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Helen asks…

Why does Americans not embrace the new national health system?

One would think that a nation would want to look after all it's citizens.
Or are the uninsured seen as lesser humans?

dknol answers:

Why should we look to a government that spends our money like toilet paper to take care of us? We pay taxes up to 50% of our gross income already. This bill is going to cost us even more in taxes, and we won't see any of the benefits for another 4 years. The immediate benefits include $250 for senior citizens to help pay for medication. Working with senior citizens, I estimate that ought to buy the average geriatric about a week's worth of medication. Jeepers! How generous of the government!
I will give you a few reasons why people don't want this bill
1. The politicians said they needed to pass the bill so the general public could know what is in it. Why can't the general public know BEFORE the bill is passed?
2. The bill provides medical care for illegal immigrants who don't pay taxes. So those of us who do pay taxes are mandated to pay for the health care of those who do not pay taxes. Does that seem right to you?
3. If this health care reform is so great, why don't the people who vote on the bill subject themselves and their families to the same health care? Last time I checked, this was a federal republic, not an aristocracy. The high and mighty should not mandate what is best for the rest of us hairy unwashed masses. Our elected officials should represent what “We the people” want and not tell us what is for our own good.
4. This bill is over 1,000 pages long. That's longer than the first 2 Twilight books. Does it really have to have so many articles and ear marks? How about something simpler?
5. In the middle of an economic recession, is it really a good idea to tell the people you are going to raise their taxes and mandate that everyone purchase health insurance? When people are trying to figure out how they are going to pay their rent, utilities, groceries, and other necessary bills, is it really so imperative that they have health insurance? That's like telling a homeless person they need to brush their teeth and exercise. I think they have bigger problems to deal with at the moment than oral hygiene and physical fitness, things like finding their next meal and place to sleep come to mind.
6. Just because they say this is going to work the way it says it will, doesn't mean that it will. I haven't had health insurance in over 4 years. I haven't because it is too much of an expense for my income level, and I found that when I had insurance, they made me pay most of my own medical bills anyway. Why should I pay a monthly premium just to pay up my deductible before the insurance kicks in and then continue paying after the insurance plan runs out and/or if my treatment isn't covered by my plan? Health care is broken, and needs to be fixed, but since when has the government ever come in below or even at the estimated budget? Certainly the hundreds of billions of dollars this will cost us and our children will end up being more realistically in the trillions of dollars. (Once again, remember, we are in an economic recession. That means we don't have a lot of money to spend.)
7. How many poor people do you know? I have met a few in my travels, and daily life. I've been one, and some people would say that I am one since I make less than $20,000 a year. How is it that we have people living in broken down trailers with brand new cars in the driveway and satellite dishes on their roofs? How is it that we have people living in the projects hooked on illegal drugs that cost a fortune to buy just an ounce? Why is it when my friend's girlfriend asks me for money to help pay her rent bill, the next day I see her with a bucket of KFC? And the big bucket with the white meat because she doesn't like legs or thighs… This to me seems to be plain old irresponsibility. I managed to buy a house on less than $20,000 a year. It was the worst dump in the neighborhood when I bought it, but with some hard work and cleaning, I turned it in to a really nice house. It isn't big, but it's what I can afford. I don't have cable, and for over a year I didn't have internet, until I brought in a roommate to help pay the bills. I haven't asked the government to help me. I am standing on my own, and I am proud of that. What poor people need is discipline and a purpose to work toward, not a handout from the government. How many times to you need to hear the saying? “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
That isn't just a cute quote, it's true! People need to take some initiative and learn a trade so they can do something with their lives. This is America, and anyone can become whatever they want to be, but it won't be given to them, they have to work hard for it. That's the American Dream. And taking care of everyone who doesn't want to work is just going make them lazy and irresponsible.
I choose what to spend my money on. That's my right since I worked for that money under the contracted fee that I agreed upon

Robert asks…

Do You Think Protein Shakes Would Work For Me?

I do not use them… Despise them actually. But, as a man interested in all around fitness, are they worth using if you want general fitness, toned muscles and endurance?

I ask if they are useful for one not interested in muscle mass. I have that in sufficient quantities.

dknol answers:

Everything you need for max fitness you can get from food. Olympians prove that year after year in a hundred ways. Supplements are a scam to be avoided.

Read my answer about protein supplememts here –>;_ylt=AtGdwn5cqfesP6O1LkavjSjty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110821092640AA3hq12

Read my answer about supplements here –>;_ylt=AmA35VDViBrL0y9rSkKcLknty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111001134224AANB0OV

Quacks, charlatans, and people selling worthless medications to a hapless public have been around for thousands of years. Go here for more about chicanery in selling health products –> . Today, in the 21st century, the old “snake oil” salesman has been replaced by supplement sellers. They prey on the young, the naive, the credulous, and the ignorant by offering males the promise of big muscles and ripped bodies and females the hope of fast and easy fat loss, sexy abs, and bikini bodies. The fact that none of these products do what they are advertised to do does not stop the public from spending $billions on them annually in the US alone. The products are everywhere from drug store shelves to super markets to nutrition centers and health food stores. And, in the past 15 years, the internet has become the new way to peddle this junk to young minds full of impossible dreams and all sold under the banner of SUPPLEMENTS.

In 1994 the US Congress, under pressure from supplement maker lobbying, passed the DSHEA which allowed questionable supplements to be sold with NO TESTING. The “no testing” proviso allows any supplement maker to sell anything because without testing there is no way to determine what is actually being sold much less if it is safe or even if it works. The result has been the internet has become dominated by thousands of web sites selling worthless products under generic names such as “fat burners”. “bulking formulas”. “cutting formulas”, “pre-workout drinks”, “post-workout mass gainers”, “intra-workout formulas”, “weight gainers”, “N.O. Rippers”, and on and on. It's the 21st century “snake oil” and the suckers are spending over $20 billion on them annually in the US.

For more about the DSHEA go here –>
Here's an excerpt:”The law has left consumers without the protections surrounding the manufacture and marketing of over-the-counter or prescription medications and it became the FDA's responsibility to prove that a supplement wasn't safe. While pharmaceutical manufacturers must demonstrate their products are effective as well as being safe, supplement manufacturers are not required to demonstrate efficacy.”

Supplement scammers build web sites for everything so they will always be at the top of your search results and super easy to find. The use fake reviews, testimonials, news reports, technical articles, YouTube videos, science papers, and more all full of lies just to get your money. For them the internet is dirt cheap advertising that can reach the whole world and they can and do lie, lie, and lie because there is no incentive to tell the truth on the internet. They can falsify their claims and tell you anything without fear of repercussions. So, unless you want to fall victim to scammers, the burden is on you to separate the truth from fiction.

The scammers are experts at seducing the young and the clueless with cool sounding product names like “QuickFast EZ Loss Formula” or “Massabolic Supergainer Extreme XXX”. They intrigue you will great graphics of hot babes and big ripped dudes. They are so predictable that you can just look at a supplement website and know it's a scam. Check out and you'll see a good example of a scam site that pretends to be experts on bodybuilding but in reality is just a front for supplement sales. They can't make any money telling you about how to build your body the right way because you don't need anything but food and determination to do that. So, they use the pretense of being the “go to” website for bodybuilding to make a fortune from supplements sales. Here's proof of their scamming –>

Here's another scam site –> but it's a good one. Click the button and you'll see what I mean.

So, now that you know how scammers work, it's your choice. You can be smart or you can be just another sucker pouring money into the pockets of quacks.

Good luck and good health!!


Daniel asks…

Where can I get a free nutritional plan/outline on the internet?

I don't want to lose weight…I just want to set up a plan that ensures that I am getting all that I should be getting as far as vitamins and minerals and appropriate amounts of fat/carbs/proteins. I don't eat enough during the day and it makes me really tired but I'm never really sure what I should be eating.

If anyone has an article or website that talks about generally what a healthy adult should be eating for healthy body/brain function.

dknol answers:

Check out the Discovery Health National Body Challenge. I use their site to plan to reach my fitness and nutrition goals. You don't have to want to lose weight (I don't – I use it to maintain weight and eat healthier).

Linda asks…

How do I lose weight on my unsociable hours?

I am overweight and work a permanent night shift. I visit the gym 3 times a week and am there for at least 2 1/2 hrs each time. I don't overeat and i am not into junk so why can't I lose any weight. I know you shouldn't eat after 8pm but for me my working day starts at 9.30pm and finishes at 5.30am. So when should I eat?

dknol answers:

Try to get more information on dieting, weight loss articles, health and fitness articles, weight loss forum and BMI calculator at my profile and get the advise from them to lose weight fast and healthy. I had tried out their advise, it seems pretty effective. Good luck to u too.

Carol asks…

What are some good tips for losing weight?

I have just one week to lose two to three inches on my waist and i am determined to do so. I need some GOOD tips on how to do this. Any tricks or methods will be helpful.

dknol answers:

Try to get more information on dieting, weight loss articles, health and fitness articles, weight loss forum and BMI calculator at my profile and get the advise from them to lose weight fast and healthy.

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