Your Questions About Health And Fitness Jobs

Thomas asks…

are you a Million dollar body/ coach?

Are you part time or full time. if you're PT what is your ocupation outside of MDB? Do you do fitness and health related jobs outside of MDB? also if you do MDB online what level are you and how did you hear about this?

dknol answers:

I have seen this before….and I'm suspicious. Seems like another Multi level marketing get rich quick scheme to me. And the very idea that you don't need to know anything about fitness to become one of their experts….Highly questionable.

William asks…

How do i get a job in health and fitness that requires experience without any?

hi im 22 and for years now i have wanted a job in the health and fitness industrie, but how do i get my foot in the door? i have no previous experience and cant obtain experience without getting the job first! please help!

dknol answers:

You can get experience by giving training away. Find some friends and start helping them get in shape, use them as references of succesful clients.

Mandy asks…

Where can a 16 year old find a job in fitness/health?

I'm 16 years old and want to become a sports medicine physician. Is there anyway a person my age can find a job related to health, exercise, sports medicine, or fitness (etc)? Please help me out guys. I'm dying to get experience in the field!

dknol answers:

I know most commercial health clubs won't let you work there until you are at least 18 years old.

So if you live near a local YMCA or YWCA they would probably let you work there in their health centers.

Lizzie asks…

How to get a job in the Health/Fitness Industry?

Hi all,
I am a 19 year old girl who is very involved with health and the gym,
was wondering the best way to find a job in a gym/weight loss centre?
Was planning on going to TAFE next year to do my cert in fitness

Please help?!

dknol answers:

Hello, is a good source of opportunities from around Australia (jobs and employer profiles). It can also promote you directly to employers in the locations you choose, telling them what sort of jobs are of interest to you. Employers can then contact you directly.

If I can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to be in touch. My contact details are on the HealthyPeople site.

Regards, D.

Helen asks…

What careers are there in sports, fitness and health?

I'm considering doing a Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness and/or a Diploma in Fitness (AUS)..

I know there's personal trainer, gym supervisor, nutritionist…. but what other sort of careers paths can be explored in sports, fitness and health – what does the job involve – and what further qualifications would be needed?

Any help would be appreciated! :)

dknol answers:

Personal Trainer
Wellness Coach
Sports Coach
Group Fitness Instructor
Exercise Physiologist

I'm not sure about what qualifications you'll need though. I'm not old enough to be thinking about a job yet. XD

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