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Laura asks…

Do any freelance writer/writers know of a health website or online magazine I can write for?

Before any of you suggest it, please do NOT say Livestrong. I was unfortunately, one of the many who got laid off at the end of 2011. That being said, I'm an expert health writer and have written for numerous sites, clients, and a handful of online magazines. I typically write about health, nutrition, diet, fitness, food, natural/alternative medicines, diseases and conditions, green living, etc. So any ideas out there? I do check out Craigslist everyday, as well as, and and a daily newsletter for freelance writing jobs. Other than that, I haven't been able to find anything lately that I could call my permanent client/company/website/magazine that I am dying to write for. Oh, and I DON'T do bidding jobs, just so you know. I've also tried my own blog, but as strong as my writing skills are, that's how weak my marketing skills are. :(
Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for everything.

dknol answers:

Try Livestrong.

Linda asks…

Good magazines for teenage boy?

I am 15 and going to be 16 in october and i want some good magazines to read. i really like movies music and stuff butt i don't like any video game magazines or health/fitness or any cars. so besides those what are some suggestions.

dknol answers:

Mad magazine would be great. It satires everything that's “in” like celebrities, movies, music, etc.

Lisa asks…

Your favorite fitness magazine?

I want to subscribe to a magazine for fitness, weight loss type of magazine. Maybe a beauty tip or two in there of course, and anything else related to what a 32 year old woman what like! So far my top 3 picks are: Shape, Self and Women's Health. I only want to get one magazine for now. Also – any other suggestions that I might be looking over?

What do you feel is the best one and why?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

dknol answers:

Running, I like running

Chris asks…

how much do fitness models make per year?

the ones in health magazine and the nike models?
the girl models

dknol answers:

You don't get paid per year. You get paid based on the number of jobs you book and the type of work

Magazine work pays the worst – usually $350-500 per shoot. The reason models do them is for the exposure and the chance to add tear sheets to their portfolio. So while they might have only made $500 for a shoot in Self or Shape Magazine, their photos are going to be seen by every advertiser and they hope one of them may want to use them for a future job

For a Nike ad, it all depends where the ad will be shown and for how long. Also if it's only a print ad or they are also shooting a tv commercial or promo spot. If it's a print ad for shoes and your face and whole body are shown, and the ad will run globally for up to 12 months, you could potentially make $10-15,000. If only your legs were showing, you might get $1000.

Daniel asks…

Ladies, which fitness mag do you like the most?

This year, I want to subscribe to a really good woman's fitness magazine. I've read quite a few out there and it seems that each one has its strong points, but not one magazine seems to “have it all”.
I've been reading my co-worker's “Men's Health” magazines and I really like the content and the layout of it, but men's bodies are SO different from that of females….
I cited that to give an example for what I'd like to subsribe to – something that's straight to the point and bare-bones. Not a lot of fluff and filler (TONS of advertisements, articles that have nothing to do with fitness, etc.).
Thank you for the advice!

dknol answers:

I like Fitness magazine because they have good exercise recommendations. I read both Fitness and Men's Health because women's health magazines tend to dedicate about 1/2 the pages to advertisement for pills and exercise machines and exercise clothes, where men's health magazines tend to have more about actually exercising. I'd recommend both Fitness (which is a woman's health magazine) and Men's Health.

Best of luck to you!

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