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George asks…

Do ordinary people have a chance at living the American Dream?

With our current economic crisis, healthcare crisis, unhealthy food supply, the issues of class and race, and political leaders (the right and the left) at complete odds with each other…the American people are caught in the crossfire. Is it still possible for Joe (or Jane) Mainstreet to live the American Dream of:
Good Career
Home Ownership
Health and Fitness
Adequate Retirement Plan
Kids to College

Is it still possible for the average Joe who is willing to work hard?

dknol answers:

Yes if we get back to basics and quit harping on important but dire issues. We all need to turn our tv's off for a week.And radios both right and left manipulate to distract us.

Lisa asks…

Career Ideas for a fitness freak?

I am a licensed Zumba instructor, and will soon enough be a certified personal trainer. I really love to exercise and motivate people, and share the benefits of exercise with others. I am still in college, and don't quite know where to go from here. I will soon have my Associates in Science. I don't know if it is worth it to get an exercise related degree, because that may just mean I will have a degree and still just be working at gyms and whatnot. I'd love to have my own health/fitness business one day, but business ownership is so may just be a dream that I hold forever.
Any advice from anyone who was a fitness professional, and then became someone very successful? I don't need to make bucketloads of money, but I would like to make a decent enough living where I can live comfortably and travel.
This is a pretty open ended question, I know :)
I also like nutrition, but I am very unknowledgeable in that area. I live in Portland Oregon, and they have a school for Nutrition.

dknol answers:

Well, I'm no fitness teacher but, I would say if you really truly ejoy fitness and those kind of things then it might be nice to go into that bussiness. But before you do you should really make sure that is what you want to do. If so, for a start maybe going to your local community center and ask them if it's available to get a membership and then open your own fitness class. I have been to fitness classes just like that:)

Nancy asks…

What sort of Fitness instructor can i be?

I want to be a fitness instructor but due to health conditions i don't think i will be able to. I have all the necessary qualification's. But i have moderate arthritis in my upper and lower body which cause's restrictions on the type's of activity's i can do and can be very painful if put into a situation where i had to exercise to teach my client. All fitness instructor's are required to be in great health from the job description so I was just thinking doe's anyone know of any other suitable career along the lines of fitness, health, and diet, considering my health condition? That's what i'm interest in and i can't see me doing anything else because that's what i love to do and teach other's, so any advice and hint's would be great.

dknol answers:

Yoga, maybe pilates or tai chi. I agree with the above poster about swimming, but disagree about aerobics. Maybe personal trainer, because the most you have to actually do is to spot the other person.

Richard asks…

Can you lose weight/build abdominal muscle by doing PROPER sit ups?

I'm always hearing about how sit ups are not very effective and aren't worth the effort when working out.
But what if one were to them PROPERLY? L
Like, back FLAT on ground, heels are practically glued to the floor, and no more than 12 inches apart. Hands are folded BEHIND your head, and you go up ALL the way til your neck is practically near your knees. Then back down, and repeat.
By doing all that, wouldn't doing, say 4 sets of 30 sit ups be effective for weight loss? Especially if you did them every other day or so?

I simply want an organized work out regimen for a week (especially arm strengthening, because we'll be white water rafting soon.) I want to lose at least 15 pounds before July 20.
I know I all ready got the whole “eating healthy” thing pretty down good. I always eat oatmeal every morning with banana. Then for lunch and dinner, I keep it light, because I snack on various healthy snacks through out the day. I avoid chips, zebra cakes, sweets, salty snacks, and all that good junk as much as possible. If anything, I don't eat them except on saturdays (even then, it's very limited)

Thanks for any advice! (I'd appreciate if you mention being in fitness/health as a career. It's hard to accept and listen to advice from people just based on what they've “heard”

dknol answers:

15 lbs in a month and a half – not very likely especially if your trying to train. Your going to turn your fat into muscle as well as loose a little bit of weight. If your trying to loose weight you should go to the gym, run 4-5x's a week and at a distance of at least 3miles+ . If you slip in sit ups every other day (300-500 per session) and mix in 500-1000 jump ropes and 200 pushups, youll see results, but from what your trying to do probably not, sorry.

James asks…

What would be some good career choices for a person with these skills?

Strengths: VERY good artist, drawing skills, creative, great with children, loves animals, very sweet and good-natured, loves health/fitness.
Weaknesses: Deadlines, shyness, (both can obviously be worked on and improved), poor math and science skills.

Please answer honestly!!! Thanks so much.

dknol answers:

Elementary art teacher

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