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Steven asks…

Can i see what info would appear on my PVG check?

when i was 16 i got charged for assualt. i never had to go to court or anything but i got a £50 fine. i am now 24 and want a career in health and fitness but need a pvg check is there any way i could no if that would be on it. do the police records let you know? also when i was 20 a drunk man smashed my window so i went out and challend him about doing that and it turned violent. i was at court for that but it got dropped. i think everyone has made mistakes in there life and i have grew up and want to get on with mine. any help would be appreciated thanks.

dknol answers:

You need to phone your local court office and find out. It differs from country to country. The answers I know for my country wouldn't help you in yours. Phone your local court office when they are open and ask how you find out what's included in that check.

Chris asks…

Personal training certification?

Hi, I am looking to start a career in the health and fitness industry. However where I live personal training isn't in such a big demand so I considered moving to the US, Fort Lauderdale to be specific to apply for a personal training certificate and sit the exam. I am just wondering, does that seem like a realistic approach to start my goal? The only requirement to work as a trainer in the US would be to become certified and also to have a work permit? Thanks in advanced for the responses.

dknol answers:

You should start by contacting the state of Florida to see if they even have an exam, and if someone from another country would even be eligible for the education or exam.

Daniel asks…

How Do You Deal With Regret In Your Academic/Professional Careers???

When I look back, I feel regret after regret. Regret about going to the wrong school, regret about being friends with the wrong people. I feel that I have not maximised and made the most out of the opportunity available. I feel that I have missed out on good things in life as well as in the world.

How does one deal with such a feeling???

When I think about the times when I didn't realise my full potential and as a result I under-performed and I under achieved, those memories are the hardest to deal with. These include times in my academic and professional career, personal life, in regards to health and fitness, in regards to relationships, sex and love etc.

Sorry if I am repeating this. I would like to get maximum feedback.

dknol answers:

I regret nothing. There were reasons at the time that you chose a particular path.

If you really wish you could have done better at school, do it now. It is never too late to study and find ways of bettering yourself. Who knows a new career may be just upon the horizon if you put the effort in.

There is no deadline for achieving things, we can all achieve almost anything if we really put our minds to it.

Ring the changes.

Ken asks…

Is it bad to pick nursing just because of the job security and money?

Nursing is not my passion, but I feel like it is a career that I could be content with. My real passion is fitness and health, but there are not that many careers that are in that field. (I mean like good paying careers with security) I'm about to be a sophomore in college so I need to pick a major, So is nursing a bad idea?

dknol answers:

No am doing the exact same thing. But i think the best thing is the availabilities of jobs , if i get bored ( most likely) there will be another or the same hospital with a different job type e.g Neuro or Short in out surgery

Thomas asks…

how do I combine my degree in accounting with my passion for health and wellness?

I hate accounting after working in public practice for 2 years. I actually just got fired in my last job due to lack of performance. I used to work as a massage therapist and was very successful at it but found it to be a dead end career so I went back to school to study accounting..ugh!!! what a mistake!!! Should of gone into physiotherapy or nursing! Now I don't know what direction to take. Anyone here have a business/accounting background along with a health background that you've managed to combine into a rewarding career? I'm willing to do more schooling but its too late to just go back and become a physiotherapist. I'm 32 and not really into becoming a full time student again. I also don't have my accounting designation yet and have considered getting my CMA but am a little apprehensive because I clearly am not accountant material! I hate desks, computers, nit-picky people, and I hate piles of other peoples papers that I have to organize! I can barely keep my own life organized! But I've always been devoted to health, fitness, and sports in my own life and feel like I should utilize my natural interests and talents instead of suffering through a career I hate and suck at! Is there a job/career out there where I can utilize my degree and my passions??

dknol answers:

If u were very successful at LMT how was it a dead end career?

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