Your Questions About Health And Fitness Magazine

Mark asks…

Women's fitness magazine?

I'm seventeen and very into fitness – I run cross country (but don't want a running only magazine), do spinning, weights, boot camp, you name it. I've been trying to decide between Shape, Self, Women's Health, Muscle and Fitness Hers and other athletic magazines.

I've already decided that I want to subscribe to Oxygen and I'm trying to find another.
Preferably one without tons of fluff and that actually has some challenging workouts in it. I'm trying to lose a few pounds of fat as well as get some lightly defined muscles. I am absolutely not into the body building look however. I want to be lean, toned, but still show some signs of muscle.

I want a magazine that is solely about health, no makeup, fashion or that crap.
If you can explain why you do/don't like certain magazines that's be amazing!

dknol answers:

HI,Fitness RX is excellent also Womens Fitness love thesemagazines Inspires me…hope this helps :) PS…Oxygen is also excellent good choice :)

William asks…

What is the best magazine for 17 year old?

I'm really into health/fitness, and fasion/beauty.
what magazines should i check out?
what are your favorite magazines out there?


dknol answers:

Loved Penthouse at that age

Sharon asks…

What do prisoners do when they exercise in prison?

I read all this stuff in health and fitness magazines about exercise. They say you have to do this and that, eat this and that. But I'm pretty sue that prisoners don't have the time to make sure they do things like eat 5 whole eggs in the morning and things like that, yet, I see some pretty muscle bound guys come out of prison. Some people look at them and say: “Now those are prison muscles”. What do these guys do?

dknol answers:

Men's prisons have a weight room. Women's prisons have outside equipment for pullups, situps, etc. And they speed walk. They also get store money to buy stuff and they gamble it so some of them have extra food. They all have assigned jobs to do but also have free time.

Paul asks…

What do you think is the best women's fitness magazine? And why you chose that one?

Women's Health?

And why do you think that?

dknol answers:

I happen to like Women's Health. It's not girly, trashy, or full of useless info. It covers a lot of things besides physical health and doesn't take itself too seriously. I recommend it.

Laura asks…

How to learn more about nutrition and supplements?

Okay, so I really want to work at a nutrition & supplements store like Complete Nutrition or GNC. I know you have to be extremely educated about supplements, nutrition, and how they help, and I just want to know how I can learn more about nutrition and supplements?? I read a lot online, and have a few mens health/muscle/fitness magazines. What else should I do?

Thank you!

dknol answers:

Most of that stuff is okay. But, if you want something that will give you real muscle mass and is actually healthy for you then look into “muscle warfare” supplements. I've personally been using it for a few months and have gained plenty of muscle mass. If your not sure then they offer a free trial with a 30 day supply which is more then enough for you to see results.

Check out the link below to read a review on it.

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