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Mary asks…

Is it possible for a 12 year old (me) to get a six pack?

I read mens fitness and mens health magazines all the time and do the exercises that they say and I feel the burn and it says do everything it says in the book and after 30 days you will have a 6pack or significant difference and I so badly want a six-pack. Is it possible, im 9 stone 2 and 5 feet and pretty fat, could I get a six pack?

dknol answers:

Absolutey and its best to start working on it while your young.

Joseph asks…

Which magazine is better? men's health or men's fitness?

My subscription is about to expire from men's health. I'm thinking of not renewing it though and possibly trying men's fitness. Can anybody tell me which one they prefer who has had experience with both magazines?

dknol answers:

GQ !

Sharon asks…

Ideas for magazine name?

I have to create a magazine masthead (front cover) for a fictional magazine of my choice.

I've had a creative block and I can't decide what type of magazine I want to create, name etc. I'll probably end up doing a few different types rather than just one.

Any inspiration?

Travel, interiors, food, cars, fashion/womens, health & fitness, music, photography, etc.

Magazine name ideas?

Thanks! I've got no one to bounce ideas off!

dknol answers:

Dollface – womens magazine – trendy , young and fastpaced.latest events, venues.places to be seen at, new songs, fashion tips etc

Betty asks…

How do you tone abs/ your stomach area???

I have what I guess you could call a little “pouch”, and I read in a health and fitness magazine that if you do crunches and situps, it will lengthen your abdomen because it stretches the muscles, and doesn't tone them. How should I go about toning that area?

dknol answers:

Try laying on your back and lifting your legs into the air to a 90 degree angle without using your hands and keeping your back to the ground. Then lower them down.

Also try pushing your legs up with your abs and slowly lowering your hips back down to the floor. For the second workout keep your legs straight up in the air the entire time.

A third workout is rolling your legs into your body like you're curling up and lifting your hips off the floor using your abs. Try quick fix workouts for more excercises on abs.

Also plain running with flatten your abs.

John asks…

healthy magazine title?

i have to do a magazine for my health class and i can't think of a name for the magazine. the magazine has to focus on health, fitness, and sports that are specific to my school. i just need a title if anyone has any suggestions?

dknol answers:


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