Your Questions About Health And Fitness Magazine

Donna asks…

How can i explain to children about health and fitness so they will understand?

I am working with 3-4year olds and during circle time i want them 2 have an understanding of why its important im not sure how to word it so it dont sound to complex can someone start me off? I have collected books on fruit at the library and will be making fruit salad with them…

dknol answers:

Get out that food pyramid! Do a circle time on each food group (starting off with fruit was good!). Get veggies, breads, dairy products (keep in mind to do very little with the fats and oils group). Then have them help put together the pyramid. I believe they have a lot of coloring pages, etc. On their website.

P.s. I've seen a teacher make a big pyramid with magazine cutouts of different foods. The children helped glue or tape the pieces to the group they belong to.

Charles asks…

Can someone show me some statistics showing magazines as the influence to men having eating disorder?

i'd like to find out how magazines, such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, affect men into having eating disorder, and how many men are being affected to these mags
I found out that such magazines causes issues such as body image and body-consciousness, but i'd like to find some specific effects like eating disorder

dknol answers:

I'd say the number is growing rapidly. It seems girls only like guys with washboard abs.

Mandy asks…

Anybody know about a website where i kind see some workout routines that are?

really good not just for being in shape but for being real fit like those girls in those fitness magazine?

dknol answers:

While we know you are interested in becoming healthier and fitter or maintaining the health and fitness you have, we also know you have limited time to devote to it. We therefore pledge to you a fast, simple method to hop aboard the fitness fast train. Get on track with the facts.
So' have a look

Carol asks…

is there any american magazine in barnes and noble focused on VEGETARIANISM?

id like to know if theres any magazine in the united states for vegetarians, i dont mean fitness just vegans and vegetarians, are they sold in barnes and noble? if so what r their names?

dknol answers:

I used to read Vegetarian Times which is published nine times a year. It is still in publication. Problem is, I don't know if it is at Barnes & Noble. I have seen it on magazine racks in other stores, so it's worth trying. The magazine is devoted to vegetarian cooking and health.

Susan asks…

What is a good name for a teen fitness/health magazine?

What are some good names for a teen health./fitness magazine. I have to make one for school/ Please nothing lame or boring like “teen Health.” thanks

dknol answers:


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