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Betty asks…

Getting into a career in health…HELP!?

I am 18 been graduated a year and I wanna get into a career in health.More of diet and nutrition.Where can I start?
I am going to start takeing a health/fitness/nutrition correspondence class..But I just don't know where to even begin.Help please =) Any advice would be SOOO greatly appreciated! Does this career pay well? Are jobs greatly available in this area?

dknol answers:

I am being serious and not trying to be impolite but brutally honest if you really want to succeed in college and in the “real world” getting a job………………take a spelling/English class. You have no punctuation and while your spelling, etc. Is better than alot of people your age………spellcheckecker would find some of your errors but not all of them.
The hardest part of people who are about 20 years younger than I am,and I work with them and my supervisor is younger than I am,isthat they cannot spell and do not know grammar!
I know most of the “tweet” and “text” language but for a school paper, especially correspondence and in the work place, being able to converse and write in “plain English” will advance your schooling and career in so many ways that will pay you back.
I got my job now that I LOVE and in this economy because I COULD spell!

NOW, that said……….You will need speech, alot of science, and some math classes.
I recommend the speech, even if not required because alot of dieticians have to give as part of their job “lectures” to the public to raise awareness of nutrition.
Budgeting/economics would be fanatastic, as I have found that doing a project for my nursing classes that many people are taught and want to eat a great diet but are not given the tools/instructred on how to do it on a low-income budget/food stamps. It CAN be done. You just have to be creative and make food more of a prioritity.
Long story short, it has been 7 years since I gave that presentation and it is still be given three times a year to young women in trouble with the law who are required on taking family/child/nutrition classes and are excited to do the “right thing” but trying to figure out how to do it on public assistance or minimum wage.
I would try and get job in a nursing/hospital facility to see if that is what you really want to do and see if they will pay for part of your education.
Eventually, you should be able to start out then on your own, should you want to do that.

Also, contact a dietician at one of the above facilities and ask what they suggest. If you know of someone who works at one of those type facilities and can get you a 30-60 minute answer/question about their job……great. Or speak with a counselor at a local college, (I would suggest a junior college since they are open and a stepping stone to so many different careers) and see what they have to say, also!

Good Luck and best wishes and with primary care (prevention of diseases) being the way healthcare should be going to save costs………….you should have some opportunities!

Ken asks…

What does it take to own a gym ?

I'm considering careers in the health/fitness field. If I had to choose, I would want to own/run a gym rather than specifically go for “personal training” or “nutritionalist”. I'm always going to gyms and never satisfied. I'd want to make the perfect gym (to my standards!) and how would you go about doing that. Do you have to go through business courses in school or what.
I've noticed some gym websites have it so you can “open a franchise” but ehhhhh i don't want to run someone else's gym.

dknol answers:

As with any business you're going to need substantial capital going into the business, a business plan to present to the bank if you decide on applying for a loan for start up, and a hell of alot of insurance (probably the killer) to protect yourself from foolish members injurying themselves and suing you.

Exercise equipment is expensive and getting your ROI (return on investment) may take longer than the average service based business.

Also, people are very fickle, especially about fitness. You're going to have to make your business seem better than these chains that attract members by their reputation, 24hr service, and multiple locations.

If your passionate and work hard nothings impossible.

Sandy asks…

Already have a degree in Marketing, but my true passion is health and fitness. Too late to get new degree?

I'm two years out of college with a B.A. in Marketing. I'm employed in that field, I'm doing well and really have nothing to complain about.

But my true passion is for sports and fitness. To pursue a career in fitness I will most likely need an Exercise Science degree (or something similar). I'm not interested in Certificate courses, I don't think those weigh heavily enough to get a respectable job in the field (correct me if I'm wrong).

Getting a new degree will take time and money I do not have (I've already got student loan debt from my first B.A.). I also fear that I won't get another “real” job in the realm of fitness until I'm 30 since I'll be in school ALL OVER AGAIN.

I truly didn't discover how much I loved sports/health & fitness until I spent the past two year's of my young career SITTING at a desk feeling trapped and stationary for eights hours a day :(

Just curious to know what others would do in this situation. Go for another degree, or wait another lifetime?

10 points. Thanks.

dknol answers:

What I would try to do is figure out whether a full degree is necessary in order to work in that field. For many people who already hold a degree, even in an unrelated field, simply doing some additional coursework is sufficient. For example, the community college I attended has a Sports & Exercise Studies degree program that attracts a lot of mid-career students who have already earned a Bachelor's degree. All they do is take a year or so of additional coursework, and then they become easily employable in the field. Due to transfer credit, you may even be able to complete an Associate's in a year, since the two years of general education requirements you almost certainly completed for your Bachelor's can be used to fill the general education half of an Associate's.

There are very few cases where you need to earn another full Bachelor's, so that would be the route I'd suggest. I'd also suggest contacting people in your area who hold positions in which you might have interest and ask them for advice on what type of education to seek out.

Sharon asks…

Hi, I'm currently studying health and fitness at uni, however I've had an interest to join the federal police?

In further detail, I've been studying human movements for 2 and a half years now but I have lost all motivation to continue with the uni course and pursue the potential career paths. Just wondering what I should do from here to get into the Australian federal police. Cheers!

dknol answers:

(1) change to an education path that coincides with the federal police…

(2) sign up after.

Higher education always looks better when you go for a job.

Donna asks…

What are some of the fitness/exercise careers out there?

I very interest in doing something in this field as I always been a health and very active kinda person. I was wondering what careers are out there that I could think about doing?

dknol answers:

You can become a personal trainer, there are also just regular trainers in gyms. There are also careers involving sports, such as becoming a coach and such.

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