of the most difficult substitution or limitation for many teens who have gotten into the habit of sitting down and snacking.

? Week 2. Stop all breads, buns, cakes, muffins, etc.. No Chips, Nachos, Cookies, Cheezies, Snack Chips of any sort, Wheat Thins, Rice Cakes, Triscuits, Tea Biscuits, English Muffins, Foccascia, etc.

? Many teens fill their emptiness with sweet bread-like products which includes peanut butter and honey or jam toast when others will reach for saltier snacks which includes pretzels.

? It's difficult to break the habit of snacking at the movies, watching home Dvd's, sports games and their finals, as

An expanded answer is on another site because there isn'

Nancy asks…

What advice would you give a teenage girl that wanted to start strongwoman training?

i'm 16yrs old and i've always had this facination in lifting weights and using my strength constructively. so what advice or training tips could you give me about persuing this.

dknol answers:

Magazines like Women's Health, Shape, and Fitness have some pretty good weight routines in them.

It's pretty cool that you want to start weight training, I wish it were more popular among young women. If you plan on going to a gym, make sure to have a member of the staff or an experienced gymgoer show you proper lifting form and a variety of different exercises. Don't make the mistake of only using the machines for “girls,” since most gyms seem to think that girls need to do 300 reps at 5 lbs, which won't help you at all.

You'll have to up your caloric intake to gain mass. Try to eat a small protein-rich meal every four hours, with plenty of nutritious fruits and veggies and a moderate intake of fat as well. Increase your water intake, decrease your salt intake and cut out carbonated drinks. is an *amazing* site that gives actual weightlifting tips and routines for women, not the “ab sculpting and thigh trimming!” fluff that you'll find a lot. I've included a good link in the Sources, but check out the whole site.

And remember, you won't get scary bulky unless you're really really trying. Muscular women tend to be leaner, just be sure you're eating a low-fat diet so you don't get padding covering the muscles and hiding your definition.

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