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Thomas asks…

How to become a fireman in northern Ireland ?

My boyfriend has always wanted to become a fireman. He has had no luck trying to become a joiner in the current economic climate an has subsequently finished a degree in sports fitness. He is only 21 and very into his physical health, how can he go about entering a career with the fire departments in northern Ireland.

dknol answers:

For information, go to the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service site.

James asks…

What jobs are available for those who don't attend college?

I'd like to and I have the brains, but I have anxiety issues. I'm being homeschooled right now (11th grade) and my future is looking shaky. I know I won't be able to attend college. However, most careers seem to require a college education. What careers are available for me? Preferably ones with minimal social interaction?

dknol answers:

It's harder to be successful, but there are some careers you can go into…
1–Fitness Trainer
2–Physical Therapist Aid
3–Home Health Aid
4–Social/Human Service Assistants
5–Medical Assistant
8.–Air Traffic Controller
9–Funeral Director
10–Real Estate Broker
11–Fashion Designer
12–Ship Engineer
13–Private Investigator

Richard asks…

I want to pursue a career in nutrition?

I realized that the only thing Im more passionate about than graphic design is nutrition.. I want to study nutrition and medicinal herbs.. What could I go to school for and what careers should I consider?

dknol answers:

There are numerous careers in fitness and nutrition. The career opportunities can span from teaching opportunities to being an adviser for sports teams.

Health and Fitness Instructor
These instructors are in the gym-related field more than any other. They often run classes at local gyms or universities. More often than not, the instructors are also administrators of the gym or run a fitness program specific to their specialty such as Pilates, yoga, step and water aerobics and karate or kickboxing.

Strength and Conditioning Coach
This requires a degree from a 2- or 4-year university, depending on program you choose. Many former athletes are in these positions because of the familiarity of the subject matter. Strength and conditioning coaches work with athletes at all levels to determine and develop the athlete's strength level, nutrition and overall endurance and create and run exercises for developmental purposes.

Nutrition Salesperson or Clerk
Stores such as GNC or a local health food store employ those with knowledge and education in the field of nutrition, particularly in the management and corporate levels. They are only allowed to sell supplements or vitamins that are legally issued over the counter.

Dietitians are experts on food and nutrition. Their goal is to promote healthy eating habits through any rhetorical means and research diseases that are caused by food. There are many dietitian fields available, including business dietitian, food service dietitian and clinical dietitian.

More often than not, a degree or certification is required to be in the field. On-the-job training is sufficient for some fields but not for all.

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Jenny asks…

What do I need to do to become a personal trainer?

I'm 15 and I want to be able to be a personal trainer by time I'm 17 or 18. What all do I need to do to become a reliable personal trainer? Is it a good idea to take any college classes for it? Where is a good place to start in personal training? Is it a good career to go into? And how much on average does a personal trainer get paid?

dknol answers:

A fitness trainer helps people exercise and increase the level of fitness for the general, healthy population. They work at local fitness centres and health clubs, assisting clients. They also take sessions in a client’s home or even in corporate settings.

There is more detailed info about the salary, how to become a trainer etc. Here:

Steven asks…

How to get my foot in the door of a health and fitness career?

My dream is to have a job in health and fitness but, I don't know anyone in this field nor have I ever worked in it. I think I should take a class or get some training but, I don't know where to begin.
Any advice?

dknol answers:

To become a fitness trainer or personal trainer you must become certified. 9 times out of 10 if you are not certified gyms will not hire you. And someone new to the industry, you are going to def want to get some experience training clients in a gym.

To become certified, you can go through about 10 legit certifications. I would call local gyms in your area and see what certifications they accept. It cost anywhere from 400-800 dollars depending on which study bundle you get. You can just order the exam, or study guide and exam, or study guide, exam, dvds..etc. Every certifications has different options to choose from. The certifications organizations vary slightly but for the most part, they recommend you to study for 4-6 weeks before taking the exam. All the legit certifications require you to take a closed book proctored exam. You will set this up at your local college/testing center/library. Once you pass the exam you are officially a certified personal trainer.

Some trainers try to start off with their own studio. But I always highly recommend to new trainer to get experience in a gym first. One, it will give you experience, two, you will have people to ask questions and learn from, three, you wont have to struggle to get clients. If you work at a gym, love it, and develop a client base, then consider opening your own studio.

I got certified with IFPA and had a good experience with them. I'm actually attending one of their conferences next month. I chose them because they were recommended to me by a trainer I highly respected. Good luck with everything!

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