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Helen asks…

Can i post articles from a magazine onto my website?

I just created a health and fitness website and was hoping to put some articles on it. I just wanted to know what's legal to put on there and also, if it's ok to put pictures of bodybuilders on it legally?
Please and thanks

dknol answers:

Its illegal as you're breaching copyright for both the articles & photos from magazines and could be open to a hefty fine. One thing you can do, is contact the writer of the article and request approval to re-print although the writer could ask for payment.

Get articles from free online article directories as they are set up for others to copy & re-use the article AS LONG AS you give credit to who wrote the article.

There are website where you can obtain copyright-free photos – just google for them.

Donna asks…

Health and Fitness essay…(P.E.)?

Well i have to write a 3 page essay on a subject related to Physical Education… it has to be a topic like fitness, health, nutrition or somethin. well i need help writting it. anythin could help… somethin that would be good and detailed enough to last 3 pages…give me ideas or articles or any website that can help… just anythin pleeease lol

dknol answers:

Try to think of a way to break one topic into three parts and make one page for each. For instance, you could do something like “a healthy person is someone who eats right, exercises and does other activities to relieve stress” you could then spend one page about why eating right is important, how to eat right, and consequences or not doing so. Same thing with exercise.. Why important, how to do it, consequences… For the stress part, you could talk about stuff like journaling, or doing yoga or mediation… That one is a bit of a stretch though.

Thomas asks…

how do you translate a picture?

i found a really cool picture for my french assignment background, (write a health and fitness article) but its in english! :( is there anyway i can translate the picture and still keep the colour and graphic-type design?

here's the pic:,1247150072,1/stock-photo-healthandfitness-list-as-abstract-background-33504970.jpg

dknol answers:

You could try using a program like photoshop. The words would be:

health – la santé
diet – le régime
work – le travail
question – la question
also – aussi
be – sois (imperative)
many – beaucoup/plusieurs
lose – perdre
thin – maigre
height – la taille

Susan asks…

Are these workouts any good?


What one is better?

dknol answers:

The answer is yes because both will give you a work out. Your question is too vague, I have no idea what goal you are going for.

Sharon asks…

Will this workout plan allow me to lose weight? Is it a good plan? I need to lose 10kg?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday this workout (10-15 minutes walk then this weight workout)-

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this workout (the ‘best for weight loss' one)-

Need to lose 10kg to get out of the Diabetes danger zone then I want to lose another 20kg.
When I am at my target weight of 90kg then I will do the same workout plan to maintain except I will swap the cardio plan in Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays to this one (the ‘if your time poor')-

dknol answers:

Work outs will help! But diet is paramount! As an ex male nurse who has had many family members on many levels of the diabetes spectrum, I can give you some ideas.
-cut out all fizzy sugary drinks {sugar is stored in the body as fat and there is about 8 table spoons of sugar in a 1.5 liter fizzy drink/ not to mention the fizz is bad for digestion and can even strip away the lining of your stomach} .
-avoid takeaways and microwave or instant dinners {they are high in fat and salt}
-drink 2-3 liters of water a day {this helps detox your body and flushes out your kidneys and helps them filter out rubbish in your body}
-get your sugar rush naturally from fresh fruits {not the canned type as the are full of sugar/ syrup or sucrose and all are equally bad}
-eat plenty of fibre=grain breads {no more than 4 slices daily} fruit and veg{as much as you like},bran cereals {avoid ones with flavoring or sweet tasting cereals as they have sugar… Ones with dried fruits are usually ok}.
-eat a good breakfast a medium lunch and a light tea and do not eat after 7pm {as your metabolism starts to slow down in prep for sleep around then}. A handful of fruit and nuts for morning tea/ break and a piece of fruit or a carrot celery or something for afternoon tea/break or for an alternative plain popcorn {no butter or salt/ this is fulling and non-fattening} Only 1 snack in between meals.
-avoid fried foods and fatty cut of meat instead oven bake steam or poach foods.
-if in doubt or you are worried about anything go and see a dietitian or doctor for an eating plan
hope this helps in some way.

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