Your Questions About Health And Fitness Articles

Richard asks…

Could I please get a list of health topics?

I am doing some articles for my jobs annual Health and Fitness month? It is a simple cut and paste process, but I am drawing a complete black this morning…..Please give me some topics!!!

dknol answers:

Diabetes Type II
Heart Disease
Exercise and Fitness (running, cardiovascular workouts)
Fast Food Effects on the Body
Systems of the Body (nervous system, respiratory system, urinary system, cardiovascular system)
Five Senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste)

Sandy asks…

Exercise: Marie Claire work-out work?

I found this work out on Marie Claire website, and wondering do you think it will really work, and how fast would the results be? (on average?)
I realize it says “in four weeks”, but how much WEIGHT do you think will be dropped in the four weeks?

much thanks!

dknol answers:

I was in the army corp so could you handle it i will give you a guaranteed routine to make you cry but give you results.

10 cross sit ups, 10 push ups, 10 chin bars, 20 squat thrusts, 15 star jumps, do this 3times daily for 1 week

week 2 double the amount

week 3 triple the amount

week 4 100 sit ups, 40 clap press ups, 40 chin bars, 50 star jumps, 100 suicides, continue this routine and watch your back work

within 3 months you will be like an ox

now substitute elements take L-Carnitine this turns fat into muscle rapidly, 2 raw eggs mixed with milk will give you enough protein per session, take this substance 2 daily, breakfast should be just plain pasta,
Eat plenty of banana's this helps with your metabolism.

Ok you want to aim to be jogging 1.5 miles in 15mins don't sprint take your time otherwise can do bad damage

Ok i hope this helps if need any more tips i can set a proper routine for you to follow, with guidance everyday


Sandra asks…

What's a good fitness/health magazine? (Ten points)?

I'm looking for a magazine with pictures of people who are in really good shape to inspire me, articles about exercise and weight loss. If there's a magazine like that which also has articles about food and healthy eating that's ok too, but it's not a priority.

Thanks guys!

dknol answers:

Theres one called shape i think i hear its pretty good

Laura asks…

Is this workout good for weight and body fat loss?

This weight lifting routine-
with this cardio routine (the best for weight loss one)

dknol answers:

Yes i think that's great.

Mary asks…

I want to start a magazine and don't know what are the 1st steps I need to take?

This would be a magazine for older adult women. I want to have articles and photographs, about make-up, hairstyles, and clothing. Articles about health and fitness for people to stay in shape.

dknol answers:

First of all do some research to find out if anyone will want to buy your magazine. If your magazine is going to be a freebee then you will have to sell advertising to pay for the cost of printing, quantity printed and distributing – and you will want an income too. Do a mock up of your magazine and work out how many pages it will be. Get a price from a printer. Decide who is going to write the articles – you need at least 50% articles to offset against the adverts – nobody likes an advertising rag!

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