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Maria asks…

you do some girls starve themselves to lose weight instead of reading health magazines?

im not saying that all girls do this but it is a fact that more girls are willing to have eating disorders to try to get skinny than men. from my experience as a guy i go to a gym, work out and do weights and read fitness magazines, books to get in shape. if girls want to lose weight why do some of them go on crash diets and starve themselves instead of reading health magazines like women's health for instance instead of reading about these celebrities, models on magazines who are really thin? if there trying to get skinny to attract guys more dont they know that the majority of guys in the world like curvier girls more and are more desirable than really skinny girls? why do some girls have to have eating disorders to lose weight instead of reading health magazines and doing it the right way?
also i know that eating disorders are more then just trying to be skinny like getting control and stuff but im just talking about girls who have eating disorders just to be skinny. like the girls who starve themselves to lose a few pounds.

dknol answers:

Can I just say, nobody is ‘willing' to have an eating disorder. They happen, because of a psychological disorder.
The disorder is not just about being skinny, ever. As a sufferer of an ED, and the same with my girlfriend, it's terribly different. There is a difference between not eating for a few days to look like someone in a magazine, and an eating disorder, which can last from anywhere from a few months to a few years.

I suggest you read this:

Chris asks…

How can I become an editor of a magazine?

I am interested in fitness, health, beauty, and style. My ideal magazine would be shape, self, or fitness.
I already have a bachelor's of science. Who would I speak to…where do I start?

dknol answers:

Buy the magazine's publishing company.

Michael asks…

Does it really take 40 minutes of exercise to start burning fat?

Okay, so, I'm getting really depressed because everywhere I look; health magazines, internet articles, THE HEALTH & FITNESS CHANNEL, people ALWAYS say that it takes at least 40 minutes of exercise for your body to start burning fat. Something about your body using the calories and carbs in your body as fuel first?

Now, that sounds great and all, but what I REALLY wanna burn is FAT. I honestly could care less about the numbers; my weight is just like, ten lbs higher than what I'd want it to be which is really not so bad. What I WANT to see melt off however, is the BLUBBER around my waist and thighs! Inches are more important to me than numbers. I want to lose at LEAST 2-3 inches before school starts, just in time for back-to-school shopping, so I've got about 2 weeks. I've head that's possible? Yes? Good? Okay? That's great. Don't try to tell me otherwise. I'm determined.

ANYWAY. I'm getting off topic. So my question is, to clarify; does it REALLY take 40 minutes? I just did 10 minutes of intense cardio and I can already feel the burn. I'm not a very fit person; I feel like Hercules with the weight of the world on my shoulders when my Phys Ed teacher makes me run the mile, but that's only the effects of 15 years of bad eating habits and non-exercise. My parents BOTH have VERY small frames and high metabolism, and I believe I've inherited that AMAZINGNESS since I used to do this dumb thing where I'd go out for McDonalds 3 nights in a row every week and only gain like 2 pounds, so do you think I'll still have to work THAT hard to lose a few inches? If I start off with baby steps; 20 minutes of running/speed walking everyday and eating less than 1500 calories, and gradually increase to 30 minutes of cardio with 10 at night before bed, eating the same amount of calories, do you think I will see results?

Only reason I'm asking is cause it's really hard to measure the rate of weight loss since everybody is so different, so I'm wondering if some people are an exception to this 40 minute rule. I've heard miracle stories about people who only jogged for 15 minutes a day and lost like, 5 inches in a month, and then some tragedies about those who exercised for an hour a day and lost non.

Please share some wisdom! :P 10 points?? ^___^ WOW I feel so enthusiastic! This is normally not like me!!


I recently turned 15, I'm 5'3, and currently 130~135 pounds. (I fluctuate between the numbers..)

dknol answers:

Usually, when you sleep your body burns about 60 calories, when you are awake, the amount burned goes to about 80 calories. Just for doing nothing, just because the body needs heat, to keep the temperature at 37 degrees celsius. When you walk, for example, you burn 120-150 calories, that means that your muscles are burning only 40-70 calories, the rest are for sitting down.
If the exercise you do is more complex, more calories you lose. The most intense activity should burn the most number of calories. But an intense exercise means that you can’t do it all the time, so the breaks doesn’t count. Let’s take sprints example, it is very very intense but how long you can sprint ? 10 seconds, and then 2 minutes break ?
People researched this and found out that the best calorie burning exercise should use many muscles in the same time and to be at an intensity level that can be sustained for about 30-60 min. Few decades ago they invented the aerobic training: while the legs are used to jump the hands are shaking in the air. To prevent getting tired, the exercise is changed every few minutes, so other muscles will take the action.
They also reveled that the best environment to burn weight is when the heart beat is between 100 and 140 beats per minute, this is exactly where the aerobic training stands. For sprint, it should go over 180 and sometimes reach over 200.
The running is an alternative to aerobic, the pulse is all right, you can keep it for hours, but when running the same muscles are used all the time which can be a pain sometimes.
Drink a lot of water and keep yourself motivated

Jenny asks…

what are some good health, diet, and fitness magazines?

like anything but men health because i am not a guy

dknol answers:

Check here magazines and health fitness guides.


James asks…

Men's working out magazines?

I'm going to buy a subscription for my boyfriend to a men's magazine. He likes working out, mostly strength to build muscle. Only, he sometimes gets obsessive and wants to become the size of the hulk.
I was wondering what the best fitness/health magazine for men is, without it being focused on becoming huge bodybuilders?
I've looked at men's health and men's fitness.
Thanks :)

dknol answers:

Muscle and Fitness

Muscular Development Magazine


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