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Laura asks…

Freelance personal trainer.?

I'm thinking of going into the fitness/sport health career path.
Obviously im going to be getting the correct certifications and get my degree.
I would love to become a freelance Physiotherapist or personal trainer. Then one day maybe open up my own gym. What do you think the average salary of a freelance physiotherapist or personal trainer, with the correct certification and a degree, be ??
Thanks for your time and help

dknol answers:

Initially working for a famous gym is better for you. Then only people will believe you when you do freelancing. After that you can go for your own gym. Avg salary may be $25-35k pa

Sandra asks…

Career options for someone interested in health/diet/nutrition/fitness?

im really interested in nutrition and fitness, like balanced diets, losing weight and stuff like that…what career options are there and how would it be really difficult to find a job dealing with these things?

dknol answers:

Omg me too! I askd this same question lyk a couple of weeks ago. I decided on becoming a dietician where u promote good health, and teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle. Good luck :)

Steven asks…

Health Career Or Art Career?

Honest Answers please x(

I'm going to be going into grade 11, and I really want to choose a career specifically, so that I can pick the correct coarses, before school starts, but I'm having a hard time picking one of the two.
Plan 1:
I was thinking of becoming a (RD)Registered Dietitian, and than do some fitness related coarses, and work in a fitness facility, or work freelance.
This means I would take these high school coarses: Biology, chemistry, and physics. I think food and nutrition would be a good choice, as well as Health and physical Education.
When I think of this career, I don't find it to stressful, especially because its in the health career area. Plus taking some yoga, or aerobic classes would be cool if I could, or just learn it by myself.
I find this career good because I get to get the knowledge to know how to take care of others, and myself.

Plan2: This is my second thought of what to do. Maybe become a game artist, or art director. I actually draw “OK” but I can't say I really was born to draw. I would take some art coarses in highschool, like visual arts and computer arts, and dramatic arts. Those art related coarses.
For this plan I'm a bit blurr, not know ing what to do as plan 1, but I did give this a lot of thought.

Please give your Honest answers, as this is really important to me. I need a little Push. xD

dknol answers:

I would recommend you go with a health field first. Becoming a dietition sounds like a good idea. You can also study to become a fitness instructor. Some people go directly to the person's home and help them work out as a personal trainer. So you could work at a local gym and freelance.

Many people are gifted as an artist yet it is still an industry in which it is tough to suceed. Since you don't particularly have a gift it might be a fun hobby for you but I would not recommend you try to have a career in it. At least start with medical so you have something to fall back on.

Thomas asks…

Help finding a career in fitness!?

So lately i've been really thinking about making my career something in the fitness/health area but i'm not sure what i could do that would fit what i have in mind.
I want to be able to help people with weight issues by motivating them and showing them how to do it with exercise and healthy eating habits. This would bring me great joy because i've done it myself and even though i'm still working on the last few pounds I know that i have motivated a few people and that brings me satisfaction. I'd love to be able to share my experience with others for their own benefits. Fitness to me is not all about the way you look… it goes way beyond that. Losing weight can really change your life and you attitude about alot of things in your life. So now i'm wondering what career i could go into that will help me do this…
I've thought about personal trainer but when i see them at the gym they are all these meat heads that are hoping to make commission and really don't care about their clients. Most of them are naturally thin and do not know what it is like to be over weight and the work it takes.

dknol answers:

Hey sweetie,

You sounds exactly like me :)

This is the career I have chosen, and even though I am at the very beginning (just completed my fitness instructor qualification) it is something I have great passion about. I intend to go on to complete my Personal Trainer qualification and then my Nutrition Specialist diploma. My view of fitness is that it is a lot more than just food and exercise. There is mental and emotional fitness too.

Although you have said the Personal Trainers you have seen at the gym are “meat heads” think about what a difference people like us could make….it is true what you have said. A lot of them have no idea about the trials and tribulations that most people go to in order to lose or maintain their weight. Which is why its a good job there are people like you and I who have had experience and decide to use it to help others so that there is a kind and understanding person behind the desk rather than a “meat head”

Good luck!

If you want to talk, just email me :D

Maria asks…

Career Opportunities In Health?

What jobs and career opportunities are offered to those who specialize in health, personal fitness, physical training, wellness, exercise, nutrition, etc? (Such as a personal trainer or phys. ed. coach).

dknol answers:

Dietitian for hospitals, care facilities and this is becoming big movie/music stars have there own Dietitians.
Physical trainer for again listed up above, or at a gym, martial arts gym, or gymnastics school.

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