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Sandy asks…

Can old-fashioned work-outs still hold their own in this modern world?

Today more than ever sport and fitness regimes are based on scientific research and advance so rapidly it is hard to keep up with the expensive supplements, high-tech equipment and complex work outs.

What I'd like to know is, at least as far as strength training is concerned, can the work-outs of 50/60 years ago still hold their own? No chemicals, no pill or powder supplements, no fancy equpiment or machines, just hard slogging, rusting free weights and splitting logs?

I'd be interested in pursuing an old-time strength work out as I am already very fit aerobically and don't have time for expensive gym memberships and all the techincal mumbo-jumbo in Mens Health magazine!

Any ideas? Thanks!

dknol answers:

I don't think you can beat Rockys training, running up mountains, chopping logs, pulling machines and being chased by cars

You can have your fancy dan machinery in the gyms, every morning I have a good honest glass of 5 raw eggs, run up a snow capped mountain, chop down half a forrest, and still make it into work at 8am!

Lisa asks…

topic for a feature article?

i have to make a magazine on health, fitness and sports and it has to include a feature article. a) i don't know what a feature article is. and b) i can't think of any topics to do it on. help me please! give me a topic and a brief description about it and why it's a good topic.

dknol answers:

A) a feature article is usually the longest & covering a subject of high interest or controversy…basically the most important message you're trying to get across to readers.
B) a perfect topic is “supplements” such as diet pills, multi-vitamins, & steroids…cover the good & bad of anything sold in GNC (you know, the health fanatic store) because it is related to health & fitness & informs readers of healthy options they may not have been aware of prior…but also warns them of what to stay away from such as things that may not be FDA approved. Get as much input as possible by talking to the pharmacist at your local drugstore so that you can quote them in your feature. Visit a gym & observe. Go to GNC & read some product labels.

Donna asks…

Good magazine subscriptions to get?

I already have: Seventeen and Fitness mag. Any other good magazine that relate to those mags about fitness and health and such, and magazines like Seventeen(but not the little kids disney ones, you know the teeny bop ones, no :(

dknol answers:

I would recommend COSMOPOLITICAN.

AS MUCH AS I'VE READ SO FAR, COSMOPOLITIAN IS THE BEST (for young adult women who are dating)

other fashion magazine stinks in my opinion, but COSMOPOLITICIAN IS A HAVE-TO-GO.
Of course, Seventeen will always be #1 in our hearts :)~

Betty asks…

can someone help me to write a five page summary about this accommodatioons amenities fitness classes and food?

in a 5 page paragraph tell readers of a travel magazine why they should consider your resort for their next vacation. Include: The name of your resort, where it is located, accomidations and meals that will be served, amenities, fitness classes that are offered and other fitness/health day trips that are available for your guests.

dknol answers:

I know it is almost christmas (or Hannuka or Kwaanza if you prefer), but you need to do your own work.
If someone does it for you, it is the exact definition of cheating.
This will also involve research of the sort which can only be completed on a personal level since you will be interested in some aspects while others will find those aspects less appealing

Chris asks…

Fitness/Weight Lifting Question: Calf Exercise?

I have a few questions about the following article which was featured in the February issue of Men's Health Magazine:
“Men who performed 20 reps of the following exercise twice a week increased the height of their hops by 64 percent in just over a month. The move: Lock a loaded barbell against the pins of a Smith machine so that the bar rests at your shoulders. Then step under the bar, grab it, and try to rise onto your toes as fast as possible, pushing your shoulders against the weight. Push for 3 seconds, relax for 5, and repeat. You'll trigger the production of explosive muscle fibers in your calves.”

Unfortunately, there was no diagram or illustration to depict the exercise.

Has anyone performed this before?
Are those results- a 64% increase in vertical leap- at all realistic?
Also, I'd like clarification on how to follow those instructions, as I am confused about the process described. What is meant by a loaded barbell? How much weight?
Thanks for any input

dknol answers:

I can try to help you with what I know. I don't know the answer to some of your questions, but I'll help with what I know. First, I don't read men's health so I didn't see the article.

What they mean is doing explosive standing calf raises with the smith machine. Do you know what a Smith Machine is? Well, here's a picture of me on the Smith Machine doing calf raises:

You'll have to scroll down to standing smith machine calf raises. A smith machine has a barbell that's fixed against the machine and slides up and down on two steel bars. It's fixed in place for you. All that does for you is balance the weight for you and is much safer than trying with a regular barbell with no support. I think you'd be better off doing the hip belt calf raises on the same page. At least those give you free movement that work your stabilizer muscles also.

I have no idea if explosive calf raises will increase your vertical jump. I suggest explosive calf raises on my site for building muscle. More muscle doesn't always lead to higher jumps, but lifting explosively should really help you out.

All you have to do is start flat footed or on a calf block and raise the weight as high as possible. Scroll down on this page to watch a video of how I suggest you do calf raises:

You'll see the video titled “WLC Calf Raise Method”. That should really help you out with what they're talking about. I hope this helped you and good luck with those hops.

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