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Steven asks…

Ideas for a teen health club at a public high school?

I am a highschool student bouncing around ideas for a new health club at school. I plan on having monthly hands-on, active volunteer projects (think gardening), and serving healthy foods at club meetings, which will take place weekly.

I'm short on ideas on how to conduct the meetings though. I've thought of comparing nutrient and calorie density of healthy foods VS junk food. I will also share other interesting tidbits of nutrition info that I find in health magazines. What other activities might keep the things alive? If anyone has ideas for any fun games (or more general ideas for club meetings) that will motivate teens to eat well, I'd be thrilled to look into them.

Though I might put this in Diet and Fitness or Vegetarian and Vegan, the club's objective will not be to encourage students to lose weight or go vegetarian.

dknol answers:

I think finding foods to replace junk food but that are still tasty would be an interesting activity

Lizzie asks…

What's the ideal American image of health and beauty for men and women?

I'm writing an analysis for an ad out of a fitness magazine. I need help on what to focus one beside the actual photograph and text of the ad. What are something that's not on the ad that I should address for my paper?

dknol answers:

Well health and beauty have little relation, but I guess the ideal beauty standard is being skinny or toned and attractive! Really inner beauty comes next, if ure beautiful ure beautiful outside b4 the inside! I know it's mean but its the truth. Regarding health, being healthy is maintaining a health body weight or a bmi between 18.5 and 25, not having problems with blood pressure, diabetes,.. Having an active healthy life and showing it on the outside.

James asks…

Is it true that you can burn more fat by building muscle and dieting?

I have seen that in many magazines such as Men's Health and :Men's Fitness magazines that builllding muscle is one of the key essential things towards burning fat. Is that true?

dknol answers:

Theoretically, yes. It takes a lot more energy to operate a larger amount of muscle. When you have more muscle mass, you can lift heavier objects, and burn more energy quicker.

Increasing muscle mass also takes a lot of energy in itself, so that will help burn lots of fat too.

Mark asks…

Would you journalize this as Accounts Payable or Advertisement expense for Debit?

Issued Check for $315.00 to Island Health & Fitness Magazine for an advertisement

I also gotten Cash as Credit

Thanks in advance

dknol answers:

It depends. If you previously recorded the invoice related to this ad, you would have debited Expense and credited A/P to set up the liability, which would lead to a subsequent debit to A/P and a credit to cash when you actually paid it. But if this was all the info you were given, I'd go with a debit to ad expense and a credit to cash, since it didn't tell you it was already recorded as a payable.

Helen asks…

Do you know the name of a Magazine I can subscribe to that is about home fitness?

I am not a member of a gym any more and need to find a way to work out at home. I subscribed to fitness magazine but that is to advanced for me and seems gym oriented. I need some simple direction to get started and I do not have a bunch of money to spend. So far I have an elliptical machine a balance ball and some weird sit up thingy. Is there a home fitness magazine?

dknol answers:

“The Choice Health” download this magazine for free and also subscribed check out this link:

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