Your Questions About Health And Fitness Careers

Maria asks…

Does anyone have any suggestions on a new career field?

I am looking for a new career choice/field. The fields that I am most interested are the fields of health/fitness, nutrition, as well as woman's rights. I enjoy working with adults and children in these areas. I would like to find a job that would allow me to do those things as well as to travel and learn about new cultures. I am asking because as I prepare for grad school I want to make sure that I can gear my studies to prepare me for those choices.

dknol answers:

Well one job i cant think of is being a teacher. If you taught wellness you would be working with both adults and children, and yould teach them about their health, nutrition, fitness… All the things you seem interested in. Also, you would have the whole summer off to go on vacations and travel the world

Carol asks…

What kind of job, career or profession is this?

You research information on diseases and infections and rashes and try to come up with cures, what exactly is this profession called. Tell me if I need to be more specific, would the topic be called public health or health/fitness?

dknol answers:

This definition meets many health care occupations. Microbiologist, chemist, and other scientist are involved in these activities. In a more common perception, researching diseases, infections, and rashes, and developing treatments is what is the primary function of physicians and nurses. Specifically, a nurse epidemiologist would perform some of these functions.

Rarely do any of these health care professions work in a vacum. If you read the research literature, there is usually a list of authors or contributing authors to most research. These include people from all fields of health care, dependent on the disease state.

Virologist study viruses. Frequently they need specialist in DNA mapping to assist them in the research and development. Chemist, and biologist are necessary in the development of treatments, as are the physicians and nurses who use the medications. And I should not fail to mention that pharmacist are frequently a key part of the development of medications.

You would need to describe a particular area of interest to get an appropriate answer. As each area requires different knowledge and expertise.

A cardiovascular surgeon can tell you how to implant an artificial heart. But it took a medical scientist with some engineering knowledge to develop a working model.

I know this doesn't answer your question. But maybe it explains why there is no correct answer.

Sandra asks…

What are some careers that require good health and fitness and no college education?

Besides manual laborers.

dknol answers:

There is one career that finally has lowered the requirements but you have to be very physically fit. Uncle Sam wants you. The military needs fighting bodies for our wars. Once upon a time before our leaders sold us out to foreign interests, there were production jobs that could make a high school graduate up to $65,000 a year. Today, there is almost no jobs like this left. Good luck but I think you need more education.

Michael asks…

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between a fitness consultant and personal trainer?

It seems like they do the same thing. What are the differences between them. I want a career in health, fitness, and nutrition and I don't know what career I should pursue. Any suggestions?

dknol answers:

A fitness consultant usually works with you online and never actually goes with you to the gym or is there when you exercise. A personal trainer is usually someone who is with you to watch your form and motivate you through the actual workout. Educationally they usually have the same certifications, but be careful, just because someone says they are a personal trainer or fitness consultant does not mean that they have actually obtained a certificate. Currently there is no law that says you can't call yourself a personal trainer or consultant without some kind of certification so be sure to ask who they are certified with or at least what experience they have to be able to consult. Especially if you are paying them!

Good Luck

Lizzie asks…

What are good/well paying careers in the health and fitness industry?

I'm currently 19 years old, been out of high school for a year, and am currently trying to decide what kind of career I want. I know I've always wanted to work in the fitness industry, since I do live the lifestyle. My dream career is to become a pro bodybuilder, but I know the odds of that happening aren't that great, so I'm looking for something to fall back on. I've considered something like a sports nutritionist, and personal trainer, but I also want something that pays very well. Any advice would be appreciative. Thanks

dknol answers:

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