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Robert asks…

Good Health and Fitness articles?

I have to write a thing for my phys. ed class, and we have to find health and nutrition articles. Where can I find reliable sources that don't start like “12 ways to get ripped abs!” or tabloid-ish articles that advertise a product.

dknol answers:

I LOVE this question!! I trust the folks at NOVO Wellness whenever I'm looking for the TRUTH about health, nutrition and fitness. You can look them up on Facebook and post to their wall. The founders just released a book ‘Coach Yourself Thin' that is revolutionary. I'm a little biased as they helped me lose 125 pounds – and keep it off for 4 years now. The beginning of the book covers exactly what you are talking about – they coin it ‘the quick fix mindset' I hope you'll check it out! They've also released articles on some of their teachings. There should be links from the NOVO Wellness Facebook page. For anyone you know who is fed up with empty promises, wants to become healthy for the LONG TERM and is willing to do the work – this is the final authority IMHO. You can also checkout and

Good Luck with your paper!


Maria asks…

Is it scientifically proven that foods resemble the body parts they benefit?

I am writing an article about this and i would like to know if it is scientifically proven to be right because each website says something else if you know please help.
i will place a link to the website to understand more what i mean about food resembling body parts they benefit :

dknol answers:


Jenny asks…

Good Health-Related Article Recommendation?

I have to write a make-up essay in PE about an article related to:
Health and Fitness
Social Skills
Active Lifestyles
Importance of Movement
Diet Drugs and Supplements

Clearly, its a pretty large range of topics and I just can't narrow my topic down to any articles.
Any recommendations?

dknol answers:

Nutrition- You could write about the increasing rates of childhood obesity, and how it can be prevented. Different factors can contribute to the prevention, such as video games discouraging physical activity, increased consumption of high sugar/high fat foods, increased use of high fructose corn syrup in manufacturing, etc.

Lisa asks…

What is the Christian religion that focuses a lot on health?

I saw it one day on a health and exercise article that there is a certain type of Christianity that is very concerned with health and fitness, and there is a specific name for it, but I forgot.

dknol answers:

None of them focus on mental health, because each is a mental illness.

Steven asks…

How should I get in Shape?

Hi, I would really like to get in decent shape in for around may. I'm 15 years old (male), 5'10 and around 148lbs. I like to box but I haven't done it for a little while but am getting back into it. I lift weights 3x a week doing the workouts from this site: (the standing barbell curls 30lbs, Concentration curls 14lbs, Hammer curls 10lbs, and dips.)

I'd like get bigger arms and abs like I said for may, but I would REEALLY appreciate some help. If there are any other exersizes for pecs and abs I should be doing please say so. Much apprecaited. :D

dknol answers:

You should work your whole body out to avoid being disproportional with your strength. It is important to keep it balanced. Although boxing uses your hands/arms, Having strong legs would be much more beneficial than having little chicken legs.
But, your staple compound exercises such as bench press, pull ups, dead lifts, will all make you bigger.

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