Your Questions About Health And Fitness Careers

Ken asks…

any similar website like YA for astrology and also for health issues?

hello friends! are there any similar websites like YA which exclusively deal issues related to




i just wonder is there any such site for these 3 things where people can post their qns and get answers from other users ! please share your knowlegde !


dknol answers:

Wiki answers , and many more websites but YA is the best !!

Sharon asks…

how much is personal training course in perth wa?

Looking at starting a career in health and fitness as i really enjoy it ! I want to compare prices and knowledge with people who have done them in perth WA.

What I would like to know:

-Which is best priced for what you get?

– Which one provided more knowledge?

-Which one where you happy with ?

– Can you add a nutrition course to it ?

– Is Tafe good ?

Thanks for helping me out :)

dknol answers:

I havnt done it but its like 7000 for a course at fitness institue of WA which is a better one. You can add additional certificates and courses like nutrition if you wanted.

George asks…

Herbal and health nutrition schools?? where?

i have recently got into learning about herbs and herbal remedies and i have always liked to learn about health and fitness.. what kind of careers and schools are available for this? i dont want to be a personal trainer or physical therapist i like the ntrition end of it please give me some advise or let me know where i can find some programs or schools thx!

dknol answers:

Really the only way to go would be a dietetics program at a university. I went to Iowa State University and know they offer the program there.

Sandy asks…

How can I start a dance career?

So I'm almost 13, and I have been dancing since I was 3. Bottom line, I love it!<3 I cant help but dance every time I hear any kind of music! I am considering dance as a serious career. I mean, I want to be a famous dancer! How do I start my career? Also, any health and fitness tips for a dancer? Any advice would be appreciated (: thanks!!

dknol answers:

I'm not really familiar with the dancing industry but I have some ideas. You could try getting into choreography for music videos for famous singers. Or you can learn a variety of dances, open up a studio and teach

John asks…

Professional Career in diet/fitness other than “Fitness Instructor”/Sports Medicine MD?

I like fitness, health and food/diet. I like helping people with these things but i dont want to really be a personal trainer or a sports medicine doctor.. and i'm not too sure about a dietician/nutricianist..

are there any other careers out there that cover everything health related when it comes to fitness and food and diet?

I'm trying to decide on a career and i like the idea of being an expert that gives advice and is recognized as an expert; something that lets me dress up professionally. I sometimes use to think i wanted to be a fitness trainer but that still doesn't feel right.. because the atmosphere doesn't seem very professional and i want to be able to dress nicely and not just wear a workout-outfit. Almost like the way a doctor is with a special office.. yet workout equipment nearby. Yet it doesn't have to be necessarily a doctor.

Does anyone know?

dknol answers:

If you really wanted to help people to become fit, You should really be wearing outfits that are for fitness. Because if you don't, you will not be realistic. Or if you really want to help people about their fitness and yet, you do not want to be an instructor and you really want to dress up professionally, I guess you can be a writer. Write all the things you wanted people to know about their fitness. How's that sounds?

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