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William asks…

Who are the best raters of weight-loss products?

Men's Health magazine, Men's Fitness magazine, Consumer Reports magazine, a diet and fitness type magazine or someone else?

dknol answers:

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Sharon asks…

Bio-chemically, what is the difference between sex and self service?

I read a lot of health and fitness magazines and they all deter self-servicing but none deter sex and I am wondering what's the difference in terms of energy exerted, calories burned and most importantly, why sources unanimously discourage one and encourage the other. This is a serious question, btw.


dknol answers:

Its like washing your clothes. Do you use an automatic washing machine or a hand wash?

A washing machine – you load it, lie back and let the machine do the work.

Hand wash – You do it yourself.

Both methods achieve similar results, only one requires less effort.

Nancy asks…

Is society getting too health-conscious?

Over the last several years I have become a more health-conscious person thanks mostly to the media. Shows like Oprah which led to Dr. Oz's spinoff, The Doctors, health and fitness magazines have been so helpful, interesting, and inspiring. Recently however, I have been thinking that although we are all learning to live better lifestyles, maybe at the same time we are also adding to our stress and worries. Of course we are better off being educated about our bodies. I'm not against it, and I will forever be health conscious. However I wonder if in some ways we might be better off not knowing so much so that we could be more happy..or comfortable..or stress-free. Our ancestors didn't know half as much about germs, sanitation, diseases but they managed to reproduce through the generations, right? Hell, and I bet they were very healthy and…happy. But then again I guess now we do have to face new diseases and must be aware in order to survive. I just think that recently I am feeling more worries about the food I eat. Like I'll wash a head of lettuce and I wonder if I'll catch a flesh-eating disease and die if I don't wash it good enough. So I guess I'm not asking a real question,just stating a thought in my head..but anyone feel the same?

dknol answers:

I would say yes AND no.

First off, our ancestors only lived to the ripe old age of 35 or so. It was rare even 10,000 years ago to see a man reach 60. This was because of sanitation issues primarily. They also lost all their teeth earlier, had more worms and skin infections, etc.

Overall, I think it's a good thing that we are health conscious for this reason. But, I also think these shows sensationalize things and lead to stress and guilt for those who are not adamant in all areas of following a healthy life style. Also, the information they give out is “Ironclad” just like a doctor gives. They don't tell you when there are other treatments or theories or that this was just discovered/theorized and may change in a month or so.

Linda asks…

Do you find magasines like cosmo & Cleo addictive?

Do you get addicted to reading those girlie magazines? I do….its like i've got to get my fix…..if i hold off for to long I end up staring at the magazine everytime i walk past a newsagents wondering if i should buy it or not. Its not all of them…just mainly cleo and cosmo and the good health and medicine magazine, health and fitness.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or have i been sucked in by the magazine business.

dknol answers:

I'm not a fan to be honest… They're just full of pages and pages of fashion and crap like that.
Maybe the good health etc ones are ok. At least they're educational.

Each to their own though… Everyone has their favourites

Sandy asks…

Whey Protein and fitness is it needed?

I'm a pretty serious football(soccer) player, and i'm really into my fitness, i often buy Health magazines and so on, and have started eating alot healthier in order to be in line with these. (Lots of chicken, salad, nuts, lean meats etc)

However in nearly all the nutrition plans i look at there is always protein shakes with “25g whey protein” and so on in them. Now to me this just seems un natural, but i'm very curious which is why i'm asking here.

Basically what i want to know is that for FITNESS (ie, quickness, endurance, sharp turns etc everything you need for soccer) am i losing out by not taking this stuff? Would i see an improvement if i began taking it, and is it healthy for me to do so?

dknol answers:

Whey protein is a low calorie source of EXTRA protein and calcium. If you are extra active, using whey protein can supplement the meat and nuts you are already consuming. I want to assume that you are also drinking milk and or eating yogurt/cheese as well as beans and eggs.

As an active person (who may also be growing) you could need more than 100g of protein a day. Adding a scoop of whey protein to a glass of milk or mixing it in your oatmeal is an easy way to get 10g to 20g extra g of protein. It is also high in calcium.

To answer your question: No it is not absolutely necessary if you are sure that you are getting enough protein and calcium in your regular eating regimen.

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