Your Questions About Health And Fitness Articles

Carol asks…

How to get followers on blogger?

How do I actually get more people to check out my blog on blogger. It is about fitness & weight loss etc. I think people would find it helpful. I just don't know how to get people's attention. You all have any suggestions?

dknol answers:

The key to getting more readers is simply good, frequent content. But, good content is very difficult to keep momentum day after day. The search engines love content as do readers. Another part of the equation is to build back links to your blog from articles, social networks and other sites.

So, given that, here is a great short primer for you to start:

1. Post about three times a week on your blog. Stay consistent to your topic. Make each one more than 150 words.
2. Be sure to link internally from your posts to other posts and back to the blog's home page now and then (such as Wikipedia does to other internal articles).
3. Add at least one informational authority link outward to another site every three or four posts that are ‘relevant' to your topic – for you, Wikipedia, National Institute of Health,, etc. Be sure to mix it up.
4. Create one ultimate authority article (this will be hard) on one topic such as ‘100 Fitness Must Do's to Lose Weight Forever', or ‘The Definitive Guide to Carbs in your Diet'. You must make this article very long – more than 2000 words. Make sure you Digg your article!
5. Always Ping your RSS feed each time you post an article.
6. Write five to ten unique 500+ word articles and submit them to – do not publish these articles anywhere else.
7. Write a free press release announcing something new about your blog with your blog's link.
8. Use Amazon to create a profile – write honest reviews of fitness books and create fitness and weight loss lists.
9. Create a YouTube channel with your favorite videos on fitness and weight loss. Record your own videos on your knowledge and beliefs. If you're not comfortable on video, just talk and show slides or pictures.
10. Repeat, repeat, repeat…

Now, if you don't have anything interesting to say or can't write well then this advice simply will not work. This is just a very small sampling of what you could do. There are many, many more strategies.

Good luck – hope it works out!!

John asks…

How are health issues faced by teens different to those from last generation and how may they change by 2020?

I'm doing a 1000 word essay and need to answer the question

“There is much written about the health challenges facing young people today. From your prospective, what are these challenges and how are they different from the health challenges faced by your parents when they were teenagers? Considering the changes happening in science and society and the environment, what do you think will be the biggest threats to the health of young people in 2020? What impact will they have on individuals and society if these health issues are ignored?” I have next to no idea what to write. So I really need help

dknol answers:

This is a question of extreme importance in the present context of the world. So much our concept of physical ecucation and physical culture has changed and in short a period, that it almost seems impossible how our longevity has increased . How much the health has improved; how our peception of both hygiene, food, body development, understanding of physiology and anatomy, the cell-structure, The body awareness etc. In so short a time has evolved and the knowledge is increasing by the day.
By 2020 , we cannot even fathom how far the cell-structure cell-development , embrynic and gene understanding will advance.
There have been two great visionaries in the 20th century, who have given a great direction in this field . I shall only quote only a para from each of their article, and the rest I shall put it as the source for you to peruse and study :

“But of a higher import than the foundation, however necessary, of health, strength and fitness of the body is the development of discipline and morale and sound and strong character towards which these activities can help. There are many sports which are of the utmost value towards this end, because they help to form and even necessitate the qualities of courage, hardihood, energetic action and initiative or call for skill, steadiness of will or rapid decision and action, the perception of what is to be done in an emergency and dexterity in doing it. One development of the utmost value is the awakening of the essential instinctive body consciousness which can see and do what is necessary without any indication from mental thought and which is equivalent in the body to swift insight in the mind and spontaneous and rapid decision in the will. One may add the formation of a capacity for harmonious and right movements of the body, especially in a combined action, economic of physical effort and discouraging waste of energy, which result from such exercises as marches or drill and which displace the loose and straggling, the inharmonious or disorderly or wasteful movements common to the untrained individual body. Another invaluable result of these activities is the growth of what has been called the sporting spirit. That includes good humour and tolerance and consideration for all, a right attitude and friendliness to competitors and rivals, self-control and scrupulous observance of the laws of the game, fair play and avoidance of the use of foul means, an equal acceptance of victory or defeat without bad humour, resentment or ill-will towards successful competitors, loyal acceptance of the decisions of the appointed judge, umpire or referee. These qualities have their value for life in general and not only for sport, but the help that sport can give to their development is direct and invaluable. If they could be made more common not only in the life of the individual but in the national life and in the international where at the present day the opposite tendencies have become too rampant, existence in this troubled world of ours would be smoother and might open to a greater chance of concord and amity of which it stands very much in need. More important still is the custom of discipline, obedience, order, habit of team-work, which certain games necessitate. For without them success is uncertain or impossible. Innumerable are the activities in life, especially in national life, in which leadership and obedience to leadership in combined action are necessary for success, victory in combat or fulfilment of a purpose. The role of the leader, the captain, the power and skill of his leadership, his ability to command the confidence and ready obedience of his followers is of the utmost importance in all kinds of combined action or enterprise; but few can develop these things without having learnt themselves to obey and to act as one mind or as one body with others. This strictness of training, this habit of discipline and obedience is not inconsistent with individual freedom; it is often the necessary condition for its right use, just as order is not inconsistent with liberty but rather the condition for the right use of liberty and even for its preservation and survival. In all kinds of concerted action this rule is indispensable: orchestration becomes necessary and there could be no success for an orchestra in which individual musicians played according to their own fancy and refused to follow the indications of the conductor. In spiritual things also the same rule holds; a sadhak who disregarded the guidance of the Guru and preferred the untrained inspirations of the novice could hardly escape the stumbles or even the disasters which so often lie thick around the path to spiritual realisation. I need not enumerate the other benefits which can be drawn from the training that sport can give or dwell on their use in the national life; what I have said is sufficient. At any rate, in schools like ours and in universities sports have now a recognised and indispensable place; for even a highest and completest education of the mind is not enough without the education of the body. Where the qualities I have enumerated are absent or insufficiently present, a strong individual will or a national will may build them up, but the aid given by sports to their development is direct and in no way negligible. This would be a sufficient reason for the attention given to them in our Ashram, though there are others which I need not mention here. I am concerned here with their importance and” the necessity of the qualities they create or stimulate for our national life. The nation which possesses them in the highest degree is likely to be the strongest for victory, success and greatness, but also for the contribution it can make towards the bringing about of unity and a more harmonious world order towards which we look as our hope for humanity's future. ” — Message — Sri Aurobindo.

” Physical Education
Of all the domains of human consciousness, the physical is the one most completely governed by method, order, discipline, process. The lack of plasticity and receptivity in matter has to be replaced by a detailed organisation that is both precise and comprehensive. In this organisation, one must not forget the interdependence and interpenetration of all the domains of the being. However, even a mental or vital impulse, to express itself physically, must submit to an exact process. That is why all education of the body, if it is to be effective, must be rigorous and detailed, far-sighted and methodical. This will be translated into habits; the body is a being of habits. But these habits should be controlled and disciplined, while remaining flexible enough to adapt themselves to circumstances and to the needs of the growth and development of the being.

All education of the body should begin at birth and continue throughout life. It is never too soon to begin nor too late to continue.

Physical education has three principal aspects: (1) control and discipline of the functioning of the body, (2) an integral, methodical and harmonious development of all the parts and movements of the body and (3) correction of any defects and deformities. ” —- The Mother .

Ruth asks…

how do i raise my health level on millsberry?

i have to dig holes for the karate task and it burns down my health…how do i quickly raise it?

dknol answers:

Coach Danner telling you about Health Tips. Click on that and it will take you to a website and that will give you 1000 millsbucks.But, you only can do this on Thursdays.
Game Tips
Tricky Touchdown- 1000 points
I would chose the boy. When I chose him, it happensto get a higher score. You need to do both the courses within 20 seconds.
Bumper Boats- 500 points
I would choose Slyvie, but you have to wait a minute to see her. To do this, scroll to the training dummy, and when you see her, you click the right arrow key. Or, you can choose Robert J. Williams. I won with him, not Sylvie.
Millsberry Gazette: Editor in Cheif- No trophy
What I do is I only hire 5 writers, and 5 editors. Then, I fast forward it to wait until there are 5 scoops. Then, I pause it to get the scoops. That way, you don't waste any time getting articles.
Black Belt Karate- No trophy
You need to use lots of accuracy. But, to get a real high score, you need to be a black belt.
Sudoku- 1000 points
Play the
“Hard” level, and go to and use their Sudoku Solver. You need to complete the puzzle within 10 minutes.
Slap Shot Shootout- 1800 points
Try to get your charactor in the yellow hockey outfit. Choose “Better Shooter” and always aim to the left. It's kind of hard, because you need to get at least 30 shots in the first round. If you win all levels, you get an extra 150 points.
Wave Blaster- 1201 Sylvie Sofa
Instead of a trophy, you get a Sylvie Sofa. You should try to kill all the sea creatures thet are in a group, by doing that, you get 5 extra points per group.
Archery Challenge- No trophy
Try to aim higher at the balloons. You get more points that way.
Lucky Charms® Charmed Life- 1250 points
Try to get all the objects, and you should try to go real fast, because you get more points that way. Also, you should get everything you need in level 3, then lose a life. That is the level that you can get the most possible points.
Reese's® Puffs® Cereal Snowboard Slalom- 1500 ponits
You need to use Kelly inorder to win. She is difficult to work with. To unlock her, you need to get 100% in health and in fitness. Once you have Kelly, make her do a double backflip for 160 points.
Millsberry Hide & Seek- 500 points
Try to remember all the names, it helps a lot. Also, you should bring a friend to help you.
Galactic Defender Adventure- 500 points
Try to get the ball stuck in one location. Also, try to be the last one standing, you can get more points that way.
Sherman Homerun Derby- 10000 points
I would move to the middle of the batter's box. Keep your focus, it may take about 10 to 20 minutes.
Sink The Three!- 1586 points
Try to use a slow computor. Make sure the quality level is on high, so the graphics are good to see, and it's slower. If you have a browser like Mozilla, zoom in as much as possible.
Rope Race- 785 points
Press F11 on your keyboard to make the screen bigger. That way, you cannot close the browser on accident.
Countdown!- 3126 points
You add the last 2 numbers, like 37+14, you just add the 7 and the 4, and then you look for an answer that ends in a 1. There will be a likely chance that there will be only one answer that ends in that digit.
Peabody Half Pipe Compitition- 4651 points
Try to do lots of combination tricks. Also, do the combination tricks with backflips, or triple kickflips.
Peabody Park Fishing- No Trophy
What I do is buy the Red Fishing Rod, a worm, and fish in the reeds. That combo has given me lots of luck.
Peabody Park Cleanup- 2519 points
Run in straight lines. It helps, because the squirrels get caught more easily.
Peanut Butter Toast Crunch® Swirl- 591 points
This game is full of chance. I would not move the cursor much.
Millsberry's Match Wanted- 940 points
Try to match up the people near the chest. Make sure you don't fill the screen up!
Hop-n-Drop- 450 points
Do the “Hard” level. It's the excact thing, only you get more points, and you are timed. Try to memorize the patterns.
Solver- 443 points
Use to do it. Also, you can use the “Enter” key on your space board to make it faster.

Here are my dojo tips:
White Belt – You need to purchase a Gi at the Toy Store
Go to the toy store on page 6, there will be a Gi selling for 450 Millsbucks. You need to buy it.
Yellow Belt – Send a “Thank You” card to Robert J. Williams
On the address book, search robertjwilliams. Make sure you click on the top entry. Then, you send him a “Thank You” card. If you send any other type of greeting, it will not work.
Orange Belt – Take a picture of Sylvie
Go to the Home Entertainment Superstore and buy a camera, any type is okay. Do not put it in your house. Then, you go to Sylvane Lake and if you see her, click on her. Sylvie is out 3 times every day.
She appears the first time between 7:00am and 12:00pm EST and she is out for 1 hour. It's always from the top to the bottom of the hour. But not like 8:39-9:39.
She makes her 2nd appearance 5 hours after the 1st appearance. So if she's out at 11:00am she will be out again at 4:00pm.
The last appearance doesn't have any time pattern, but always in the evening. She is out for 1 hour each evening, but you can't be positive.
Green Belt – Find the Sensei's cousin Patrick's watch in the Colehurst Tunnels
1)When you enter the tunnels, go straight ahead and keep going until you reach a place where you have to turn either right or left. There will be a small rock on the wall that can be clicked, and that will let you into a secret chamber.If you don't find it try this:

2)Keep on going straight ahead in the tunnels untill you see a rock on the wall. Click on it. If you do not find it, try this:
3)Follow the directions to chamber 1, and turn left when you reach the choice to go left or right. Go straight until you reach a point where you must turn right. Turn right and the wall in front of you will again have a rock than can be clicked. Click on that rock, and it will let you into the 3rd chamber.
Blue Belt – Pass a quiz about past events in millsberry
What I do is open a different browser and go to the link that shows you Millsberry's past events in Town Hall. I will give the link in the sources. With the other browser, you take the test.
Brown Belt – You need to fish in the Peabody Park Pond to find the wallet, ring and camera that were lost by the Sensei's cousin Patrick
Go fish in Peabody pond, I reccomend buying the Red Fishing Rod, and buying the Worm bait. This task gets very time consuming, but it is not hard.
Black Belt – Grown and prune a Bonsai tree until it looks excactly like the bonsai tree in the poster that was given to you by the sensei.
There is a book in the bookstore titled “Caring for a Red Leaf Bonsai” that provides some helpful hints.
The tree will be shown at the bottom of the “My Place” screen below your trophies. The best advice I can give you is to wait until it grows all three branches of leaves before you prune it. That way, you can be 100% positive that you have not over-pruned it. I would prune it once and visit the dojo to see if the Sensei says the tasks is complete. If not, prune it again and re-visit the dojo. Be sure to not over-prune your tree, or you will remove the branches of leaves altogether.
My last advice is to make sure you open a bank account. Put as much money as possible into your account, and you will earn interest on your money every day if you check.
Good luck to you in Millsberry!

Susan asks…

Does anyone have tips for my food blog?

I'm writing mostly to build up to article writing, so that I have samples for freelance jobs, but since I have no readers to critique, I am wondering if anyone has tips on my presentation/layout, or suggestions on future topics?

dknol answers:

Oh is this a paleo blog? I love finding new ones. Well I can never get enough recipe inspiration especially on how to eat paleo without spending a fortune. A plus for me is good pics and not extremely strict interpretations of paleo. Exploring primal, perfect health diet and weston a price principles would be great. Fitness and the paleo lifestyle is an interesting topic. Womens health and how paleo benefits it. Paleo pregnancy and children is another good topic. Responses to the misconceptions and deliberate lies against paleo. Yeah these topics have been covered by others but its always interesting to see another persons take on them. Just share your experiences with paleo. The layout is fine.

Richard asks…

Where can I find an online newspaperthat allows teens to write journalism articles for it?

I want to be a journalist and I would need some experience before starting college. I was wondering if there are any special websites or online papers for teenagers or that allo teenagers to go through the whole journalism process?

dknol answers:

Hey dude, i just found an awesome articles site. Http://

The site has got numerous articles on all of the following topics….Its awesome dude..i m loving it…

For u i hav copied the indexpage of the site . Hav a look, i msure u wud lov it too..

Topics are as under:
Accounting Acne Adsense Advertising Aerobics Affiliate Alternative Articles Attraction Auctions Audio Streaming Auto Care Automotive-Special Articles Auto Parts Auto ResponderS Aviation Babies Toddler Baby Bathroom Beauty Bedroom Blogging Body Building Book Marketing Book Review Branding Breast Cancer Broadband Internet Business Business-Special Articles Business Plan Cancer Car Buying Career Car Maintenance Cars Cell Phone Chat Children-Special Articles Christmas Claims Coaching Communication-Special Articles Computer-Special Articles Creative Writing Currency Trading Data Recovery Diabetics Diet Digital Camera Diving Divorce Domain Driving Tips Ebay Ebook Ecommerce Education-Special Articles Email Marketing E Marketing Essay Ezine Fashion Fashion-Special Articles Family-Special Articles Fishing Fitness Flu Food-Special Articles Furniture Golf Google GPS Hair Hair Loss HDTV Health-Special Articles Heart Disease Hobbies Holiday Home Business Home Improvement Home Improvement-Special Articles Home Organization Interior Design Internet Tips Investment Jewelry Kitchen Ladies Accessories Lawyer LCD / PLASMA Legal Legal-Special Articles Life Insurance Love Mailing List Make Money Marketing-Special Articles MP3 Music Network Marketing Online Shopping Online Business-Special Articles Paid Survey Parenting-Special Articles PC Games Perfume Personal Injury Pay Per Click Pregnancy Publishing Real Estate Recipe Recreation Recreation-Special Articles Relationship Resume Romance RSS Sales Letter Self Employment Self Improvement-Special Articles SEO Shoes Small Business Smoking Software SpSpam Blocking Sports Spyware Stress Trading Travel Travel-Special Articles Vacation Video Conferencing Video Streaming Virus VOIP Web Design Web Development Web Development-Special Articles Web Hosting Website Traffic Wedding Weight Loss Women Writing Tips

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