Your Questions About Health And Fitness Magazine

Nancy asks…

sports, health and fitness website?

i need a web site that gives you tips about sports,health and fitness.
and you get free prizes
also i dont want it to be a website that will get all your information and use it stupidly i want something i can trust.a website in a magazine and that is well known and popular like girlslife.

dknol answers:

Google your brains out. You'll find something.

Maria asks…

I feel God calling me to social justice, but this changes all my plans I had. I could use some advice!?

Major- Journalism
Minor- Political Science

I was planning on studying abroad in London, England next spring. Luckily, I still have time to change. I was planning on getting an internship with a health or fitness magazine, but now I feel this STRONG calling to work for some type of social justice organization. Can I do something with this and journalism?

I'm just looking for any suggestions and if you feel like God places a good idea into your mind please feel free to put it out there!

Thank you so much :-)

dknol answers:

Only you know if GOD is calling you somewhere else.If that is what you believe is happening my advice is to do it.You can combine the two.With GOD all things are possible.Listen to HIM.

Charles asks…

As you've ‘aged', have you noticed any unexpected changes …?

… in your physiology?
Like maybe your sleep pattern is disrupted; waking up at 3AM and wondering what to do until daylight? And your Partner is NOT in the Mood!
Perhaps a slight , er, disturbance in your digestion has kept you closer to the water-closet?
Has your TV watching [or computer usage] decreased in pleasure because of failing eyesight or hearing?
Does it hurt more to get out of bed each morning [for those lucky enough to sleep thru the night]?
(2). What have you done to fix or reduce those problems?
Maybe more exercise, or a better diet, or reading more ‘Health & Fitness‘ magazines?
This music group usually picks me up a little @ ; …. even if it is Dubbed in French. Kinda makes it sexier.
Speaking of which, ah, how IS your …?

dknol answers:

Yes now I've retired, I find I've become a complete night owl and don't get to bed before 2am!!! This means that I wake up around 9.30 or so, so I feel that half the morning has gone. I also find I feel dopey in the afternoon.

Don't have a partner so don't have that problem of not feeling the urges. My hearing has always been suss so I notice that I have to turn up the volume sometimes.

I'm at the “grunt” age, which is the noise I make every time I get up or bend over. I tend to ache in places I didn't know existed until a few years ago.

On the bright side though, I can get away with much more cheek at this age. I can flirt with the best of them and no offence is taken. It's great. I remember I used to dread getting old, but I must say I'm loving it!!

Linda asks…

What should the name of my magazine be?

I am doing a magazine for my project and it's on health and fitness for teen girls. What should the name of it be?!?!?!

dknol answers:

TG Fitness and the TG coulb be Pink with Fitnees in Black or a dark Purple

David asks…

Which magazine is better?

I want a magazine that combines women's health, fitness, and style/fashion

dknol answers:

Shape or Self, both are pretty good.

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