Your Questions About Health And Fitness Careers

Nancy asks…

Whats a fitness related 4 year college major?

I want to do something fitness related for a career. I'm going to be a personal trainer while earning my degree. But what are some good careers afterwards?

dknol answers:

Health Sciences or Health and Exercise Sciences. You can become a physical therapist, a trainer, a coach, a physical education teacher, a cardiologist or any other type of doctor…. The list continues….

Sandy asks…

What are the career prospects for someone who is training to be a personal trainer?

I want to get a level 2 apprenticeship in personal training, then move on to a level 3/4 degree. Although I'm not sure whether I'll get a good career out of it.

dknol answers:

The career prospects for personal training in the UK are very good if you have the necessary skills to develop your business. Too many new graduates from PT courses overlook how important business skills are as a personal trainer as it is a very competitive industry and being successful takes time and effort. The most important thing is that you are passionate about fitness and enjoy working with people. If not then I suggest trying something else. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people to achieve life long health and fitness goals and having an active career. The fitness industry has been growing year on year for the past decade and will continue to grow. There are many avenues to develop to also including management, rehabilitation, nutrition, corrective exercise etc. Starting out financially it takes time to build a client base but with the right training the financial rewards will come I hard work and determination. For more some helpful articles on becoming a PT, check out and look through the personal training blog section. I hope this helps.

Carol asks…

how to become a better actress and start an acting career?

I am in year 10, and currently doing Drama as one as my GCSE's.
I really enjoy doing drama and acting, and was wondering how to start a acting career.
I have been in a couple of school performences but nothing really big.
Also i currently have a D in drama and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to improve


dknol answers:

Of the thousands of Actors I have worked with over the years I have also been lucky enough to work with Chris Hemsworth (more commonly known as “Thor”), Drew Weston (who understudied the male lead in Australia's production of “Mary Poppins”) and Delta Goodrem. None of these names waited until they were 18 to get started in Acting, I know 'cause I worked with them.

My tips are as follows:
Good acting is attributed to (but not limited to):
. Good listening
. Good reacting
. Good reading
. Good relating
. Good line learning technique
. Good control/use of your mind, body and expressions
. Good projection
. Good direction and good with taking direction
. Good attitude
. Good assertiveness
. Good health and fitness
. Good imagination
. Good improvisation
. Good self esteem and self worth (not arrogant)
. Good drive and commitment
. Good eye and body language
. Good judgment
. Good risk taking (feeling the fear and doing it anyway)
. Good communication, interpersonal and networking skills.

If you want the big breaks then you've got to go after them, HARD.
Don't waver, don't look back, don't give up, don't say no, keep climbing onto bigger and better things, be damn good at what you do.
Even then there's no guarantee but you're giving yourself the best chance that you can.

All the best :)

Lizzie asks…

What would be a better career, Physical Therapist Assistant, or Personal Trainer?

I am a 22 year old male, and I recently decided I want (and need) a good career. I am very interested in Fitness and health. I have an Asssociates degree in Gen Eds, which isn't helping my job situation out at all.

If anyone has suggestions, or ideas in either of these fields, pros and cons, or which one may be better as far as enjoying, and earnings, please respond with some advice and suggestions. Thanks in advance!

dknol answers:

Many PT and PTA work as both a therapist and a trainer. There are pros and cons to both. PTA require an associates degree. A trainer requires just some certificate. PTAs get benifits and work reqular hours. Trainers work when people want them to and there are no benifits. Some trainers charge big bucks. I work with a PTA who is a PFT. She startered her own training business in the evenings and it is beginning to take off. She advertises that she is a PTA as well.

Best wishes

Linda asks…

what kind of grades and education do you need to work at a gym like la fitness?

hi im not the smartest kid i get like a 2.4 gpa and i love lifting weights and learning all about it, what all do you need to work at a gym like la fitness or any gym! help!

dknol answers:

A gym would want you to have some type of an education in health and fitness. Your grades aren't going to effect your job chances as long as you have a degree. Chat it up with the guys that work at the gym. It you like working out definitely check out that career.

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