Your Questions About Health And Fitness Careers

Robert asks…

how do you become a fitness expert? Taking fitness, health, nutrition as a career?

A senior at highschool, im interested in personal training in physical fitness, & nutrition of foods & whatnot….wat would my career be called? and wat do i take in college??

dknol answers:

Probably go to school for kinesiology, sports psych, physiology, or sports medicine.

Beyond this, I would get in a lab once you get to college. Specifically, one run by faculty who research applied sports medicine, or study fitness and metabolism in human subjects. This will teach you how to analytically read scientific literature in the area, as well as expose you to many people in the field.

Definitely work hard to understand biochemistry and biology at a fundamental level. This is the basis for exercise physiology and nutrition, and is invaluable to anybody who would like to become a credible “expert” in fitness.

Daniel asks…

a good health career that doesnt take alot of social skill?

im not good at socializing going on with conversations. but i want to be a nutritionilist or something to do with fitness and health

dknol answers:

A pharmacy assistant. Helping fill prescriptions, don't get much public contact I don't think.
If you can stand just bit of contact a occupational therapist makes major bucks.

Mark asks…

Will these classes help me to become a nurse?

Alright so I would like to be a nurse I have to start by getting my grades and GPA up. Anyway these are the “extra” classes I am thinking about taking in 11th and 12th grade.

Health Careers 1
Personal Fitness
Child Development

Living on Your Own
Health Careers 2
Certified Nursing Assistant
Living Skills
Medical Terminology

What do you think? these classes sound good… and I will be making sure I have 2 study halls and only 6 classes each year.

dknol answers:

I suggest that you go to the college website of the college where you want to earn your R.N. You need to meet the college entrance requirements. That is more important than trying to be a nurse while in high school. Some of these classes sound like training to be a medical assistant or aide of some kind, but not college entrance classes.

I understand that there are hospitals who will no longer hire LPN's. They want all R.N.'s and are even sending their LPN's to college to get the extra credits they need to become R.N.'s, or else they lose their jobs. Try checking out employment pages of some hospitals in your area. See what level of training they require for nurses. There are still many places training LPN's but they won't tell you that you might not be employable in the higher paying jobs.

Think about it. Take the health career classes that you can fit in, but make sure you have the college prep courses that you need for college entrance.

Susan asks…

Opinions needed – Health & Fitness for overweight people. Career idea.?

I am a fully trained gym fitness instructor, And nutritionist and I am currently studying to do personal fitness training so I can work on a 121 basis with clients.

Before working as a gym instructor I worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist (fully qualified) but found it was not the career I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Now many of the over weight and severely overweight clients I am placed with have underlining problems in their personal live which effects their ability to maximize their weight loss goals.

I dont feel that people with personal issues can achieve their weight loss goals as efficiently unless they deal with their problems they have at the same time, and in my opinion whilst fitness instructors do give support, I do not think they can provide the support they need with regards to their personal issues.

My idea is to run a service for overweight clients that incorporates, Nutrition, Counselling Sports, and Fitness training. This will include educating the client on nutrition, talking about lifestyle changes and how they can change their attitudes towards themselves so they dont fall back into their old habits. I would also like to set meal plans as this would be beneficial to the client especially if they have hectic lifestyles. I would also like to do group classes where people can get together and create a support group.

I wont limit my services to overweight people but it would be aimed for overweight people.

I would charge the same as a fitness instructor would but offer more support. My main aim is to help people.

Do you guys think this is a good idea? Please no wise cracks, just good honest opinions. I would greatly apprieciate those from overweight people but would like views from everyone.

Thanks in advance :) xxx

dknol answers:

As an overweight (hell, ok im obese) man i do have an opinion. I think it is a great idea. I spent many years of my life thinking i was ok as i was and that i could live life and be happy. Nope. I started suffering from joint pain and discomfort. To only way to alleviate the pain is to lose weight. So i started down my own exercise and diet path. But thats just me. Plenty of people out there stay like i was. Content. Thinking everything is gonna be ok. It isn't. Things are gonna cause trouble sooner or later.

As far as your idea. I like it. However your going to have to be prepared to research into the problems causing obesity. There are plenty based on many different factors and be ready to help people overcome these. Also understand that in alot of cases alot of people who are overweight and who dont have much money usually also have poor diets too. If these people do manage to pay you, #1 you have to think about what they can and cannot afford. #2 don't expect them to stick around for long.

I understand your not running a charity. You have to pay your bills. But just in case your not aware, most gyms charge you a % of what you make to train people at their facility in addition to your paying their membership fees. To offset cost to yourself you would have to pass this cost on to your clients.

So you have alot of obstacles ahead of you. It isn't easy to be a personal trainer/counselor. But if you have the willpower you can make a difference in alot of peoples lives. I wish you the best of luck.

Mary asks…

I am looking for Facebook friends that are Career Moms & into Fitness like me. HELP!!!?

I am a 29 yr old career mom, married, with a 6 y/o and I am into Fitness ans staying healthy! I workout a lot and took care of my body all these yrs. My high school friends (that are on my friends list) are not really liking me or should I say starting to hate me because of my lifestyle. I consider myself a busy-career-mom-fit-and successful…which made most of my HS friends hate me. So, I am looking for a more Facebook friends or web Page on Facebook that focuses of being a Moms that have the same lifestyle like I do and not feel intimidated or threatened by other successful career moms. I am a happy outgoing content person that was able to attained what I wanted in life through hard work not luck. Unfortunately, not all my HS friends like that idea so lately I noticed some changes on how they post comments on some status. And some of them even blocked me lol!
I would like to have more Facebook friends who have the same status like me.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to start adding people I don't know on my friends list, that's not a smart idea at all. I would like to add friends that are into Health, fitness, and career moms who have the same point of view like I do. Thanks so much! God bless! :))

dknol answers:

You are great and keep on. I am marshal art man may be I can help you in fitness. And this is my facebook profile.

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